Aujourd’hui, j’ai eu une petite surprise non seulement pour vous les gars, mais pour moi, j’ai participé à une tombola dans mon magasin de loisirs local et j’ai gagné ce camion monstre génial, alors gon na unbox. Il y jette un coup d’œil, get a little bit of run time with it and see what we think lets jump right into it all right guys. ainsi, comme je le disais, i won this in a raffle at my local hobby shop, euh rc 360 hobbies put a link in the description for their shop. If you guys are in the centralized area, you should check them out. They got a great selection, super knowledgeable and fun staff really cool to hang out there. Theyve even got an indoor 24 Échelle. Crawling course you might have seen on my instagram or tik tok videos that i like to crawl there, mais euh. This truck here was a raffle giveaway. I ended up winning, i dont know much about it, but i figured we would bust into it. Take a look um right here on the box. Nous avons, it is a send racing. B50. 110 Échelle. All wheel drive solid axle, monster truck um here, some of the stats or not stats, but the stuff that comes with it. So you get a wheelie bar, realistic differential design, eight shocks, so it comes with eight oil filled shocks which are pretty cool. Il a obtenu un 40 amp wp 1040 brushless hobbywing esc, maybe receiver combo im not sure how to take a look.

Um battery hardened steel uh steering drag link, which is kind of cool high efficiency wide range, easy changeable, gearbox design. So i have seen i did a little bit of research. You can actually change the gearing from high and low by switching the gears inside so thatll be pretty cool and some deep dish rims along with some other stuff here. If you want to pause it and take a look, vous pouvez voir. One of the cool things about this truck is its actually designed off of a real truck that exists. This is a photo of the real basic monster truck. Il s’agissait d’une 2017 Sema, Retour au début 10 build builder award by greg adams um. This truck exists, so this is a replica of that truck, so ive already taken it out of the box struggled with it for a minute, but here it is boom, C’est, the monster truck and its actually pretty cool. So i had, i did take a look at it. It was on display um, it is new, but it was out of the box on display at the hobby shop. When i was entering the raffle. I was taking a look at it, but i havent seen really under the hood or anything so lets pop these pins out lets struggle to pop these pins out two hours later. Oh, d'accord, so we got the body here. This is an actual licensed ford product which obviously its a pretty customized and crazy.

Gué à l’air, mais il est, it does have ford branding, it is officially licensed on the box and on the truck its got some cool lights here. Le pare-chocs. The one thing that i did notice is the bumpers are actually just bolted through the body, so i dont know how secure or sturdy thats going to be um. It is just a lexan body painted nicely. The accessories are hard plastic running boards. This is all just lexan, its just the mirrors. The bumpers, and this top guard here are hard plastic in the box. You also get the wheelie bar that you have to attach uh separately, which is no problem ready to run so you get the controller it doesnt. Come with a battery a lot of ready to runs, dont thats, d'accord, Heres, l’émetteur. This thing is pretty chunky, mais oh, it does have a nice rubber wheel. This looks like hard plastic, but its actually a really nice soft rubber compound, good grip on and off triggers and youve got all the standard throttle and steering its got a channel three button, so basic stuff, but pretty cool. Pretty neat throw some batteries in that later. What i want to do is take a look at this truck so lets okay, so right off the bat i like the uh soft tires that are on it. Ceux-ci sont très, mou. They also whistle nicely very soft tires. J’aime ça.. It has these insane: eight oil filled shocks, they feel very smooth, nice theyre pretty stiff, but they are nice and smooth good rebound on them.

Looks like this is going to be. The battery tray well have to make sure we have a battery that fits that this. Just pops right out slide the battery on in pretty much. Everything on here is plastic yeah, its mostly plastic, which isnt necessarily an issue. You know plastic bends rather than breaks, but just something to note uh. This lets just slide that back on there. Somehow what else do we got so weve got these uh. J’aime ça.. It has these arms here, these stabilizing arms. So you get really good its almost like real monster truck uh suspension stability. It is a full on uh, essieu plein, Monstre, truck design. Its got some pretty small drive, shafts pretty thin, but i think thats going to be okay. Weve got the motor in here. Je crois que c’est un 550 Tourner 540 turn something like that. Its got a deans plug connector on here steering servo looks like it is a sav box steering servo and the steering is actually very interesting. So the steering the servos mounted here this runs back along. The back side here turns right along the back its probably hard to see so the steering runs here across this and then back up this arm to the front, to this little kind of turning set up here, its a little different than ive. Seen before this whole setup for turning and steering but um yeah well see how that works out when we run it um, i dont really have much to say on it other than i like the design.

Je, like the look um my very first hobby grade. Rc car was a traxxas gravedigger from like 10 Ans, so its good to have a monster truck back in the fleet, but lets see so the body sits on it like that. It feels like its going to be not too terribly top heavy. The body is not that heavy, but the other thing and im really going to have to bust into this probably off camera, to pull that transmission apart to see how to flip the gears. I dont know if it comes stock in a low gear setting or a high geared setting, but were gon na find out when we run it and yeah. I think we should throw a battery in this thing, see how the steering looks maybe test the throttle, and then i think we should take it outside and let it rip okay. So i got a venom. Five thousand milliamp hour 25c uh, two cell lipo in here right now, itll run either two cell or 3 cellule, but i dont have any 3 cells with deans connectors. I might have to pick one up and see how it does, but for now this will. This will do okay, so the steering is a little slow kind of slow lets, see pretty quick when its not on an actual like mat here, but um seems to do okay, Voir, Vitesse, Music well, its definitely got a lot of torque uh.

Kicked that thing almost right out of my hand, doesnt seem too terribly fast, but i am excited to get it outside and just kind of see how it performs. Um i havent ran a monster truck or a basher truck like this other than the x maxx. In a very long time, so lets go check it out. d'accord, so i went ahead and installed the wheelie bar on the truck. I also replaced the pins with some little bent ones, so theyre easy to grab but im curious to see how this thing does so lets. Take it for a spin all right, so i dont have a ton of places to bash or jump a monster truck. But this wheelie bars on here lets see if it works. It definitely wants to roll over Music. Oh down. She that nice goes up already Music. It is pretty cool Music, donc musique, D'accord. So from what i can tell. I am going to need some jumps and maybe take it to the skate park or something this thing is pretty quick for what it is um. I did already kind of break one of the lights, but im gon na go ahead and glue that back on there correctly um. I do like the look of this truck. It has plenty of peppa 2s. I think it really wants to roll over um its got pretty high center of gravity, but i think some of that can be fixed altered changed whatever you want call it uh, but i think on 3s, this thing would be a blast.

I also still want to find out if its on the high gearing or low gearing, Car, if its on the low gearing, i think actually a 2s might be just fine um. I will be doing more videos of this with a few in the future. This was just more kind of an unboxing review, real quick run, just to see what it was like, but i do want to take this somewhere where i can get some real fun run time on it. Maybe a little monster truck course or something like that. So keep an eye out for it in the future, but for now this is a nice little surprise addition to the collection, i hope you guys enjoyed if you have any comments, questions about this thing or if you know something that might help it with the stability. I did lower these posts down one notch so that the body was sitting a little lower. It kind of rubs on the uh, whatever this wheelie bar the body rubs on the wheelie bar a little bit. So i dont know if i can go much lower with it, unless i remove that, but yeah fun truck glad. I won it thanks again to rc 360 Loisirs. You guys are great uh super cool that you were doing a raffle and my lucky day.

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