Yeah guys, Je’ve been down. Je’Ll wait for some people to join, mais nous’re going to do a run session. Aujourd’hui, people have been asking for this ive done this before on facebook live uh. Je l’ai’t done it on youtube like yet, mais que’s, my first cup of coffee. Let some people join first and then we are going to actually know what i’m curieux. If i get a decent amount of people on today, i will give some ill give away a couple. Shirts thatd be cool right, laisser’s, Voir. If i turn this down, you can see interesting, Je’m watching myself, Je’m a live feed all right check this out guys im gon na show you something cool, so i set this up where i can you guys are gon na be able to watch me pit? Oh dang look see you’D, be able to watch me wrench. Actually i should probably point that upwards, maybe not but yeah so long story short on. Pourquoi i’m down is the cycle? Nitroblast is gone, which is the biggest race ever. I really think it is the biggest race rc race ever and uh i’M, not there and i’m not gon na lie. Les gars i’ve got some major major major fomo and when i say fomo that means uh the fear of missing out super fomo. Il’S really really really bad, and i really really wish i was there so yeah it. Ah it bothers me really really really bad.

So especially a lot of my friends: are there a lot of the people havent seen in a long time? Are there um theres a lot of pro racers out there, a lot of guys who havent got to do anything during quarantine? This is their first race back like i really really wish. J’y suis allé, and the irony is i had already booked. I booked a flight booked a flight and booked the hotel covered it. I had to cancel everything i didnt get a refund on my flight, so i have to take the flight either way and then i wanted to fly there it’s à propos de 11 hours away from me. Je l’ai fait’t want to wait that long or i didnt want to drive that far. So the option was to go to that race flying and i wasnt comfortable with getting on a plane. Yet so i should have probably drove but it’s 11 and a half hours. I i did that i did that drive with my mustang once whenever we did the rc rally to psychonauts blast and we did that driving like. I think it was like eight and a half but yeah it was um, Il’s really really freaking. Bothering me the other thing thats bothering me is uh. I had i shot a really really depressing bashing video the other day. It was so bad that i recorded the video. Comme ci comme ça, basically i recorded a video and i broke my one of my favorite cars twice in the same video and i was so frustrated at it.

I was like debating. If i misled you guys, i was all bent out of shape and uh. It was so bad where i had to stop recording and just i just stopped, i stopped recording. I waited till the next day and then i woke up at seven oclock in the morning to go drive this thing after i fixed it the night before, because i was so so bend out of shape like it is really weighing down i’M. Weird like that. Alors, laissez’s hear where everyones from i see some people from netherlands, Homme, cela’s flippant, awesome people from netherlands see some people from fort worth need to go out there and check out the new track out there. Oui, i am kind of tired. I woke up early watch f1. Inutile de dire, mercedes freaking tq got the pole position tires versus pre mounted race tires versus non mounted race tires. I used to love pre mounts the thing about pre mounts you dont know how old they are and depending on how old they are, the more likely theyre gon na like if theyre super old, that glue might have already gotten brittle and they’ll se détacher. So pre mounted tires are awesome because you dont have to obviously mount tires for your race, which that is a that’s, un monstre, huge win, mais en même temps, if they do come in glued its hard to get them back glued again. Where they’Re, où ils’ll hold like really really well, so you pretty much just wasted, you know your 50 60 bucks that you spent on tires so it’s, vraiment ça’s really hit or miss it’s il’s hit or miss big time.

I have some pre mounted tires, puis il’s for situations where i dont have time to mount. I can just throw them on, but for for the most part, Je’m going to mount my tires every time, long, plage, california alabama, i might be going out to alabama either the end of this month or next month they have a track called the warehouse. Je pense que c’est’s called the warehouse um that’s, where the rc pro is going next, so in regards to those big races, donc ici’s, the thing like those big national races are great and again, i already planned on going to psycho, nitro and um silver state, which those Are huge national races, both of which got postponed due to the to the pandemic, so those got pushed um. Cependant, Je don’t have to travel far to go to cool big races like i i can. The rc pro series is right here in my backyard and the rc pro series is an awesome series, like super it’s, everything that you want out of race, Il’s, competitive um. They they give awards. They have good awards not like cheap awards like to me. A lot of people like it’s, just an award who cares to me that’qui’s, a big deal like i think the awards and plaques are cool. Donc je pense que c’est’s important that uh race promoters do nice plaques, because a lot of people, whether they it its this isnt all people but a lot of people.

