Both of these cameras are used in our videos and we use them for different reasons and we're gon na explain that in this video and see which one usage spend your money on, because one is '9 and one is 120, can you tell the difference we find Out when it was easy, it's the GoPro Hero 8 Black Edition the stability control on this is I haven't seen better. The colours are better. The video is sharper. Everything is better about the camera except the price. It'S. '9. 2.99. If you trade it in your old junk, like we had like a hero 5, which five years ago, I would have said, save your money and don't buy the GoPro. But once you see this video and compare to the other one, there's really no comparison, it's. pourquoi? We also started to switch to exclusively using heroic footage in full disclosurethe acaso V 50 pro wasn't, the first camera we bought. We bought the cheaper one just simply to stick on other cars. So when we crash, we blew up with a 70 Caméra, pas un 400 one and that's. Why we got into this video because the manufacturer disliked our original review and sent us their better one, the V 50 pro at one hundred and twenty dollars, it's. Réellement, not a really bad camera it's pretty good, but you can immediately see the video quality difference it's, not as sharp the colors aren't as saturated which you can fix in post editing, but out of the box setups this camera wasn't as good as the hero.

You do have to factor in price 120 Dollars. '9. 299. If you already wasted your money on one of the older ones, but in the end the GoPro is simply a better camera.