Oui, C'est vrai. Rire. Que faisons-nous aujourd’hui? Aujourd’hui, nous allons ajouter un nouveau corset. Aaron Droit. Turtle racing DDM nous a obtenu. We're gon na do dual steering servo in the front. Aaron Droit. From Kraken there we're gon na be doing I'm, not sure we're gon na do the loud, humming Aaron Kraken Mod engine Yep. Bar One., So Bar One Racing teamed up with Kraken to make an engine specific for this buggy. Aaron, Which engine is this, so the viewers can know It's, Zenoah G320 is what they based off of Then Chris Barlown does this magic him and his Team and Mod them 'em, he teamed up with Kraken on that. It's a little project there. You got this fancy little Aaron, What he's best known for yeah up here at least eh. Some of these amazing pipes that he has. I think most of us are running. Bartolone pipes on our fifth scales. Ah check it out. These rims are from DDM sent in by Dave's Discount Motors. You can check him out at davesmotors.com.. I'Ll leave a link in the video subscription box down below. Everett They're pretty. Aaron Check out these aluminum bead locks. Two piece the inside as well as the outside, are aluminum. We did keep the inside plastic for now, but I got ta tell you on this chassis man, those look, absolutely spectacular., Yeah put together real, lisse, Trop. Aaron. Tu sais quoi, when we were building them off camera, it was actually a very smooth process.

. I have their older versions of their aluminums on one of my trucks, one of my little C5's and they go together. The beads. Aaron Nice. Much nicer, then the plastic ones. Aaron. What would you like to get started with today, my man? Bien, I think that we should do the six mill to the eight mill new conversion parts., But I don't know where the heck they went. d'accord. Here's a couple front: sho Aaron Right here, I've been hiding. Il. Start with that, get that out of the way that'll. Only take a few minutes. Aaron Okay now hold on, because a lot of people may not have seen the other episode. What are we talking about The Aaron Pins for the shocks Everett Right here? If you look with the camera this way right here, you can see six mill to eight mill. Aaron Ahh. The diameter is much Everett, A much stronger version for those hard landings. Let's. Fais-le. What do we got there? We probably need uh three or a four there: I'd say. Aaron Yeah let's get 'er done. drill, buzzes Yeah almost., Look at the size of that shock, Everett All right dude! It took me about two seconds off camera.. You got it Yeah. Cool.! Voilà. Merci. Aaron, Just gon na pop the rod end into the eyelet. Piece of cake. We're done Aaron That was easy. Everett You drill, I'll, hold., Aaron Sure. Think we'll need some cutting oil on that Everett, So little amount I think, you'll be all Right.

Aaron, I noticed you gave it to me to do.. So if I screw up it's my fault. Everett That's right, I switched that over quick. drill, whines Yeah it's, belle apparence. Beauté. Ça a l’air bien. Aaron Yeah. Il a l’air, Bon. drill, whines Aaron! You want some mini eggs: Disgusting. Aaron, You don't like chocolate right What's going on here: Oh non. laughs, Aaron. Que s'est-il passé? Whispering We're idiots. Aaron? What happened laughing! We put the front on the rear. Aaron, Where I don't wan na talk right, now., Aaron, You're, very red what's. The matter Remember we were talking about over thinking, Vidéos. We should let this roll., I don't wan na. Let anything roll. Aaron What happened! This might be. The same part., I just told you, we used the fronts on the rear. Aaron. d'accord, just the little things here. Right is what you're talking about Yeah. It might be the same. Aaron, Je pense, they're the same., Je pense, they're the same. Oui. I knew what I was doing.. You should see the top of my Vekta. It says Fifth Scale: patron, now., Aaron laughs Thread; lock., Put it in here., Everett's, cleaning out old thread, lock right, now., Everett, That's, Droite, Oui. Aaron, Getting it off just so. He can have a nice clean, adhesion., Everett Burn it off and hit it with a brush., Aaron Yeah. And then have you got the wrench there, Everett Yeah. Aaron It's a larger wind. That's, Un 10. Everett.

Oh, this is bigger. Now isn't it Aaron Aw. It is tools, clatter, drowns out, Voix, Yeah there we go. Bien – that was for the links, that's right., So using a number nine wrench just to snug it up here. At least they're, not round eh. They gave us the spots to put the wrench on so that's Everett Yeah, and you can also put a wrench here too, if you're not gon na use it from here too. Aaron, True true., Oh oui, that's a beauty.. Maintenant, with the retainer, I don't have to worry about the shock popping off. If I come down on a hard landing and kinda crank the chassis a little bit, that'll help keep it on. Everett Yeah. Those are a beauty. Aaron Yeah that is great. One huge drill.. d'accord, so I guess it'll be me.. Remember my friend: if you're every going to do something with your friend that screws up your RC make sure he does it. Everett That's right., Aaron, laughs, drill, whines Aaron, So I got the other side done off. Caméra. vacuum: nettoyeur, whistles! No one wants an aluminum sliver. Done tight, Bon, all shocks, Done.. What do you got in your hand there? Maintenant? This is the Turtle Racing chassis, brace to give it a little bit more rigidity., Aaron Nice, So we're. Looking at popping this plastic one out, Yeah grab that one out looks like uh one on the top and two in the oh, Non, the bottom one is oh, no there's, two on the bottom.

