Il’S a obtenu un 30 Cc. Engine comes ready to run with the 2.4 gigahertz radio we’Re, still breaking it in its gone through about three tanks of fuel. The manual calls for a mixture thats a little too rich. J’ai trouvé un 25 À 1 ratio of fuel and two stroke oil to be a good mixture for it Im out here and a nice big field. I got a radar gun with me. Laisser’S see what kind of speeds we can get out of it and just show you how it runs. You alright guys up thousand 150 Marcos series test run as you can see, Il’s real dirty. We took it to mud, grime, dirt handled awesome. The four wheel drive really lets you qua plow through the turns these shocks soaked up all the bumps and tires that gripped great. They really really grabbed the mccune pipe, which just sounds great felt awesome. The receiver box is actually seal also comes with a fail safe, which is awesome if your batteries run out its not going to run away from you in the video acceleration wasnt quite there to which I expect this morning to perform a lot better. Une fois qu’il’s fully broken in Exede, I want to mention the controller exceed RC. Willey did a great job this time, 2.