Il s’agit de la 10277 Crocodile locomotive. Comme vous le voyez, the box has the new simplified design that replaces the brighter tone of the previous Creator Expert, sets., Il’s, very serious, very dark, mais je’M, not sure if the 18 label is really required. Ici. En tous cas, the box looks cool. We see the locomotive on the stand on the front and custom logo with the set number and the name.. The whole look is very classy, although it does not provide too many information, and apparently the black surface is very sensitive to scratches.. Nous ne’t get too much information either on the back this time. The dimensions of the set with the stand is there its quite impressive, as it is more than half a meter. long. Il’s also some information about the optional motorization. We need the set itself, a Powered Up hub. You know the AAA one that is simply called the quothubquot, a Technic L motor surprisingly, and the Powered Up app., Alors, laissez’s ouvrir la boîte. L’ensemble a 1271 morceaux, le prix est 99.99 EUR or USD and itll be available from the 1st of July. Il’Re 9 numbered bags inside splitting the building into 4 phases theres an unnumbered one with some plates and the wheels and the building instructions with the sticker. Sheet., The sticker sheet has a single big sticker. This is for the plaque on the stand with some information about the original Swiss Crocodile locomotive.. The manual has the same design as the box.

It has a QR code that guides you to the LEGO instructions app, mais malheureusement, the digital instructions are not yet available before the release. Date. Il’s nice to see some extra information about the original locomotive on the first two pages and again a list of the required elements for the motorization.. Après ça, the building process can start with the base, mais laissez’s stop for a second here.. I totally get the serious black look of the box and I really like it, but this black background in the instructions was quite shocking for the first sight. Je’M, not sure about the printing technology. But first of all it seems to be a total waste of ink. Mais que’s not the biggest issue here.. This set has mostly black and reddish brown pieces and, comme vous le voyez, the black pieces are somewhat visible because they got a bright white contour, but the reddish brown pieces are almost invisible. It is actually better on the photo. Puis, in real life I cant literally see anything from a distance of 1m with 2 bright video lights next to me.. At some stages it gets better because therere pieces with brighter colors, but choosing this background for this set was a huge mistake. Je’M, not even sure. Why it has to be black? The Haunted House, qui est aussi un 18 Ensemble, has light gray background in the instructions, donc il’s, not an obligatory choice for these sets.. The A Wing Starfighter, which is also an 18 Ensemble, has similar black instructions, but it has mostly brighter pieces and the dark red is more visible there as well, at least in the online version.

. I really hope LEGO will do something with this. Maybe the digital version will be better, but I think this paper version needs to be changed.. So after this small intermezzo lets start the building process, The first thing to assemble is the base. You might not realize it immediately, but the size will be very impressive. The build itself is not the most exciting one, especially when you need to build the railroad ties with all those tiles and tiny little 1×1 plates. Once finished, Il’s, actually pretty sturdy Im sure you can pick the whole thing up with the locomotive on it.. Here are the parts from the second batch of bags., Since the only sticker was already used, everything else will be printed, which is a very nice extra, apparently becoming a trend with the 18 sets.. There are a few lime green pieces, but the color seems to be consistent. Cette heure., The build of the locomotive, starts with the drivetrain. Tous les 4 wheels will be driven through a set of Technic axles and gears.. The traction of the wheels is improved with rubber bands. Not sure how common this is with other LEGO train sets, but apparently it works well.. This is how the base of the central unit looks like with the wheels added. Again some nice printed parts and the clever usage of the handlebars. Aller de l’avant. There are again some printed tiles after adding the tan gear, with the axle make sure it does not fall out accidentally at this stage it is not fixed in place.

. This is the interior of the central unit, with some cool printed fans on top and the detailed instruments for the drivers. Initialement, the minfigs were holding the box and the wrench, but both have their respective places.. I really like here how the pieces, with different orientations end up forming a smooth and sturdy surface.. Sac 3 has the window piece in it. That was only available previously in black blue and white. So train and boat builders will be happy for sure, seeing it in a new color.. The two pantographs are quite detailed, but not too bulky. I really like the part usage. If you take a closer look, we have binoculars claws and a whole bunch of other pieces.. The assembly is a bit tricky, but the end result looks very nice.. After finishing the roof, the central unit is completed.. Sac 4 has the majority of the pieces. We need to build the two ends of the locomotive that are symmetrical.. I suggest to build them simultaneously. Although you need to pay more attention to the quantities since similar pieces are located at the same location, it is easier to find them in one take.. The orientation of the wheels is a bit tricky first, I mounted them symmetrically, but as the instructions show you on the next page, they need to be rotated by 90 degrees compared to each other. So I had to correct this.. This is how the proper orientation should look like.