Aaron Turtle Racing, guys that looks awesome And they lightened it up, but Kept all the strength there. So it's nicely framed.. d'accord, let's do it. Turtle Racing.. Also we got this at davesmotors.com, DDM. That's. What we were saying in the beginningbut I just wan na make sure if people are skipping through the video they know where we got this stuff. Same with these hex bits. Everybody asks us all the time. Where do you get these hex bits for your drill.? Encore, Dave's Motors. And where you can pick up a Vekta 5 too.. This video is not brought to you by Dave's Motors Everett laughs but they're. Just fantastic and we've been using them for years. Everett. Those two were over here. Let's get these back in. Aaron Perfecto! More thread lock.. What do you think we did with the? How much do you need to push through Aaron? I just screwed it's, just back pressure., You know a little back pressure, some dribbles out. laughs. It happens with thread lock. Everybody be aware when you're using it. Ya know just a small turn will make enough pressure to make it come up there and when you're, grumpy and old, like this little red giant here, ya ya, get He's just a cheap, bastard.. Aaron laughs Be that is. Aaron Don't be losing my Thread: Lock., Hey I'm glad you had some., d'accord, next uh Kraken steering link.. This is from Turtle Racing as well. Everett.

Why would we even bother upgrading a link like this? You know the difference between this. One is it using a bearing system inside here., Aaron, Exactly. Everett And the anchor main screws okay., Rather than just having a screw go through, and for it to spin on the screws. It adds a bearing for a little smoother steering. Aaron. It looks like it's complicated to get in here.. I don't believe it will be.. So they have a genius thing here: Kraken. It has these caps with a screw that holds it on here., So we're gon na take the cap off, take the pin out and then remove our top plate, and that should be all she wrote. Aaron Thinking, we're recognizing The Kraken is just pretty much easy to work on laughs, Everett, It's, pretty easy., Aaron. Well let's get these caps off and see. If we can slide out these king pins. Backing off the screw. Ici, C'est vrai. Everett, Brilliant. It was just like we thought. Aaron, Very nice., Do I grab it and just pull it then Yeah, just pull it Take the slack off Everett might need a pair of pliers. Aaron. I got my channel locks here. Carefully. Carefully. There look at that., Everett, Oui, brilliant., Aaron, Slides, Droite, out (out). We'll, do the other side and we'll be back.. Everett Yep. drill, whines Aaron, So you can see it's got a flushing insert or something inside here as well. drill, whines, d'accord, so we'll just take that right, out (out).

That was very easy. Everett. There goes those flushing inserts., Aaron Yep.. You guys can see the thickness right. Il. Woah look at that it's huge With the bearings on the inside it's gon na. Give me a lot better steering now, especially when I'm coming down off of the jumps. Everett, No definitely into the hole, yep absolutely. Aaron, And then this just sits on top there.. Everett So it's, just a collar. Aaron, The race of the bearing will probably sit on that for keeping it free. Smooth. Everett Here ya, go buddy.! Well team work., Aaron Team work Best team getting their RC done. I heard a rumor that you're actually bringing in some of your RC's, so we can work on them. Ici. Everett, Oui, we're, going to for sure. Got ta, get 'em ready for the year. Aaron That's right it's time bud.. I think that's pretty much as tight as I wanted to go. Everett All right, we're, just gon na button up the front here and get it all ready for the next phase: eh Aaron, d'accord, so I'm, taking off the fan, shroud. Everett Kill switch time Aaron Yeah Time to put in a kill switch. On all of our fifth scales, we always run a killer, Kill switch RC, ce qui signifie, if you lose radio contact, the engine will automatically stop and will be in a brake position if we set that up on the receiver., But At least the engine will be killed.

