Oui, my Music me Music, Musique; Oui, Applaudissements, Musique, Musique, Hmm, Wow; Oui, Musique, Hmm, Musique, Musique; Oui, euh .e uh, Applaudissements de musique! Oh you get me! My sticks! Oh concrete! You got all right: destiny. Applaudissements: Applaudissements, Applaudissements de musique, you throwing mud at me here, restart back it up a little more Applause, hey my Applause, d'accord, donc nous’Re. Enfin, back at the shop, i got all the trucks here: havre’t cleaned them, yet theyre still muddy and wet, mais il a été. It was really awesome, those first time going to that spot, Il’s cool little park. We found about 30 minutes from us, euh ça’s, really cool spot its like a hiking nature trail not really hiking, but just like a walking trail and it had some cool creek areas. You could see it was awesome, vraiment cool, vraiment cool. This thing i love it. I do it’s génial, Il’s it and it’s il’s great the looks the design and everything it’s vraiment cool, how they did that teamed up american force and forward its awesome um. À mon avis,, Personne’s really done the licensing better for something like this and this platform better than sin did with this i think it’s, just a killer job that the paint just the body just the scale features of it. The size and everything’s génial c’est génial’s. On point – et je don’t think it could have been done better really um, maybe added white tops. You can do something like that, but that leaves no room for aftermarket stuff.

So i really think it’s génial. The way it is um so looks were good performance. C’était, it was questionable, comme vous pouvez le voir maintenant. I know i had a trailer and a trx4 on the back of it that weighs a decent amount like it. It weighs a good amount, but still the other day with the open dips um. That was that was brutal, trying to go through some obstacles that, as you see toward the end, it did really good by itself. Um i mean for what you expect the trucks light generally and it’a obtenu un 7202 cell in it right now, mais il’s light for what it is. Definitely so it did find by itself for towing and stuff, which i personally, i kind of think the truck was built for in a way that maybe not maybe i was wrongsit on the shelf i don’t savoir, but the way im going to use the truck The way i intend to use it is towing, as you can see what i think it should be used for and that’s mon avis. If you guys think something else is awesome, do whatever you want with whatever makes you happy, but i had to do something about that. Comme vous pouvez le voir, it was not doing good at all. Maintenant, encore une fois, i know this is a lot of weight and stuff, maybe add more weight to the truck to help sink it down um and give it some more grip and stuff i’M, definitely going to order tires and some more uh dually wheels, Vitesse, locks or something That doesnt bead locks but and put some more tires on here.

This is the bfg mud train on just a method wheel. If you look its basically identical these tires are awesome, so what i think i’m gon na do is, i already have four of them. So then we just order another pack from proline um get two more and mount these up on some more like maybe rc4 drive, probably something people make them uh dually wheels. Je pense que’ll be a lot better. These are just so. Vous voyez qu’ils’Re, grippy and stuff theyre just gon na work. I feel like a lot better at biting these right here. Comme vous pouvez le voir, i mean yes, they push down and stuff like that, était’t a good representation but theyre hard. Just trust me if you could trust me that theyre hard its like definitely a hard comment. This is a very soft rubber, crawler tire. This is more of a scale, i guess for the road, il a donc gagné’t wear out as much but it’s vraiment dur. Donc, il’s kind of hard for the grip and they definitely caked up a lot um just i’M, giving you guys my opinion, just what happened and just being transparent and everything thats kind of how the truck did. J’étais’t really happy with the performance honestly, but it is what it is that just means theres so much more room for me to improve it. Je peux’t wait to do that. I have a bunch of ideas for it. I really just can’t attendre.

Première, outing with it, i had so much fun, Il’s, vraiment cool. We had a breakage that was good. We got the trailer right here, got caught on a route and when i was like trying to send it through a muddy section, de sorte qu’il serait’t get stuck. Je pense, as you see in the video, the trailer just a little hitch right herejust broke wasnt strong enough that’s, awesome that’s. What i wanted this prototype. This is testing it’s, si cool. I get to do this stuff and have fun with it share it with you guys so did have a break on the trailer hitch, nothing major and just make another one of these pieces, but i thought that was really cool to break it believe it or not. Just something to improve on so, mais de toute façon les gars. Je, i really hope you enjoyed the video sorry. I rambled a little bit at the end here, but i really hope you enjoy it. I tried to show what this truck could do, um in an off road scenario and telling i really havent seen anybody on anywhere really use the truck as i did. Je ne sais pas’t se souvenir, keep some of the boxes or whatever i’j’ai fait, cela’s, not fun, mais je l’ai fait’t buy another way to keep it in the box or something, mais celui-ci. This is my play one. c'est, this is gon na be fun i’m gon na. Do a lot more of this truck, Je peux’t attendre.

I really hope you guys um, comme la vidéo, be sure to please like it subscribe or leave a comment. What you thought about the truck, if you thought it was me just driving i suck at driving. Just let me know just comment, Je don’t soins, but i had really fun hope you guys enjoyed the video. It was very fun to make.

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