Bien, comme vous pouvez le voir, Je’ve got something a little bit different today. Il s’agit d’un 1 16 Échelle, rc drift car from a pine cone model. I think this is called the 1604 Il’s. The actual uh model number and it’s’est obtenu euh. Il’S a un gyroscope, so you can tune the uh amount of drift. Je suppose que oui. J’ai eu le 1604 Version, which is just this body and then there’s, one called the 1603, which i think theyre exactly the same just except for the the body type like a pretty comprehensive manual here, là’s the radial, Oh oui, the car is free, donc i’M, going To assume that the battery is already inside, the car looks like um, so it comes with treaded tires and there’s. Some slick tires in the bag, some tool like a charger and some other stuff. d'accord, alors laissez’s take a little closer look at this 1604. I have the battery charged up, took a couple of hours, Il’s pretty slow on the included charger, but it should last for a long time and ive got four double a batteries installed in the little transmitter which actually um. You know for uh ready to run transmitters. Celui-là’s not too bad the shape is nice, Bien sûr, Il’s a light plastic, mais il ne’t have a bunch of cheesy stickers everywhere. Il semble. D’accord et c’est tout’s got the four channels. Il’S got a three channel three right: there channel four zero switch and then uh get all the uh.

You can adjust the esp trim and everything up there now lets take a quick look under the body. Now there are lights on this kit, which i will turn on in a second. But keep that in mind when you lift off the body, because there is a wire connecting the body with the receiver, because the lights are plugged in there. So just be aware of that – et je pense que je’ll leave it plugged in for now, but you should still be able to see what’se passe ici. So at the motor there looks like about a 380 size got a five wire servo in there looks like jst connector there’s, the receiver and the receiver antenna. So it looks like uh just the spring. No oil on these shocks just little basic spring shocks, but that should be okay. For this nice foam bumper, there looks like theres a shaft for the four wheel drive going through there. Je ne sais pas’t y penser’s a center diff, but there are diffs on each. I think front and back so lets plug the battery in and see what these little lights look like turn on the transmitter, Je pense qu’il y a’s a power button on the receiver. I believe all right. We have to hold it down yep and the light turned on. So i think i can see some lights already so im not going to use the uh im not going to completely put the body back on, but oh lets take a look at the front of this.

The front of this looks pretty cool. Réellement, this car and now with these lightsand i think you controlled them with this button here – oh oui ça’s a pretty soft button and then i think you can change the color with this. Oh oui, this channel four switch so neat, okay and then four wheel drive and steering okay, so it looks pretty uh cool, alors laissez’s drive it around yeah its a little bit windy for flying. So i thought to my favorite chance to try the drift car yeah.

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