. We don't have to worry about runaways. D'accord, let's take out the gas tank. Everett Do it. Aaron Getting close to the engine here. Everett, Almost in Aaron I like how it had the Vekta. Has this clear plastic.? You can see right into center diff and the pinion. Everett Little hard to see in the light here. Aaron. Is it quite a bit of glare Everett, Yeah ya, can't, see it at all. Aaron! Bien, take it it's covered with clear plastic. rire, d'accord. So why are we taking out the gas tank Ev Everett? Bien, we got ta get to these screws. I don't know if we can yeah, we can kinda see to uh Aaron There's a three screw set: jusqu’à. Everett Yeah to hold on to the front of the clutch, cas. Aaron And then it's this one up here that we're gon na try to get access to.. Better to remove the tank. Everett Exactly. Aaron Show 'em the pipe Shoulda chromed it up. Homme, it's gon na get a little rusty on me, but ya know what I think it'll add to the Kraken look. Everett I agree. Aaron. I need a little bit of steam. Pipe literally. Steam, punk. Steam pipe pfft., Everett We'll be back., Aaron, Bartalone, Racing. I'm, actually getting out DDM gaskets that I have. They are heavy duty. Acier, reinforced replacement, gaskets mumbles you'll, see this'll, actually help prevent against any kind of leaks., Be a little bit stronger out.

Il. Everett, Nobody likes leakage. Aaron. No leakage is a bad thing., laughter Everett, While he does that I'm gon na be working on the axisrc. I don't know, si vous les gars, can see that 'cause, I sure can't thumb screws.. I believe this was in conjunction with a guy named Pegleg, why they call it the pegs I believe. Aaron Yeah. And what they do is they make it so easy access to pull this on and off. Aaron Nice, The old pull start 'cause. What happens is this is gon na face the inside and getting a screwdriver in there in the quick time you need to change your pull start darn near hard. Aaron. So now a simple unscrew you can make it happen. Thumb screw just do it with your fingers. Aaron. Do I see a DDM sticker on the front, DDM DDDDDM. rire? I wonder if they still sell it. Oui. Aaron. Ils le font. I saw it on the page. The other day so I'm glad so. Yeah you betcha. Aaron One two, three easy, comme peut l’être. D'accord. Everett, Not sure there Aaron. Oh, look at that Everett. Oh, look at that the clearance in the back. It makes it Aaron We're, good Everett Man. That looks amazing in there Aaron That looks good eh Everett That looks very nice.. I'M excited to see the whole pipe set up, Tout. laughs with deep voice, Aaron Yeah ya, know let's. Shall we test fit Everett? I think we should first of all get this wire in here properly.

Over which side you want Yeah for the kill, Interrupteur. Euh. Do we have room under? We do have room under there.: Aaron Perfect. Everett, That is perfect. Let's get the you know what there's so much room work in this Vekta compared to others. Aaron Yeah, everything's, open., Everett, Yeah let's just set that in like that. Leave this out. We'Ll put that in after, through the little hole grommet on this side. Aaron Great. Everett, But I say let's screw this sucker in because we got so much access for the pipe over here. I don't think that's gon na be an issue. Aaron Man. This truck just looks gnarly.. It looks like with the solid aluminum axle on the back Everett. It is pretty. Aaron, The length. Everett It's, one of my favorite trucks, I've seen so far for sure. Aaron, The size of the shocks like wow. And those rims man. It makes the truck pop. Everyone's waiting to see the wrap. You know that eh They can see it in the thumbnail, but they haven't seen it in the show. Everett laughs. Première, one beauty. Everett, Je l'aime. Aaron Yeah. Everett's been working hard here, figuring out the pipe. Everett Yeah, just having a look twisting things. Aaron Yep. Everett That's me mumbles Aaron, Look at that., Everett, Yearner., Aaron, It's, just amazing man., It's, gon na roar and rip. laughs Everett. I can't wait to hear it. It's gon na be an air screamer.

. Aaron Yeah, it's gon na be very loud.. Get the air filter out here. words obscured by packaging removal, But we'll. Do it anyways., d'accord, the screws right, là. Belle. Release the Kraken, Which ball tip. Do you need sir big or little Uh the little? I might need littler., Aaron And smaller than that? What size is this Yep nope that's, Il. Aaron, That is the right one. Everett, Might be easier to take the pipe off actually. Aaron. I just helped Everett remove the spring here, so he's able to kinda jostle this around. Everett Give it to me Aaron, laughs, Finally., Aaron, So it's clamped on the other side right, là. You're, gon na have to take it right off eh Everett! Bien, I just undid the bottom, but Aaron Yeah. Everett There we go. Aaron Did that help at all Everett Yeah. It did big time. Aaron, génial. Everett. This is where the pipe was. Aaron Yeah. Everett, A good trick, is taking an allen key and cutting it short. Et alors, right after the bend you kinda cut it, so it can just turn into there. So you can Aaron Crank over just a small key got it. Everett Yeah. Aaron, With a large handle. I'm going to install the air filter on the side. Seems to be opting banging obscures. Mots, which is gon na be nice to have., Can tell we're getting tired. Oui. rire. The energy is running low.. Everything is getting. Quiet.