They actually go wanting to get a poet like a plaque and that plaque means a lot to them. Aimez-le’s, basically all the hard, hard work, blood, sweat and tears you put in rc and you get a plaque its a big deal again. It might not be a big deal for everybody, mais il’s a big deal to some. So i can appreciate races that give good plaques and rc progress, amazing class. I got questions coming like crazy im gon na try to read them. My wife is my wifes in there watching tv she’s elle’s hit a rock bottom. In regards to oh look, we got someone watching from barcelona, spain, cela’s génial. We got a watcher from manila, the philippines, ah so yeah i’M, going to try to get some of these questions and im going to start wrenching, because i need to get my wrench on. I got a lot. I got a big day plan, so i am depressed about not being at psychonitro but im not going to sit here and not do anything rc related um. Je pourrais. I might because i dont know how it is yet ive never done this before i might enter rc crawling competition theres an rc crown competition um in my area today it starts later so that works out for me because its not going to be as hot. Et alors’s ce que i’m working on today im actually going to be installing some of the the parts that i bought for my trx for a while back im going to get it ready for competition.

If i decide to do the competition so thats what i need to wrench on today, i plan on going up to lone star they they redid their mini z track. So i should get some footage of the new mini z track i’m gon na. Let my youngest son thats been crushing it. Many zs get some time on the mazie track and then theres a dirt oval race. Que’S about an hour away from me that a good friend of mine, tyler, keel hes on the podcast um. Il est, Je pense, il’s promoting or hes going to be there. Je ne sais pas’t see him very often, so i might make it out there and see whats going on with him, donc il’s going to be a long fun day of rc, but man i wish i was at cycle nitro. I wish i was at cycle nitro uh. I have a slash with a 3s lipo and a fused brushless motor in it. It flies oh yeah. I bet it does. Can you race, the kyosho mp9 tki4, prêt à l’emploi, i guess ready set, is the red the ready to run the the kyosho mp9. Tki4 is arguably arguably one of the best all around nitro buggies, because a lot of people copy from them techno doesn’T, but a lot of people do copy from someone asked if i can adopt them, so you could race that mp9 tki4 thats one of the best Ones super expensive, Si, super expensive, Fou, Fou, expensive all right, Je’m gon na switch to the wrenching session side, and then we are going i’ll.

Try to answer questions as we go. Oh you know what i want to see if i can give some stuff away. Let me see if i can see. Oh, i can see if we can highlight all these im trying to see if i can highlight all the the people watching so that way i can do a a giveaway everyone likes giveaways right. Oh, that did not work hold on hold on guys. I think i need something else. I i can see all the participants, but i just got ta go. Maybe i should just have my son. A name is that is that a good way, i feel like thats kind of messed up, but let me see if i can get this to work here. Nous allons. This has got to work. Il’S got to work, ah kind of works, not really oh yeah. Je ne sais pas’t penser que’s gon na work, les gars i’ll figure out how to give some stuff away, but i do want to give a couple of shirts away. Je ne sais pas’t même savoir. If i can read that commentlove free stuff. I do want to give some shirts. Je ne sais pas’t savoir i’m going to give them away yet, though i want to give it away to people who are watching, i literally think so. Fondamentalement, what i can do on here is, i can see whos all participating, and maybe i can just have my son or i can just move my mouse up and down and whoever im the closest to gets it but thats kind of tough.

I mean i give it a shot. néanmoins, laisser’s get to wrenching, because i got to get wrenching guys. I was going to do a. I was going to do a a time time lapse of it. But hey you know what i never go. I have to go. Live so so the reason why i dont do as many giveaways as giveaways kind of attract the wrong people, like people like to get their stuff and go um. I want to give away to the guys that matter like you guys who are actually watching those are most important to me. So all right so before we start wrenching get my toolkit guys. Maybe you see my tools, but i got um put it this way. Pour que vous puissiez le voir. I use all mostly protect tools. These are my pro tec hex drivers um. Maybe i should get a mic, so you guys can hear me better come on hold up let’s voir. Let me go get a mic one. Deuxième, les gars tout droit! Laisser’S see if this works um let’s voir. Oh, can you hear me better now? Is that better or is there an echo better echo come on give me something guys what we got better and echo hey. Anybody know if traxxas max motor heatsink will fit on it? No will not that traxxas max motor is gigantic. Can you guys hear me better now, quoi qu’il en soit, je’ll go over my tools so yeah i use the protect the tec.

