Maintenant, je voulais obtenir une version mini z, mais ils n’ont jamais fait un x mods fait une camaro, mais ils n’ont pas fait de chargeur et c’était juste quelque chose. Je voulais bien faire. Ive a toujours voulu faire comme une poursuite policière, produire un danger, car and just crash and smash and go nuts right. Hasnt really worked, that is the body of a 132 Échelle. Skeletrix car thats kind of rare now guys right, euh .e uh. I hoped it would fit in a mini z, mais non, not even the narrowest one. The wheels would not fit under the archways, so kind of got snookered there. So then i got a diecast car right and ill show you that, and i kind of got that to fit under charisma. But again the width of the car was a problem. The wheels wouldnt turn so ive been reduced to this. Now you know what its actually worked out: D'accord, its like a monster dodge charger all right. So what did i use guys? Nothing was gon na fit under there. There was no rc car that was gon na fit its just a real weird shape, its long. Its longer longer as a mini z but narrow, seriously narrow, les gars ont raison, even the narrowest mini z with minus um offset, is not gon na fit under the wheel. Arches not happening 124 Échelle, theyre too long, its just real, weird guys right, and i obviously want something.

I can drift and i can bash a little bit thats. What the whole thing was about. The whole series is about that anyhow, si um. What is that that is guys? I dont know if youve seen in my unboxing before, but that is this little bad boy. D'accord, so this is the associated uh 28. I think for 28., c’est un 128 scale short course truck and theyve done like in this series. Theyve done a monster, truck theyve done um. Bien, so theyre done lets push them lets push them together. So yeah in this series, guys theyve been a monster truck. They have done um a triggy, now theyve released uh. What was it was funkymon. They released another one anyway, and they had a short course now theres my next race vid right. If you get a big sneak or a sneak peek at that as well so yep so um its quite a few of my ideas that are on this turntable guys and youre gon na see that coming up in a new vid, so theres gon na be a Wrist with the shortcut, strokes and then youre gon na see the generally in some madness, ive never done anything like this before. First time it could go amazingly well or horribly wrong ill. Let you guys judge anyhow, so this body guys wasnt fitted on nothing. It was really hard to get it to fit on this, so these bodies fit in a bit of a weird way.

How they fit is basically um. Theyve got one hole for the amount of the front and two so its like a triangle shape. Fondamentalement, all right and thats how ive had to do it? d'accord, so you know its its kind of difficult. Donc, fondamentalement,, i lined it up over the shell all right over that shell lined the holes up and put pen marks on, but then youve got to compensate as well, because theyre not flush with each other um, alors oui. I still need to mess with it. A little bit just to kind of level it out a little bit and ive got to obviously work on the wheel arches because theyre not perfectly lined up, as you can see so ive marked out where im going to cut them right. So i didnt want to cut it, but the wheels wont turn theyll get stuck. You get it guys. ainsi, whenever ive marked out the car its where the wheels cant turn isnt that just so cool right, so i love that man so yep. ainsi, wherever ive marked it out, im gon na have to cut that bit away, not too much uh just to stop the backs, pas trop mal non. So they can see the two holes at the back and the one on the front all right. So the backs not too wet, but the fronts are because either going left or right, youre going to catch in the body, but once thats done it should be okay and i dont mind, jumping that i mean theyre, pas étonnant, guys theyre two wheel drive right, theyre Brushed um, you know theyre, pas la chose la plus rapide, mais ils sont, Bien, theyre pretty cool.

You know you can kind of jump them and stuff like thats, exactly what i want to do and its kind of come out with a like a crazy concept, because its a bit of a monster truck kind of dodge charger, alors euh oui, its kind of i Dont know im just happy that i managed to get that body mounted to something because they werent gon na fit on nothing right and im, just happy its on there and for my project, guys its actually gon na fit in pretty well all right. So stay tuned for that thatll be coming up as well guys so yeah so, comme vous l’avez peut-être vu, im doing a 110 version as well um, just because i like that, généralement, we grew up with that guys. I know the flag on the top. Is a little bit um, you know theres a little kind of a bit of contention around that you know but um and it came with on um but yeah thats. I still love watching that car jump not in the fall guy. The suspension on that truck was amazing. I just i love watching gym. They wrecked 300 cars making that series and then cars fetch a pretty penny now guys theyre worth some dough. d'accord, Droite, restez à l’écoute, guys get subscribed, get notified plenty more madness. Coming up in every scale in every way, yeah ill see youtube.

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