. An unusual appearance of black sausages can be seen here, and here we have some cool, snot building.. I thought these panels will be flimsy with the technique used, but once theyre in place, the construction is quite sturdy.. These units are finished, so all we have to do is to connect everything.. These are the final steps of the build.. I did not measure exactly the building time, but it should be between 15 Et 2 hours.. Here are the extra pieces. Je’M, not sure about that slope, habituellement là’Re, no such pieces among the additional ones, but I couldnt see it missing anywhere.. So here is our locomotive on the stand. Je’D say it is quite impressive. It has lots of details and can be a very nice decoration on any desk or shelf.. But the reason why I dont really agree with the 18 label is the fact that it is actually very much playable.. You can put the minifigs in the seats and the train fits perfectly on a regular city train track and it can be pushed along. Thanks to the articulated design. It runs smoothly on the curves as well.. Si nous regardons cela de côté, the gap between the sections is quite unrealistic: Il’s not there on the original locomotive.. It is needed for the articulation to work properly, mais je pense, with a few pieces it could be covered to look better.. Another interesting thing is the fact that the smaller wheels that does not have the rubber bands are actually not touching the rails.

They rotate together with the others, but due to the slight angle of the front and rear section, they are floating in the air.. It does not affect the performance, it might actually help on the curves, but it looks a bit weird.. If we go back to the minifigs for a minute, we have a male and a female character. If their clothes look familiar that’s, not a coincidence. The torso comes from the Alan Grant, minifig from the Jurassic Park, Studios. Il’s a bit weird to see the flesh color over the scarf, as these figs have the standard, yellow heads, Mais toi’ll notice it only if you know what you are looking for.. So the locomotive works great on the track. What about making it remote controlled? As I mentioned previously, you need a AAA Powered Up hub and the Technic Large motor for this.. The motor is an interesting choice for the first sight, why not a train motor or the Medium linear, motor or the Medium motor, as they have connection points for a studded build.? Bien, the train motor simply does not fit as this locomotive has a custom build for. The wheels and, comme vous le verrez, the Technic motor is simply connected with Technic pins, donc là’s no need for the studded motors its actually easier to connect and remove it in this way.. Here is the process. Some internals and parts need to be removed. Then a few pieces needs to be replaced that were seamlessly stored in the central section.

Originairement, we connect the motor with the pins, put the hub in place and that’s à peu près ça. Since the roof covers completely the hub. The operation is not as convenient as on a regular city train. You need to remove the roof, to turn it on and off, and to connect to the remote or a smart device.. The status LED is not visible either., Since the profile for the set in the Powered Up app is not released. Yet I cannot show you that part here’s, a screenshot where you can see what to expect. As the motor used is not the regular train motor. The other train profiles does not work either in the Powered Up app, but it is possible to use the Powered Up remote., The behavior of the motor will be still different with the regular train motor. The speed control is gradual. Every press of the or buttons make the motor slightly faster or slower, mais nous ne le faisons pas’t need to press and hold the buttons. With the Technic Large motor there’s, no speed control and the motor only runs until you press the buttons once released. The motor stops immediately.. This makes the control of the train less sophisticated with the remote compared to the City trains, but still kind of works.. Comme vous le voyez, the speed of the Crocodile Locomotive is much lower than the City train. Full speed on the Crocodile is somewhere between level 2 Et 3 on the City train.

. This makes the Crocodile locomotive easier to control and, with this gearing itll be pretty powerful. Too., Apart form, la télécommande, the free coding area of the Powered Up app is also available for control. I previously created a custom train control profile with the 2 slider interface and it works perfectly with this train as well. Click on the link in the top right corner or in the description for more details about this custom control. Profile. Il’d be also possible to create a code for the PU remote that replicates the behavior of the train motor. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see that.. So to sum it up, I think this set was a great surprise for everyone. We did not expect any trains outside of the LEGO City, Monde. Il’s, a nice building. Experience has many details and looks great on the stand. With the motorization option. It is also very playable and can be used in any City train layout.. Pour moi, the only negative point about this set is the black background of the instructions, but that can be fixed in the digital version easily and if there’s, a demand, Je’m sure LEGO can change the physical one as well.. Let me know in the comments your thoughts about the set: do you like it or not, would you play with it or simply use it as a display piece.? Si vous avez aimé cette vidéo, alors s’il vous plaît lui donner un pouce en l’avant.

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