These these tools are freaking awesome. These are the new true torque torque, protect tools. Ils’Re super light. Super nice um and they they flex just enough where you dont strip stuff out um. These are my like my phillips and flathead screwdrivers. These are also protect but they’Re. The older the the older handles no like okay sounds good sweet, cela’s, good news, Gars, cela’s bonne nouvelle, all right so yeah these are the uh, the the pro tec, my hex, not my hex, my phillips and flathead screwdrivers im trying to get the matching true torque Ones the neutral torque ones i just don’T, i theyve been on back order for a while, my body reamer. This awesome awesome tool. C’est le euh, the uh pro tech shock tool. I have a link to all this stuff by the way in my description. Je’Ll put it in there make sure it was in there. Um got a couple mip drivers in here. This one is in here because look, it still has still has the little cap on it. The reason why this ones in here is sometimes, chaque fois que vous’re taking off like clutch like. If someone has a clutch bell that uses a two millimeter screw or a three millimeter screw, which is annoying uh it’s, not as good as using a two five, you need a really really sharp uh two millimeter that’s. pourquoi? I have this its like a brand new, sharp two millimeter. This is probably one of the coolest tools ever.

I use this so much its a two five ball, but the mip one is so it holds up so well and then, Fondamentalement, all my nut drivers here, euh encore, those are protect. Je l’ai’t upgraded to a true torque ones. I probably should this tool is awesome. They stopped making these. These are the techno tools i wanted to get a full set, but they stopped making them. These are the this is the eight millimeter. This is the one to take off the the nuts on an sct 410 and then that’s à peu près. It then i have a little this little t tool, Il’s un peu cool, but let me get the wrench and lets see what people are saying. J’ai 126 people on that’s cool. Why did someone say your mom? Oh l’homme. Did you guys see the the hater comment on my last video golly? He that whoever did the hater comment? He actually commented before that um and said something really rude about me being slow or something like that, and then he took it down and then he did another another comment on uh the last one that he did talked about. How pretentious i was for going through the drivers meeting with a shirt with my name on it, that guy obviously has never been to a big rc race in his life or he’s. A friend of mine, cela’s hassling me because everybody literally everybody at these races has their name on their heart.

Je ne sais pas’t know what he meant by that um, so he didnt know that and uh you know, as as a guy as a promoter and as a guy that does a youtube channel and uh a podcast. These track track owners and race promoters. They want me to do those kind of things like it it’s. What they want me to do, Je’ve been to a million drivers meetings. I know what drive drivers meetings are all about. I have people tell me whats going on in them and uh, but they rather me do the promotion than actually sit in a drivers meeting that ive been to 18 million times so god it’s, comme vous le savez, even though i know that i should let haters get To me, it still gets me a little bit and its bad that i’M, addressing this dude already but yeah. Donc, aujourd’hui, Je’m i’M, installing the inner and outer portals on my trx4. So my trx4 is pretty much exactly how i want it see. I got the battery mounted on the front. Um that’s, assez cool, got the battery mounted on the front and i got the smaller fenders. I got a new servo. I like the motor and esc and trx4. Je ne sais pas’T, Je don’t pense qu’il’s bad at all. Donc, je’M, not changing that so were going to try if i can get in the competition or if i feel like i should get in the competition were going to try with this car.

So oh lets see how i want to do this. Do i want to take the entire let’s voir i don’t even know what i think i dont think i need to take the entire thing out. I think i just need to take the portal part out. Hmm, Je pense, cela’s tous. I need to do sorry guys if this is not as entertaining to you guys, but you know what you guys asked for a a uh, a wrench video, so you guys got one take this screw out. Let me move the camera up, so you guys can actually see what i’m faire. Oh, Je don’t break it there. Vous allez que’s un peu mieux, Oui i’m glad i can help people get into racing thats kind of the whole point of all this stuff. Que i’m doing is, i want you guys to get into racing. Freaking racing is awesome. Oh maybe i shouldnt take that one out lets take this one out. Maybe theres no way around it guess i’M, taking this one out im trying to get it where i can get the uh. I just got to make sure i put loctite on that one. I need to get to the top of the portal, so i can take them out so i’M, just taking stuff off right now, this parts tray by the way a little bit to the right there. We go this parts tray by the way i dont know you cant see it because its in my oh down here, oh this was a custom made parts tree.