, Oh well be wrenching on this thing. Maintenant, for For them, it's only been 20 minutes for us. It'S been a long It's been three or four hours since we started moving on her anyways eh Absolutely., Good luck., Métal, clinking metal, clinking, clapping and laughter As it's, almost in Aaron Spring sir. Everett Thank you., Aaron Reattaching., Good luck., Oh she's, slippery Yeah, exactly. effort groaning Nice job Everett Engage Aaron, Red giant, strength., laughs, Everett. Some zip ties on there we'll be good to go. Aaron Yep. J'ai compris. Everett There, nous allons. Aaron Okay, and so then this piece slides across the back.. Oh, hang on we'll go underneath it., whispering Just about ready to rip. Aaron. We did it dude Yeah Aaron. On l'a fait. We worked hard, Aujourd’hui. Everett Those rims do pop. When you step back., I never stood back from it. Encore. Aaron Now we're still not quite done. With this project yet. We have the dual servos to put in. Everett Sure. Aaron. Première, dual steering servo. It's gon na be a bit of a challenge with the pipe, but we can still remove the pipe and engine.. I don't have the gas tank hooked up to the carburetor yet., But over all gah man, Everett She's, pretty much ready, Si. Aaron. Look at that eh Everett Few minutes of work off camera we'll be ready to rock. Aaron Yeah well for sure.. I don't even know if they wan na see the dual servo set up.

. I guess we could just do an update on it. Eh Everett Really it's just two screws.. It is what is is.. I guess four. Aaron Do a quick overview here for these guys, so they can see. Il. Everett Yeah did a lot of work. Aujourd’hui. Bored these out to eight millimeter, put the kill, switch in the engine, the pegs. Aaron Out of realistic time. How long we been working today, Everett Well on and off for four hours., We took breaks. Aaron Solid, both of us doing, it., Plus we're filming. Everett. I mean the screws and the bead box take a little while right, A lot of screws front to back. Aaron Guys. If you wan na check out more about the Kraken Vekta 5, I suggest heading over there to DDM or Dave's Motors. Everett, The Kraken site, Trop. Aaron Or Kraken yeah. If you wan na, find out extensive information on the Kraken, you can go straight to the Kraken site.. Of course all links will be based in the video description box.. Do we have one more surprise for them? I just wan na start it. Aaron laughing. We have to wait. Everett Give me the camera. You can have the body. Aaron. You want me to do it. d'accord, here you go. Everett It's, not mine.. Oh, Oh, I already showed it. Cut Cut Snap out of that. Yep All right. Alors c’est parti. So my buddy Paul, vous les gars, may have seen a sneak peek of this a little while ago, Ici.

My buddy Paul from Emersion Design actually did a pretty awesome wrap for us to compliment the DDM. The chrome wheels everything like that. A little bit dark on this side. Everett Yeah I'm, coming to the other uh it's like blocking everything, Ici. Aaron, And it certainly need a bit of a wipe off here. In fact line this up for the first time. What's. Il a l’air, Does it look good? Does it compliment, it well Looks awesome., I think it's, one of the sharpest looking rigs I've seen., The chrome, wrap that he got in there. The metal tin in with the orange and the yellow man with the rest of the like the rims and the axle Good Lord She's poppin' Poppin' and lockin' Aaron There we go Everett. Oh, Mon dieu, Aaron Once I put the screws in locked, her down, everything's ready to go., So we've built a monster. Machine. Everett Nicest looking wrap I've ever seen. Aaron Yeah. If you want to check out my buddy Paul and his work, I'll leave a link to his Facebook in the video description box down below. Everett. That is so awesome. Recherche. Aaron Shout out to my come on up here. Camarade. Shout out to my buddy Everett for coming in today scheduling his entire day off just so, he could come and help me. Out. It's been a heck of build and it's been awesome fun.. We can hardly wait to rip it, but I still wan na.

Do the proper gas mixture. I wan na make sure everything's running all the thread locks placed that we need at the time and then Everett Think we'll get her broken in before the video too. Just a little bit of gas through it., Oh oui oui, I wan na see this thing ripping in full Everett Man Aaron. You know what's really neat about this Everett, Tellement génial. Aaron. I wish I would have shown this because Everett Brushed metal. Aaron The way the camber and the toe work for these Everett. We can show that in another video I suppose. Aaron, They don't have any links. They must be wondering how do we adjust it and really it's quite genius., But anyway Guys. Thank you so much for joining us today. If you loved this build, please smash the like button down below., If you're a subscriber. Bien sûr, we will see you in the next episode of RC Adventures. And come on here. Gim me, la caméra. Everett Keep the bar at notification squad going., You can't get out here. Notification squad Thumbs up for Everett spending. All that time. Aujourd’hui.