nous’Re gon na have a look at a very special car built by one of our ss4c team members, eric, which is my brother, and look at this guys look at this now. This is element rc, enduro chassis, and it has a 3d printed cap and a wall cage in the coin and the rest is mostly are also skill, accessories that are 3d printed and it has the rear. The bed that is made out of phone so not styrene, but foam and it’s a it’s, une jeep, Fc 150 Et, comme vous pouvez le voir, it is a very nice Music example: Musique, Musique, i Musique. So one of the reasons im showing this is that i want to show you what you can do with the 3d printed body and in the link i will uh ill put a link in the description uh, where you can find this body. This is uh called, comes from uh from cults, euh et ça’s il’s, just a really nice body. What we did to it is that we 3d printed the body and he did all the work after that. We found the dashboards to be a bit plain. So we made some changes in that in the design made sure that there was uh interior and well, comme vous pouvez le voir, everything came out really nice uh, Je’Ve, really uh. I designed the the wall gates, which is yeah just a roll cage with everything on it. Room for lights and everything that’s euh, something i designed myself and also 3d printed for him uh.

This part over here, the coin thats uh another link i will put in the description its made by a card called dr newt that’s, got some nice aluminum wings and its packed with uh with electronics. So you can see that its just an element rc. It started out as an element rc enduro kit, the front bumper is the enduro bumper, you might recognize it and the rear bumper is made out of a phone now. This is quite heavy its uh around four and a half kilograms. We measured it it’s, pretty well balanced uh. It showed that it was well koala mode and a bit more weight in the front and some less weight in the rear, and it was also pretty much 50 50 on the on the side. So came out really nice. What can we say about it? Encore? I think the yellow just pops so Music, now Music, Musique. Comme vous pouvez le voir, this all adds up in the weight and for that uh that reason to change out the install the element rc shocks, but the springs are from a traxxas slash and they can handle the the weight of the body better ever tried the the Most stiffest springs of element rc, mais nous’re not stiff enough it’s, just sucking all them Music time: Musique, Vous, Musique, Musique, Musique, donc musique. So you can imagine that this was uh. Quite some work before the paint went, uh went on. The printer came out really nice.

I have to say that and so that that saves you time, but in the end you have to make sure that that its all clean enough to get some paint on it, so the false process of Music getting some primer on it, sanding down until you can Put the final coat on it as far as a functionality on it, le’s, a winch on the front, euh il’s, just waiting for the d links over here. So we can put this camera over here, cela’s, the last part thats gon na be on it uh. Plus, there is a wings on the on the rear thats for the crane, Et alors’s all functional the lights over here are all functional, donc il’s got full like it and i think it’s euh. It makes for a really fun car uh it’s, not going to be the best quality in the world, Il’s more for off voting, uh driving some trails but yeah it is. It is a great looking uh car as far as electronics theres a hobby ring 1080 dans celui-ci, euh ça’s pretty much the standard in this kind of cars for the 1016 et là’s a homes, Passe-temps’s trailmaster sport, motorway Music. So do you like it? Did you ever use hello, 3d printed body on your of your builds? Let me know in the comments and while youre doing that, make sure to uh give a like keep a comment and subscribe: Musique, Musique, Musique, Étrangères, Musique, donc musique, donc musique.

So this was before this time on. This is on the bench one of the cars of our team members eric.

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