I get people ask me all the time who made this um there you go. That should be just enough for me to get 2 ml in there in there perfect. Oh, that sounds bad sounds like im stripping. The screw, probably am oh that’s, Pas bien. Je ne sais pas’t know what that was supposed to come out of there. Laisser’S make sure i can get this one out. Oh oui, oh drop. The freaking screw sorry guys when im doing this i’M, not watching the live feed, so you guys can chat along um. I was gon na take off the entire axle, mais je don’t think i need to do. I should i might be the easiest way. You know what you might be right. Amende i’ll take off the entire axle only because i found out that its just one screw that holds both the shock. D'accord, the entire axle is coming off all right, obviously guys i’M, not a crawling specialist she’s. Almost all the way off this uh electric screwdriver, guys man, si vous ne le faites pas’T, have one freaking amazingdid a video on it. A while back should be out there somewhere all right. We got the axle off. I already unscrewed lets see what people are saying mark. Do i have a job yeah? I got a job yeah. Je ne sais pas’t know this isnt my full time thing guys. This is not my full time thing so let’s enlevez cela. Je suppose que oui.

We can oh wait. I do have a full time. Job uh there. We go so. This is what i need to get off this things dirty guys super dirty! Oh i didnt sleep and made to the morning to watch. Live yeah, Vous’re bon, subscribe to ebros yeah ebros. Those are my sons, uh evan nathan, que nous’re gon na start a youtube channel and then stop never leave a rival battery in your truck. When you work on it may punctuate your reddit it’s, presque comme vous’ve done that before um. I have that lipo battery. It sits in the front yeah i probably should have taken it out. Vous’Re right, i probably would have punctured it all right. Laisser’S take these out. Oh opening opening, traxxas accessories, Il’s, always a good time. Alors oui je’m really depressed that i’M, not at psychonitro guys. I feel like i should be there. I saved these foams, oh l’homme, this is a perfect. A perfect foam for mini z, like a mini mini z, car stand, laisser’s voir, got some screws in here. Je’Ll put those in there got that those are probably screws with loctite on it. Traxxas has their own loctite it’s un peu cool, D'accord, cela’s désactivé. Oh, i got these two. These are the metal weights. The lame part about those metal whites is a mate. Est-ce que’T. Have them listed, which is super freaking lame, donc je peux’t even show you all a link that ones too thin for a for a car stand, so you might be asking why i decided to do these portals so apparently they actually make them stronger and not only Are they stronger, but it makes the front axle heavier, which i could be completely wrong about this guys again.

I am by no means a expert in rc crawling stuff, but i would think that you would want your axle to be heavier in the front. Am i wrong? Someone wants me to turn into a potato. I want to see a potato wrench all right, Je’M. Taking this thing apart, laisser’s hope i dont screw this up and it doesn’t ressembler à là’s much to screw up here, mais je’ve screwed up easier. There is a crap ton of screws in this thing: crap toni bet you these im not going to use anymore because it needs loctite, but those are great screws to keep all right so im going to put these up here. So this is why i like this little protect matte little parts tray because theres so many different compartments that i bet is for i don’t savoir ce que c’est’s for i would be lying. If i tried to tell you, i know what it was for. Oh, i hear movement all right. I think this should take everything off. Je pense que c’est’s seulement 18 000 screws in one portal guys it looks like inside a portal if you’re curieux, D'accord, laisser’s see um looks like i got. Ta take these little screws out. Should i do you know what lets do this first, this front part first ive actually done this before, because the axles on a on a what am i trying to say a bronco theyre actually longer than a normal, normal car crap.

