Il s’agit d’un 118 uh rally car and then you can get uh, Buggy, troggy short course truck or whatever other vehicle. Maintenant, when you look at this vehicle first in uh, vous dites: d’accord’s, another car that uh some company manufacturer. But if you look closely on the box, look what it say: those are hpi racing, so those are the maverick by hpi racing. So it seems to be that they are getting back im pretty happy because of all the lawsuits with traxxas and all the problem. Euh ils’re out of business for a long time, alors j’espère qu’ils’re gon na come back. Nous’re gon na have some great vehicles again. Donc, sans plus tarder, laisser’s look at one of the vehicles, so all those vehicles kind of have the same basic platform, uh the same frame, the same kind of shock system and what are you doing? Ils’Re changing the body and they changing the wheels. I decided to show this one, because this one have the rally tires on it, and i know the street cars right now and speed is kind of something that going on pretty big, alors laissez’s look at it, alors laissez’s open it up and then im gon na Show also the remote its come with the chip remote, mais il’s come with a good charger uh when you remove the bodies, uh the clips and everything very easy to remove very simple, a very cool uh body.

Et puis, when you look inside this vehicle is brushed electric and when you look uh, they did all in one uh system in it. Vous avez votre euh 380 Moteur, and this is like it seems to be that it’s, a mm 28 um steering servo tiny, tiny steering servo those steering servo notorious to brake. So if you get one of those and youre gon na go jump or whatever, ce sera. The first thing that fell on you uh. Cela n’a pas fait’t already come with a battery uh and a charger. So the only thing that youre gon na need to do is get it charge the battery and go now uh. The vehicle is very, très simple: euh .e uh. You have like the shock system that actually feel pretty pretty good. It have a nice rebound to it. It just not snapped down, there are four wheel drive. They have cool differential that work very good. The frame is a very basic frame that we saw before on the venn rc car on some of the hyper. So a lot of companies using, Je pense, the same platform and probably the same if you have the same old vehicle, probably the same parts from this will fit for your vehicle um. Now those things is not designed to go really really fast, ils’Re, probablement environ. Je dirais 25 miles an hour or so now the cool thing about it that you can soup it up, and i will do it in one of the video i will get rid of this motor get rid of the esc and the servo and supe it Up a little bit with the brushless motor now this motor, when you look close let’s, hope its zooming the right way uh.

It have like this circuit on the back uh. So i guess this will work better than a regular its like trying to make it like the old style racing motor. Espérons, Il’s gon na work better and not gon na burn easily uh, mais nous’re gon na go and try it and see how its gon na work now lets put the body back on it and the body is actually sit on it right away. Euh là’s no problem with it. You just fit, and i want to show you guys what else you get in the box. So you get a charger. You get actually a good usb charger um. This usb charger will charge. Probably this battery see, if you look on the back it’s 500 Milliampères, there is a 900 batterie milliamp, so it will charge it in about uh two hours: d'accord, Il’s about two hours, probably an hour and 45 Minutes, Il’s, pas mal du tout. Euh et ça’s. Very cool that they did that and then, when you look elsewhere else, there is in the box. Here you have a remote uh. The remote is uh is a very basic uh, two channel remote, very tourish looking, mais vous ne le faites pas’t need more than that and for the price, those in about like 130 or so uh. This is not bad at all and those vehicles available right now in our shop. Il’S motor styles, we are located at 17, 540 chatsworth street in granada hills.

If you are new to the channel and you dont know where we are um, you know i highly recommend you get one of those because it’s, un cool 118 Véhicule 118 scale that usually very hard to find, with a big brand name on them, um so i’M, Going to go, try it and show you guys how its run and we go from there and later im going to open some of the other vehicle. Just so were going to have a little bit more more idea how the other vehicles look like, and i guess were going to go from there. Revêtir’T forget like subscribe and share, and please write a comment because im gon na give one of those vehicles. But in order to give one of those vehicles, i want to see all those likes popping on the bottom over there, and i want to see nice remark. You guys need to communicate one with another asking question. We will answer them for you guys and also tell me if you want to see anything else.

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