Electric powered four wheel drive race truck by high boxing. Now initially the box looks good. Some nice art on the front truck looks good on the side. nous’Ve got more box, art weve got a little bit of information. The vehicle is ready to run four wheel, Disque 2.4 Gigahertz, it has adjustable shocks, Balle, Roulements, a brushed motor. There are available metal gears and it is water resistant see on this side, looks like the truck comes in either black or blue, and it looks like weve got the blue version here. Que’S (en), the same as the other side, and here weve got some optional upgrades listed, looks like you can get some metal gears. Some metal drive shafts some aluminum oil shocks. You can even get a wheelie bar for this truck that’s, assez cool tout droit, alors laissez’s crack. It open take a look inside the box, just get that off to the side, et c’est parti. The truck looks good comes in this nice blister pack here to keep it safe on its long journey from the factory to your door. Get that out of here all right, nous’ve got the truck well put that off to the side for one minute, laisser’s take a look at the controller uh, you know not bad looks like it takes two double a batteries. Those are the only thing youre gon na have to uh. Add yourself. Everything else is included in the box, pretty basic stuff everything you need nothing.

Vous ne le faites pas’t nice spring on the wheel feels pretty good its going to work pretty good. Avec ce camion, Je pense que laissez’s voir nous’ve got a bag of goodies here. Regardez. This is our light kit. They have gone through the trouble of including headlights with this vehicle, a nice little added gift, so you can pop those on yourself. You got a couple of zip ties to keep everything in place: nous’ll get those on the truck let’s voir nous’ve got our charger here, just plugs into any usb port and charges. Your battery right up got a couple of extra body clips here, cela’s toujours sympa. They even have these nice little plastic pull tabs on them. Those are cool and we have your battery. Il s’agit d’un 1 000 heure milliamp, 25 C 2 batterie lipo cellulaire, so this is actually going to power. This truck pretty well. This is going to this is going to work well in this truck lets get all that stuff off the side. Laisser’S take a look at this first off. I did miss one thing: there are instructions in the box, Bien sûr, got to look at those got a parts list here where oh that’s très agréable, so every part of the truck is listed here. If you break anything, oh nous’ve even got diagrams here to show you how to fix it and every part with its part number. So you can go on amazon or ebay and you can just type the part number right in and itll pop up and you can grab your replacement parts thats very good that’s.

Fondamentalement, what turns a toy grade into a hobby grade? Que’S qui’s a big thing right there let’s voir, nous’ve got our instruction manual whats a this something about customer satisfaction, nous’ve got stickers, all right got ta, love stickers, everybody loves stickers and weve got our instructions with just basic information on running the vehicle. Getting it going. Everything you need to know good stuff, D'accord, the truck it’s un peu rebondissant, but you know what i actually i’M, not too disappointed with it. So far feels pretty good let’s. Jetez un coup d’œil sous le capot, D'accord, wow that looks good, oh là’s, another battery. Par ici, so you get two batteries. With the vehicle nice weve got our receiver nesc weve got our brushed motor comes with a deans connector our little servo in there its a velcro strap to keep your battery in place. Je l'aime bien. It looks good underneath smooth nothing hanging down so youre not going to get caught up on any obstacles or anything. Huh im impressed theres a good bit of flex to these plastic parts. So if you do run into something they’ll flex, instead of snapping on you that way they don’t pause. This looks like a pretty good little truck, D'accord, Bien, Je’M, going to take a little bit closer. Look at it im going to get the stickers put on the body and uh were going to get the battery charged up and then were going to come back.

Take another look at it and then were going to take it out for a run. Très bien les gars. Here she is she’s prêt à partir. Vous pouvez voir. nous’Ve got the stickers all over the body. Now when you first get it, this body is going to have a clear, protective film. You want to make sure you peel that off before you put your stickers on weve got our front grille stickers, all down the side, rear lights, stickers up top. This body is made out of a nice thick lexan, donc il’s going to be good and durable. Il’S going to take some hits: Il’s got clear windows, which is always a nice touch. I really like this body. This looks good here’s, our truck you can see. nous’Ve got our headlights installed. Il’S are the wires right there. They plug right into the receiver. Il’S a port for it, they pop right into the front bumper. It only takes a minute or two to install them. Il’S (en), a zip tie to kind of keep the wires in place, pretty easy good to go. nous’Ve got a power switch here on the side of the truck here’s, our controller. I did throw some batteries in it, donc nous’re going to turn that on that light will blink until the truck is on and there she is. You can see our front headlights. Are nice and bright kind of messing with my camera a little bit there weve got our steering, which seems to be working nicely, and this is fully proportional, ce qui signifie, if you turn the controller wheel a little bit the wheels will turn a little bit.

Si vous tournez beaucoup, ils’ll turn a lot. That is something you want to look for on a hobby grade rc. That is a good thing same with the throttle fully proportional give it a little bit. The truck goes slow, Musique. You want to go fast, pull the trigger all the way im pretty impressed with this truck. Jusqu’à présent,, laisser’s uh let’s allez-y, take it outside for a rep and see how she does were out here with the high boxing one six, eight eight nine were gon na bash around a little bit. Hmm! Oh ça ne le fait pas’t end, bien que Music Applause, D'accord. So Laughter, ah Applaudissements, so oh Applause, Musique, Applaudissements, Musique, uh that was cool, Wow, Musique, Musique, Comme ci comme ça, Musique, Musique, thank Applause, Applaudissements, Hein! So so there it is everybody the high boxing number one. Six, eight eight nine and i got ta, say overall im really impressed with this truck. I took it out. I beat on it pretty hard. I was doing backflips off the curb. I was just basically throwing it down the stairs. Vous savez là-bas’s a couple of scratches on the body, but those are just battle scars, no broken parts, no mechanical issues, everything works, just as it should im just super impressed. You know this truck is available for less than a hundred dollars. The link is posted down below if you want to get one which you should want. One make sure you click that link and pick one up for yourself, because this is just an excellent, excellent little truck for the price.

You know just a good controller. The controller worked well good range, great truck great overall package. Definitely this one gets the jorc seal of approval, ainsi, comme je l’ai dit, link is posted down below.