Je peux’t get that freaking bearing out its coming its coming got it, you know what i need guys. I need some some grease. Some white grease is what i need. I think i might have to go. Get it real, rapide tout va bien, laisser’s put this bearing in here, come on guys im a hot mess. You would think this, bearing would just slide right in there nice and easy, but there we go put it in there. I need this bearing in here there’s. Réellement, probably enough grease on this thing to feed a hungry family, Je don’t know why anyone would eat grease, mais je’m gon na put this on. Can you guys see this? I guess you guys can’Je le vois vraiment, but oh yeah someones talking about my uh my descriptions, Gars. I put everything in my descriptions, so you guys can know what’en cours. Réellement, i put the part numbers to these two things that i’M, installing also in there um, also have ways to contact me. I have ways you can send me stuff. If you send me something, i will um open it on the vlog. Et voilà. Regarder. I got a piece already done so now. This piece looks a little bit more 1.5. D'accord, laisser’s voir, Je pense. Laisser’S see what people are saying two hours later guys, j’espère qu’il’s gon na, take me two hours, but you know what you all asked for the wrenching session im down because i’M, not at psychonitro blast and my favorite bashing, Je’M, just gon na say it.

My e revo 2.0 – Vraiment, let me down the other day and im really bent out about that um. I should be racing right now, but instead doing other stuff. Il s’agissait donc d’un. This was an impromptu last minute thing that i decided to do with you guys. I hope you guys enjoy it so yeah. It might take me a while im trying to go as fast as i can freaking egg flat head to get this uh bearing out there. We go all right so bearing in there. Vous savez ce que je’m gon na clean this off no i’M, not you got ta, make sure these bearings and these aluminum pieces they go in like straight straight. Et voilà, otherwise they dont go in at all. D'accord. I got ta wipe my hands there. They are love, durant, cela’s. Pourquoi i’m not getting the e revo man? The e revo, was so fun to drive, though but i’m not gon na lie. I would be it’s il’s triste, but true that i probably man traxxas is going to kill me for saying it, but you know what im freaking honest guys. Part of the reason why i started this whole thing is: to give you honest reviews, euh ça’s, amusement, to drive the river is fun to drive. Cependant, you nine, i would say more than half the time you stop driving it it’parce qu’il’cassé. What did i do wrong here? What did i do wrong here, les gars i’m about to get the directions? Que’S (en), embarrassing uh.

These are too long. Je ne sais pas’t know why those are so freaking long. Hmm. So i got these screws in here. These are the small 1.5 visses. The ones that came with it are too long. I wonder if there is directions. Why are they so long come on guys help me out what are they so long, so the screws that go in this backplate or the hold the bearing in theyre too freaking long? Some bs hold up just get some great lock and do it Music myself, what you should someone asked i just looked over. Someone asked what they should upgrade on their e re before it breaks. So the first thing, the uh first thing i did was upgraded. This servos, but if you buy the new e revo, it comes with the new upgraded servo, so you should be good there. d'accord, cela’s much better. These small screws make sure you dont over, tighten them um. So i upgraded my servos first and then you got ta. Get make sure you get the shock, bottoms, euh .e uh, the retainers and the actual shock bottom, the bottom piece of the shock, because that will that will come undone i mean they will strip out, but once you replace it, they stay in there and then i upgraded that Rear chassis, accolade, que je don’t know if that video came out yet, but i did break that rear chassis. Oh it has not come out yet spoiler alert and then i think thats all upgraded.

Everything else is stock let’s, see old, traxxas old mill, good female. Why is my udr two wheel drive also dude limiting straps yeah, i so im stubborn, so the new, the new uh gosh? This is gon na look good when it’s fait, though the new traxxas revo has the new push rods. So when you have the new push rods, Vous’Re – probably not gon na strip those push rods out, but i did still strip the bottom piece out the i mean the bottom of the shock out, so those limiting straps i’M, pas gon na mensonge. I need to get them, so those living straps are probably a good idea. J’en ai toujours’t know why those screws are too big and it really bothers me bad all. Right so lets see we took out six around the back side and two okay, donc nous’re gon na do these two here thats all i upgrade on my ear 2.0. So what i do whenever i start to screw stuff in here, Je don’t screw it all the way in i’ll, just uh screw it in enough where it stops and then ill tighten with my hand to make sure it doesn’t sur resserrer. I just grab the right. One i did all right so there’s, euh .e uh 15 screws in each portal, apparently still bothered about that one. What the heck im missing some here! Oh! I bet i bet that it doesn’t venir avec. Je ne sais pas’t know what traxxas is doing with their screws here, almost done with the portal.

