En tous cas, we look back at the last year and also whats coming in the future, so stay tuned to find out more Music hi and welcome to rc kicks on todays show well its been a year since i went full time doing. Rc kicks on youtube. So in this episode, nous’re gon na talk about quite a large subject, and that is everything thats been going on in the last year, quoi’s coming in the future. What have i found over the year? Is it a sustainable business model? Can you do this full time and uh? What are the challenges and whats coming in the future? Alors, laissez’s kick off with some of the highs now this videoi have filmed this about 10 times now and its quite a big subject, and i tend to ramble from one place to another, donc i’m trying to keep on track and not move around too much. But uh the good things well its been a fantastic year for me. Personnellement, i really loved doing this job. C'est vrai. It is freeing it gives me options of the days i want to do stuff versus days. Je ne sais pas’t uh. If i want to take a day off, i can take a day off to do other things. C’est fantastique. I get to take my children to school um, mais cela ne’t mean it is all just roses. There is tons and tons of work that goes on in the background hours and hours of editing, filming building, painting all that aspects of it and youve got to do it in a reasonable time frame.

So there is a lot of pressure to keep producing content and to make content that gets better and better quality all the time. And then you have the crunch points of trying to produce better quality faster and then trying to find what people want to watch and what people dont want to watch versus the amount of effort it takes to create it. Mais en général,, as you look at it, c’est génial. If i can get it to a sustainable level, i will be the happiest person alive, Il’s il’s, a great job and i love playing with rc cars every day, mais il’s not all roses. Alors euh i’ve made a list of my good points being your own boss, C'est, that is the biggest one um having you deciding on your time now time believe it or not, is the most valuable asset in the world because you cannot buy it, and this Has been playing on my mind for a long time, and this is what drove me to give up a full time job and go to do something like this uh. If a lot of you probably don’T, know that i used to be digital, pathology, a technical services manager and i used to have a job supporting a team where we were installing a lot of systems in the nhs and things like this and big projects for medical Things so it was a lot of out of hours working and then it was office based.

So i was doing so many extra hours and it got to the point where i realized that the most most valuable asset in the world is time not money time. Vous pouvez’t buy it talk to steve jobs. Je’M. Pretty sure hell tell you time is more valuable than money because he ran out of time and he had all the money in the world. So that played on me for a long time and being that i was away so much from my family and things like that. It just wasn’t était’t a good deal, so i started the channel about a year and a half a bit before i decided to go full time with this, but all that kind of that kind of pressure of the work and ive done it over a long period Of time i decided it was just i cant do it anymore, alors j’ai pensé que je’ll plow into doing something for myself. The hardest thing is like ive covered before is making it a viable concern, pendant que vous’re small. Now there is a real issue with being a small channel on youtube, especially in a niche market, and that is that you do the same amount of work as a big channel, but what you actually receiving in exchange for that is, if you spend two days filming A video and a day editing it and only a thousand people look at it. You earn almost nothing five pounds say now if youre a big channel and you do the exact same amount of work and your channel is really big and you get 130 000 people viewing it.

You made 500 pound and if you do two or three videos a week, you can see where it’s’en va. So what happens is theres a real challenge that smaller channels die because theyre not sustainable and only youre only left with two or three big channels. So if you watch a smaller rc channel, regardless of who it is theres lots of amazing people working really hard think about supporting them. A lot of them will probably have patreon, uh or or even if you get in contact with them and just send them two or three pound from pay powers of friends. You know two or three pounds per person times why theyve got say: 3 000 Abonnés. That can that can support them for four months and that’s. The thing the big thing id like to push out to all you guys, because if you like someones channel and theyre small support them a little bit just two pound, send them two pounds or subscribe to them and share their videos or because they are not doing It for the money when theyre small, they are doing hundreds of hours and they’Re, really not making anything for it. Aussi, if you are a rc business think about reaching out to them, they can give you some advertising granted. They might only be small, but at best theyre only going to ask for a kit at cost. Bien, si vous’re a businessand you are getting kits in to sell its cost you nothing to support them and youre going to get your brand out there, which means that as they grow so that’s, something that i would push back to the rc uh shops, especially In uk america seems to be much more geared up for this, but uk businesses dont really seem to do much advertising, donc il’s kind of a lose lose situation where you know the small rc channels make no money, but they have to pay through the nose for All their kits to make content, pour qu’ils puissent’t do that much all the channels die because its too expensive the big channels, then the big suppliers will just send them cars, so they can make lots of content, see so it’s en quelque sorte là’s that big challenge there.

