and today we are going to show you the Lightning McQueen RC starter series from Disney Pixar Cars. This is available for about 18.. It includes lightning and a remote control, with only one button for forward and back that’s idéal pour les débutants. Its easy and simple.. Alors maintenant,, laisser’s take Lightning out, give him a spin. Il’S Lightning. Lightning is all made of plastic.. He has the piston cup logo and the world grand prix logo on his spoiler.. He has stickers.. These are all stickers. et ici’s la télécommande. It only goes forward and backward you’ll avis. The antenna has a protective plastic cover at the tip, so does Lightning’s, and it has a spring at the base to prevent it from bending, which usually happens when you hit the antenna. Both Lightning and the remote control require two AA batteries. Alors, laissez’s put the batteries to try it out There, so we turn Lightning to on pullback the switch to make him go forward and push the switch forward to make him go backward. en avant, … en arrière. This is only a forward and backward remote control. Voiture. Forward goes straight, but when going back it turns a little to the left.. This is the starter RC set, so the remote control has a range of only 15 À 20 feet., Et alors’s, the Lightning McQueen RC Starter, Set from Disney Pixar Cars. This is Keiths Toy Box..