Qu’obtenons-nous? D'accord, limited tracks were good. I upgraded everything possible on wrestler and still want more dude upgrading is like a drug upgrading rfc car parts is very drug. Like not gon na lie, it really is im almost done with this guys. This side at least but whats most important, is at least i know how to do it now. D'accord, all those are tight, not too tight, just hand tight, because once you strip out these uh, this tracks, aluminum there’s, no coming back all right! Regarde ça! Look at that beauty! Oh, il semble bon, alors laissez’s take the other one off and ill show you what old one looks like man. I hope i remember how to put all this together. Heureusement, i have another trx forcing right behind me to figure it out. nous’Ll, do a side by side comparison for you guys, laisser’s open it up here. nous’Ve got so many part trays like not having part trays, parce qu’il y a’s parts everywhere all right, laisser’s see what it looks like. Eh bien, eh bien, look at the difference. Oh, it looks so good man theres just something about aluminum. C’est génial. Je’M gon na put some back on. So i put the right one on the right side. Oh almost did it wait. C’est vrai? Je suppose qu’il y a’s only one way for it to go on right. Réellement, non là’s, pas désolé. Je’D. Look at my trx4 make sure i do this right.

D'accord, alors laissez’s go ahead and put this sucker back on these go in here, Je’m gon na reuse. These screws, mais je’m gon na put some loctite on them. Je’M dripping lock tight all over the place. À tout moment. You go into metal guys you wan na lock, tight trust. Me im gon na put a generous amount that’s. How i roll close were close we’Re, probably thinks im a psycho right now talking myself, Tu sais quoi, si vous ne le faites pas’t talk to yourself when you reach rc you’Re, not doing it right all right, laisser’s see if we got comments, yeah your trx, someone said their tear ExplorerS about to get some hop up action. Putting on hop ups is: is nice it’s amusant? Oh, you want to see something else cool while yall are sitting right. Là i’ll do a quick glimpse of this one about to do a review on this car hold on a second bam. Man that looks good. Regardez ça i’m gon na go put the weights on too um check this out guys. This is the cc01 to my scc 01 Il’s, all done um to my kids, Il’s harder to do the body than the actual car so im in the process through the body, the body is right down. Here i went with green only because thats the extra color. I had all right putting these weights on lets put these weights on what we got here upgrade the max to maximum level guys i got so heres the thing about my depression with the uh, the stupid e revo.

Pour le moment, i still like the car don’t me tromper. Revêtir’T feel like you, did something wrong by buying a mac. Uh e revo it’s, just not super durable it’s, not as durable as an x maxx, which is crazy because x max, is gigantic and its not as durable as a um a max. Donc, avec tout ce qui est dit, i could, if something happens. Réellement, i keep these little bags because these little bags come in handy no weights. Someone said no weights. Wait youre installing to yourselves really talking to yourself the site of intelligence. Que’S (en), good waiting on steel drive. Shafts keep breaking no weights, man i’M, putting the weights on guys i here’s. Le truc, c’est que, i was instructed by my i don’T, even know where i just dumped those screws all right here by my guy at lone star that i need to put the weights that’s. Axl weight, bien que les gars ça’s, not these weights aren’T, they might be lead, but it looks like they have a finish on them: ils’Re, en fait assez cool. You hear that this guy said im intelligent, because i talked to myself. Did anyone super chat yet come on guys? Super chat, who wants a super chat? Who wants to be the first one to super chat for every 10? Que diriez-vous de cela? For every ten dollars? I get on super chat. Je’Ll give away a shirt, but i can only give one so many shirts, donc je don’t super chat too much.