A lot of people always come back to me and say to me: Oh, you should support the rc uh businesses. Tu sais, you know you shouldnt be bringing in things like banggood and things like that, and i can see why. But what you dont understand is banggood is probably the most viable business for a small channel banggood, really to take my hat off to them. They really understand and they actually will send you a kit free of charge for you to review, and if you put links to it you get a um. You get a small token amount back. Donc, vous. If someone buys something for 50 Livres, you might get two pound, but then you get the kit for free and you get to make content. So you can see why this has become quite popular with rc company rc channels, but not everybody wants to do that. I like doing certain things from banggood but im not going to just do tons and tons of banggood stuff because that’s, not what my channel is about and theres a few other channels that are like that as well. Donc, vous savez, Vous’ve got to look back at the rc companies. Aussi, the big manufacturers theres a lot of manufacturers who dont really um, not the american ones, Plus. These sort of japanese ones that dont actually work with media people, youtube channels, et des choses comme ça. So you know that could really help boost some channels and theres a lot of channels take tammy legends that has been pushing out tamiya content for year after year after year, with no actual connection to tamiya whatsoever.

So tammy is having all this advertisement and they dont reach out at all to him. So so there you go anyway, donc ici je’m going off on a bit of a rant anyway, Et alors’s one of the challenges as well: uh the likes of running costs, what it costs to produce the content. If i buy a car for 500 Livre – and i do two or three videosand i make 50 pound back from it – Il’s not a viable, ongoing, uh aspect and that’s. My personal big challenge is, i really want to do some of the american, the armors, the traxxas and stuff like that, because i really like that stuff as well as i like, the tamiya and korosho kits, i like to do a bit of everything but its so Expensive and the obviously theyre american, based mostly so they like looking at the bigger american channels and that kind of makes sense and then obviously englands a very small, alors ils’re not really interested in supporting outside of america. Donc, encore une fois, that makes it a big challenge as well, so really the goal of whats coming in the future is i really want to do 3d printing stuff, and i want to do one off cars, modifications and stuff like that. But the problem is when youre small, to invest two weeks or three weeks in designing and doing one video is a big gamble, because it may only do ten thousand views.

Bien, ten thousand views over three weeks is not going to do you anything. So the problem is you get kind of trapped when youre small into producing more, simpler content, but more often because the risk reward is. If i make a bad video in two days time, Je’ll make another video that will do okay, it covers it, whereas if you invest three weeks in one video and it doesnt zoom to the moonand it only does 5 000 views well you, surtout si vous’re Doing it full time its too much of a risk but thats where i really want to be. I want to be doing much more modifications. The challenge with that is uh. You need to actually have a machine studio. Ce que je veux dire par là, c’est, i je peux’T. Do grinding and things like that in the studio because everything would get filthy. So you need to have a separate location to actually do that so thats a bit of a challenge, là aussi’s the cost of getting the 3d printing stuff and then the computers and cad and all this kind of stuff, mais que’s where i really want to go With it to do more, bespoke one off stuff and but thats going to be more of a long term goal that i will slowly transition into that when i can produce say three videos that i know will cover my bare minimums for the month and then i Can take a gamble on two or three more extreme videos that are more like time intensive if you will or they’re plus longtemps, but at the moment i need to be putting out a video every two to three days to just keep things moving along.

