Il goutte vraiment bien et il a un gyroscope. C’est le hbx2188 uh. Je pense qu’ils l’appellent le mélangeur à peu près sûr qu’ils voulaient dire drifter. Peut-être, ou peut-être que je pense que c’est ce qui est censé être là, je ne sais pas je ne sais pas euh, suivre parce que tout le monde le fait, but i do know about it, but um its not that big, but you get some big results out of it, its really fun. Alors, Je pense, c’est un 180 motor brushed, but the esc does have a gyro um. It definitely operates as you have the throttle on so when youre drifting or when youre, when youre, when youre going the gyro, is active and then when you steer or when you start the drift, then itll start compensating stuff. I had to uh, i had to adjust the steering and the camber angle and all that uh, but it does help a lot. So if you pick one of these up, definitely do your steering angles. Um i did put the led lights on it. I dont have a battery charger to show you guys right now, but im gon na get some footage of it running with it um its fun. I mean if, if youve got a spare good lord, i think i paid 54 for this on banggood um under 60 dollars and youre gon na start drifting with a gyro with a gyro. I cannot believe for the price it comes with a gyro, but really i mean really.

This thing is terrible. They could have spent a little bit more time into the remote uh, the other one from hbx the little truck drifter thingy. That looks like the i think, the armor infraction that one comes with a lot better radio setup on it, but this isnt too bad. Comme je l’ai dit, i dont have a battery to show you, but the steering completely dead neutral has play and it does react with the servo. You can hear it actually moving the motor in the servo so theres, maybe one downfall and thats it. I would say if you can find a better radio with a gyro in it, that you can pop in there thats pretty cheap good on you, but i think im just going to keep it stock everything i am going to keep everything stock. I was looking at it and thinking hmm brushless. I think ive got an idea here and i just quickly trashed. That idea, because well the drive, shafts are plastic, the diff cups and everything are plastic, so youre going to have to do some metal upgrades to this thing for sure, if you want to speed it up or if you want to actually get a brushless system in There, which i cant, help that honesty recommend, but i can recommend this thing for the money for the fun and the looks man. I just cant believe that the full size, um drifter thingy that or unicorn that, Je pense, is what its called um.

I think hpi racing has it and that thing is really expensive. I dont got the money for that, but i do have the money for this kind of thing so run under 60 bucks and youre drifting, and it does drift on concrete hard surface, not just like hardwood floor or plastic or garage surface stuff um. It does it actually does do pretty good on uh thats out in the driveway here, but thats what the uh little rubber tires it comes with, and i was thinking they were plastic but theyre. The rubber stuff surprised me man. I was really surprised so check it out: hbx 2188 drifter or swifter uh unicorn. I dont even know if thats what they call it, but this is supposed to be like the unicorn, so banggood special 65, not even 60 Dollars. The only thing that can be different.

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