I only have so many shirts ill give them all away if uh yall do that, but for every ten dollar super chat ill give away a shirt. If we reach 100 in super chat, who knows what ill give away, i might even try to throw out a servo all right check this out got the weight on there. Homme, this thing is heavy. Someone said whats super chat, donc si vous, si vous’re watching on the on the live feed, là’s a little dollar sign button and if you click that dollar sign button, it gives you an opportunity to essentially donate money. Il’S (en), a nice gesture. ainsi, whenever you do that, it makes it gives me revenue on these, parce que je don’t really make revenue on these uh live videos. Actually i dont make when i say i dont make revenue on these live videos, maybe a couple bucks if im lucky so that’s. pourquoi? Je ne sais pas’t really like videos so much like i can do a regular video and revenue is much better and it’s, not that i need the revenue, but it does keep me motivated to do this stuff, big time 40 minutes and look actually man that looks good. D'accord, let me do the other side, guys sorry, Je’M, talking too much ill try the wrench, and actually you know what im going to take this out. Tout d’abord i’M, going to try to wrench and look at the super chat, the the big bad same way.

Je’Ve learned a lot as well: no flips at all. Comme vous le savez, yeah i like the e revo um, but like i was about to say, parce que je’m kind of upset with it right now, Je’ve got a love hate relationship with it right now. Um don’t être surpris, laisser’s, just put it this way, Je’m going to lone star today to help out around the shop bill. The owner is kind of there on a skeleton crew, because most of his guys went to race mini zs down south in uh san antonio. Donc, je’m gon na go help them out. I like helping out in the shop anyways fun um, but if something comes along and theres had a max in good condition for sale, not only am i really bad at turning down a good deal, i might buy that. I could get convinced to pick there. You go steven adams. Merci. Steven adams finally got my revo 33 running engine was bad but was rebuilt. Whenever i buy used stuff you just i automatically assume the engine is bad. Je sais que’s a sucky thing to do, mais il’s the truth more than likely the engine’s mauvais it’s just the way the cookie crumbles. So thanks for the super chat man that was awesome whoa, i got more super chat. Oh nick stretch, dude nick stretch is awesome. Nick stretch super chat at 20. Bucks thanks. Nick nick has a uh, so he does rc, but he also has a podcast which is podcast pretty cool.

It talks about life, stuff happiness, things like that man. Those are awesome, so big shout out to nick stretch thanks a lot nick you’re génial, vape review for you. So look weve already got 26 Je’M, giving away two shirts at least. Do you think the max would be a better truck if it had the same wheelbase as an e revo um? I think the max just needs a little bit. More droop needs a little more droop. I think you make the max work really well um. I need to do a video over this and uh part of the reason why i need to do a video over this is. I just went through this, but really it’s tous. It has a lot to do with tires. Also so me like, if you have these big old balloon like these big old soft tires, it actually will land really well and it’s vraiment bien, but the problem with big tires is theyre heavy and you dont want that much rotating mass, surtout si vous’re cartwheeling down The in a field or something that’s, not a good thing man i want to find next stretch and give my hug vape review for you thanks bud. Vous’Re welcome guys. Je’M. I love doing this stuff, Il’s tellement amusant. Alors, qu’en pensez-vous les gars?? I should do should i should i try to do everything tonight like go to a rock crawling competition and then go to a dirt oval race.

It could be a lot. What would yall rather see if i had to pick one? Would you rather see dirt oval or rock crawling comp? The rock calling calm is going to be cool it’s, going to actually be at night. Oh and rogers, wow and owen youre freaking awesome guys. You guys are awesome thanks a lot for the donation. You guys are super cool, giving away four shirts jeez. Fondamentalement, Je peux’t give it away overseas, bien que les gars i’M. Désolé je peux’t ship that far its not worth it trying to get this bearing out you got ta work it out slow, Allez. We got a lot of dirt oval all right. Amende i’ll go to the dirt oval race. Tonight i havent seen tyler kill on the wall. Oh l’homme, my current favorite rc channel thanks a lot, looks like roniford um, good variety of content. If i watch too long im going to end up getting a nice save the revo man thanks a lot guys. Five shirts guys, i did not think i was gon nabe giving away five shirts today, comme i, i i’m gon na, probably run out of im gon na run out of uh sizes that’c’est sûr’s gon na have to be a combination of on the Tone and msm shirt so and again i cant do international it’s, just it costs too much to ship i’M. Pardon, J’aimerais pouvoir, and i guess i could, but it just costs way too much of come on.

