A battle bot. This is the DJI Robo master, s1 and its technically an educational robot aimed at the youths. The idea is that the robot comes is a series of parts that you follow. Instructions to build from those which you know helps give kids a better idea of how a robot functions, which I appreciate and I wont go through all of the parts. Il y a 46 au total,, but there are a few interesting ones now throughout all of those product types that they now do, là’s only one thing that I can kind of figure out that they all have in common and thats that they all have cameras in this Case we have a two axis gimbal holding a 1080p video camera. They can also take 2560 Par 1440 stills with a 120 degree field of view. You can record all of this to a micro, SD card or stream. A 720p live view to your phone. It is also capable of some computer vision features, including line following recognizing 44 vision, markers numbers, letters, special characters, etc and the ability to track people similar to the DJI drones. All of these abilities play a role in programming the robot which well talk about in a second next, there is a speaker and a microphone that is used to play sound effects and recognize one two or three claps to trigger commands as well again well get to Why later infrared sensors that the robot has which are used to determine if another Robo master s1 has shot it with its infrared cannon pressure plates? There are six of these located around the robot that can be used to tell if its bumped into something or if it gets hit by a gel bead from another s, Un’s cannon.

Oui, the cannon can shoot more than just laser beams and, Enfin, Il’s worth noting one of my favorite things about the s 1 Il’s omnidirectional Beckenham wheels. Essentiellement, each of the wheels have 12 rollers on them that allow the robot to not just go forward backward and turn, but also strafe. I have to admit it makes for a much more interesting dynamic than a normal RC car of some sort. Maintenant, after it’construits, you can then use the device in a few different ways from within its own master app. Premièrement, you can use it via Wi Fi, direct connection and either use it solo as a remote, Contrôlé, tiny tank for lack of a better term, or you can choose battle from the main screen and then connect it to a router to allow others to join a Hosted game there are two games to choose from by default. The first is race in which you use the included number of vision, markers to create a course that each s, one must recognize each marker in numerical order by pointing their camera at it and the first one to get all five wins. The other games include by default is free for all which gives you the option of choosing the match length how much HP each robot gets its a hundred points per hit by the way this speed limit of each robot and whether you want to allow mystery bonuses. Another vision marker that comes with the robot now the mystery box clearly resembles a question mark box from Mario Kart and is the same concept pointing your robot at it will give you a powerup of some sort that you can then use against your opponents in the Game there is one last option here and thats the ability to choose between the infrared laser for the blaster or the gel beads.

Now the means are super tiny when you get them and you then sit them in water for about three or four hours and they absorb it, bringing them to their usable size. You can then load them into a magazine that slides into the back of the robot and let er rip now before any parents watching this start to freak out DJ. I was very wary of these beads. Apparemment, Premièrement, they are non toxic and when left to their own device on the ground, they will simply dissolve into a also non toxic powder. The blaster also can be limited in the settings to not be able to fire when it is aimed higher than a certain angle to at least limit people shooting each other’s faces, et enfin, ils ne’t hurt at all. I was hit by a lot of them. While me and some other people who have review units were testing them out, Il’s surprenant, to get hit with one, but it does not hurt. Enfin, in the app there is a section called labs now this is where the actual learning part of all this really comes in the Robo master s1 is capable of using teaching scratch 3.0 a popular block, programming language that companies like Microsoft, with Minecraft use to teach Younger kids, how to code etc and Python, which is an uber popular professional level, programming language used in the machine, ai fields now inside the lambs section, kids can use both languages and even start with scratch, and then see the Python equivalent side by side, which is Cool within three different courses: first up is road to mastery.

This is essentially a set of project based courses that help users as understanding of programming languages in general, puis là’s, a DIY programming section which lets you create, or even download skills or programs. The S one can then run with a tap either in solo or even battle modes, so think like creating a dodj program that, when activated causes the robot to strafe in a circle 8 formation to help you not get hit by opponents etc. Et puis, finalement, we have Robo Academy. This is kind of a full on video courses, an in depth programming guide for the more serious into learning how to code. There are some optional accessories in a play: more kit, like a controller for your phone and extra gel bead magazine and extra gel beads and an extra battery, but we werent given a price on that just yet only a really nice date of some time in July. The Robo master s1 is available for purchase now for 4.99 et je’ll leave a link below to that it’s, a fun toy for sure and again I like those Meccan and wheels because it allows it to have this interesting dynamic that a normal RC car, ne’t and It’S juste ça’s just fun now, while it does seem weird for DJI to make a product like this, I for one, am always super excited for any type of product that allows children to get more interested in programming, which is probably one of the most valuable accessible Skill sets of our time there guys, let me have to think of this complete walkthrough and the device itself kind of curious.

What you guys think as well. I mean kind of out of left field right, but I mean cool, Intéressant, different yeah. Let me know in the comments what you think. I always love you from you guys, if you like video, please thumbs up, partagez-le’s, greatly, appreciated, check out the rest, the channel and feel like we see there.