So it does limit what i can actually produce and i think a lot of small channels do get stuck into that rut until they actually grow to a certain level, où il y a’s a big margin that if i dont do a video for a week, i still make Enough for the end of the month to cover my costs and live. If you know what i mean so uh that’s, where i plan to go the streaming. One thing i really am gon na push doing more on the channel is streaming now. Le problème est, i live out in the countryside, and our internet is pants is terrible. So if i streamand it drops it basically kicks everybody out and thats what happened to me luckily, right at the end of the last streaming, i did but were supposed to be getting fiber to the house in the next month or so so once that happens, I will be streaming loads more so im thinking about doing more live streams, just talking live streams, but also streaming builds as well. Alors qu’est-ce que je’ll do is, tandis que i’m building and filming ill stream it so people can drop in whenever they want. So this is something im thinking of doing as well, because it will be much more stable and ill have a much faster internet connection that i know i can rely on so thats kind of where i kind of plan to go now. The projections are up to christmas is about as far as i can go with it i’m en espérant.

The trend that i saw last year is what im gon na see this year, because we basically ramped up from august right up to peaking at christmas and then after christmas. It come back down. January february were quite good and then it dropped back down again and its kind of following last years view cycle. If you will now. Espérons, if i get the same trend again by the time we get to christmas after christmas, it should trend down again, but it should still be higher than this year so hopefully or then get into the sustainable point. Now the channel became sustainable for two months. That was uh november december and january three months, three months it hit the minimum, et maintenant il’s dropped back down now, Il’s, not that far off the minimum. Si je ne’t spend anything on the channel, mais je’ve been putting every penny back into the channel just to try and keep it moving so that’s le’s, the target is to keep going until christmas, et, espérons-le,, if i see an uptrend again at christmas, then hopefully We will go into sustainability if we dont see the same trend and by sort of february march its it hasn’t allé n’importe où. Je pense que ce que je’ll probably end up doing is dialing it back going and getting a another job and then just doing videos as and when so i’Ve, given it, because that means i’M, basically giving it a year and a half to just become sustainable and i’M.

Not talking about vast amounts of money here this is this is like making a thousand pound a month, alors euh que’s the goal to trying to get to so it’s. You know it its bittersweet, like any business. If you start your own business, you have your ups and you have your downs and you at the beginning. You have to invest everything that you’ve got, que je’ve kind of done and then just hopefully that youll get over the hump and become sustainable, so the biggest takeaway i can say if you like, and you watch an rc channel and its a small channel. Just think about throwing them a couple of quid, because it will help by the number of people that watch. Tu le sais’s the biggest thing and for me to get this far has been completely down to my patreons. The patrons basically support 30 30 À 40 percent of my income per month is purely from the patreon people. So without them you would have no videos so i’M, à peu près sûr que’s the same for all the other small channels. So if it wasnt for those people, there would be no rc kicks, which means that you would be watching something. You would not be watching anything now times that by all the small rc channels, you would have no youd have no content to watch. ainsi, même si c’est’s just a pound, two pound two dollars whatever get in contact with them, support them because they are working crazy hours, doing editing and basically putting everything back into the channel anyway.

So another highlight that’s. Another real highlight over the last year is watching the rc kicks. Facebook group grow its now pretty much at 4, 500 uh members, and it is run and supported by jenny, who does it completely out of love and that what’s a été vraiment bien? Is the environment has been very safe and well moderated? There is no junk in there everything thats in there all the people that are vetted. They are all people that invest time and effort in it. We we basically turn away, probablement environ 40 of the people that actually want to join um, donc nous’ve it’s actually grown into quite a good environment, cela’s very safe. Nous avons. We have a few women who are actually in there as well, which is brilliant to see that it’s, a safe environment for them. Nous ne’t have any hate or anything like that and it’s, even though it went its grown to like four and a half thousand uh people, which is quite large for an rc group that is well maintained and well looked after. So i can highly recommend going and joining and its not down to like just hammer. It can be anything any manufacturer, any rc, that kind of stuff so it’n’est pas comme. Oh, if you jump on there and youre a traxxas person and you post uh something about your trx4 people will respond to it. If you post about your tamiya stuff people respond to it if it’s euh, you know your team associated whatever monster trucks.

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