We picked this up at a swap meet last year and we decided we were going to get this box out of the corner and see if we couldnt make something out of it. No hardware, no motor, no servos, Non, nothing so we’Re, basically starting from the ground up. It did come with a couple switches, bien que si je’m thankful for that left and right side. Récepteur. Peut-être que nous’ll put an aura in here, Je don’t savoir, mais e uh .. We need to power this thing with something and it’s 100 cc airframe and a buddy of mine mike maloney that owns mile high rc. He was telling me. I have the motor that you need for that airframe it’s, actually for 120cc airframe and uh. Il l’a dit’va être très amusant, so since smoking okie has really created quite the beer phone uh dug into the beer fund, look what we’Je suis arrivé ici: the dj lite 144 Il’s 144 cc engine and ill get this out of the box. Ici. Maintenant, nous’ve got all the chinese directions: um and some stickers that’s cool, and there it is now. This thing is actually pretty cool. It only weighs five and a half pounds and heres our mufflers. It came with thats going to be really easy to hook a smoke system up to and youre gon na have to forgive me because i cant find none of my camera mounts ryans over here about to himself. He wants to get the motor on it, but uh look at that that machine work is beautiful, but here is some accessories that come with the motor.

Bien sûr, you got your ignition set up and its a basically its an rcxl electronic ignition for 20 cylinder and the foam pieces are separated and heres some cool stuff. It comes with the standoffs and your mounting screws mounting hardware and they normally dont come with spark plugs, but mike you throw spark plugs in with them. The ngk spark plugs and theres a crankcase nipple in case. You want to run some stuff off crankcase pressure, nous’re not going to because we are going to run a holy smokes smoke system which is on the way some throttle arm stuff Music, your exhaust gaskets, maintenant laissez’s get the beast out here. Applause all right get the box out of the way all right here it is, and if you look, it comes sealed from the factory that way nothing gets in the cylinders, cela’s pretty freaking awesome of them. To do that, so i mean let’s. Just look at the machine work here. Look down inside there. Bien sûr, Il’s ring piston. I might get a hold of my buddy bjorn at rmj and have him make a set of rings for this, pendant que nous’re gathering all our stuff, but man thats got real smooth action and the machine work on this hub, Pas mal. d'accord, you got your magnets for your pickup and this has not a chinese and carburetor, but a wall bro. It comes equipped with a good stuff, et je don’t think these dj engines get enough credit for what they are, the same motor actually, the smaller motor from a competing american made company, which i do pull for american made, but also a pull for what i can Afford to do the 120 size of the same motor is over uh 1200.

This motor comes in at just under 700 à 6.99, donc je veux dire que’s a hell of a deal and it produces 14 horsepower at 8, 000 rpm and it weighs 5 and a half pounds. This is going to be awesome and im also on another project, Je’M. Flying a dj 85 and from what i can tell these motors are actually really good right out of the box theres our choke and our look at that. Whoa thats horsepower right there, Mon ami, so i mean really. I may just build a test stand and put this on it and just run it just to run it and it can swing if i remember right at 28, 8, 28, 10, 29, 9 et un 29 10. Si je me souviens bien, 29 Pouces, hélice, 28 Pouces, propeller and yeah, Je peux vraiment’t wait order. Your props, through uh um valley, view its what i do and they can pre drill them. This is the same as a da 100 bolt pattern so and this one is actually a 2021 model its built in 2021. Je suis sérieux’s, just beautiful. I can kind of want to put on the shelf and just look at it, as is until its time to put it on the airplane. What do you think ryan hes a little nervous, but that is the power that were gon na put on the matt chapman cap 580..

https (en)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veBPs4VfZHw