My name is dev and its a beautiful day out here in winnipeg. You guys can see its about plus five and it feels really nice. I mean i got a jacket on here right now. It feels a little warm i should have hoodie on, mais il’s, okay and today we are gon na explore the trx4. Now today i got something special for you folks. So today what i have is. I have gpm racing products, product it’s, a high clearance links for trx4, so they sit a little bit higher than what the usual links do. So the driveshaft stands a little exposed which is going to get some scratches, mais il’s, d'accord, parce qu’il’s going to perform better and im going to show you guys exactly how they look and where can you find them? This is how they look here. It is you guys could see, they are a little lower than the driveshaft same story with the front as well, mais il’s going to perform better and it looks pretty good now. Laisser’S (en), try this out a little bit over this side and well go a little bit over this side thanks a lot for tuning in our silver dose, Musique, donc Applaudissements, Comme ci comme ça, Applaudissements de musique, so the high clearance links are pretty good guys. I mean i did go through some stuff and were gon na test this out at stony mountains when we go out next saturday, alors restez à l’écoute. For that i hope you enjoyed the video.

I will be leaving the link down in the description so check it out and thanks for tuning in receivers guys have a great day. Peace ugh, you guys are back from the south, hey how you lagging here now how you liking here. Gon na have an interview, sir sir. Veuillez m’excuser, sir sir, put your hands behind your back sir sir.

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