Baron get in. There probably think something. Oh là. We go wifi, thinks im crazy, sainte merde, william goodman, just donated 30 bucks love all the videos and the tech tips man. Vous les gars. I am now not as depressed see. This is better than going to cycle right hanging out with you guys, love all the videos and tech tips. Homme, you guys are awesome. You guys are awesome yeah in regards to the these hater dudes. That comment on stuff it’s, like man, y’tous don’T, even know me, like i i’M, not a mean guy by no means i’M, definitely not pompous, or what did that guy say? Vous savez ce que je’m not gon na give any more energy to that hater screw that guy kb wolf what’s up homme. He follows me a lot thanks. A lot kb wolf appreciate the uh. The super chat you guys are awesome, drives a good audience hey. You know what the thing that makes it all worth it is when i see people say that they are getting into getting into uh rc or just started racing that’s. Qu’est-ce que je’m here for that’s? What i want that was the whole purpose of the channel is to bridge the gap. I want to get racers into bashing. I want to get bashers into racing. I want to get racing guys into crawling. I want to get crawling guys into oval. Ah, they told you on purpose to get a rise yeah. I know they told me on purpose and i i basically commented with hey.

You know thanks for commenting like they uh they hate on me, but they actually watched the video and commented so theyre helping me out by doing that, you know sorry guys. This live feed is gon na be long because im wrenching so problem with wrenching on live feed. Is you talk the whole time but it’s amusant, so my wife watches uh let’s voir, does traxxas sponsor you send you. No traxxas has never sponsored me or sent me anything free ever, Cependant, they do support when i say they support like they um they will. If i break something hook me up um, if i have any tech problems or questions like they pretty much call me before. I can call them if they see it on a video like anytime anytime. I do a video where im talking about some problems with something they will literally call me on my cell phone and hook me up like what kind of service is like that. Pour être honnête, comme je ne le fais pas’t expect anything like im trying to support the hobby, comme je ne le fais pas’t expect anything free um unless im able to help you out somehow, like obviously like in exchange of services, euh .e uh, parce qu’il’s il’s so we’Re, all just all the same hobby. Like were trying to grow the hobby right, oh l’homme, you guys are freaking awesome. It makes me want to cry not joking greetings from puerto rico. quoi’S up puerto rico got a mini z, good video man mini zs, pas gon na mensonge, and you guys actually saw the emotional rollercoaster happen.

Um wait wheres that bearing okay i had a bearing sitting out there, like don’T, forget to put a bearing in um. I was at first kind of like in buyers remorse like oh, these minises are expensive, but they are so freaking fun, guys next level amount of fun, j’espère que nous’ll be able to do like 100 laps on them today. It helps tune your uh, your driving skills i’M, giving away eight shirts today thats a lot of shirts. Oh l’homme, i probably should have thought that through oh what’s, jusqu’à, i got pounds. Is that euros all day youre my inspiration for rc thanks marcade, no problem dude. Thanks for everything, um man i’M – glad that you guys are getting into it and like it and enjoy it as much as i do. Je’M, almost done with the other side, les gars, nous’Re nous’Re, making progress, we are making progress except. I need some loctite some loctite here. Thanks a lot viking v4 kb, wolf, goodnight buddy thanks for tuning in thanks for the super chat – Oh mon dieu, les gars tout droit, Ecoute! Je’M about to be at 100 bucks um. I said i was gon na give away a shirt for every ten dollars. Dang thats a lot of shirts, alors laissez’s see how i’Je vais le faire. J’ai 170 live viewers right now. You know what i might do. I think i have a way that im gon na do this. I think i have a way i think i have a way im gon na do this guys.

I know how im gon na do it? Je’M excited i’M, pas gon na. Tell you how im gon na do it now because uh, you guys are going to uh. Try to jump the gun on it, Je don’t want you all, do that it needs to be fair. Je’M saying needs to be fair. Je ne sais pas’t think i i dont think i can uh thats a lot of shirts, guys yikes. I probably should have said 20.. Oh, Mon dieu, honest redneck, you plan on getting a hobby wing for hey, honest redneck is a crawler um, mr coleman that’s, who it is im actually going out to a crawling competition tonight bud. You should meet me out there its at duck creek on this redneck. Merci beaucoup, do i plan on getting access? Non, Je don’t plan on changing any of my electronics on my trx4 unless, unless i go out to this crawling comp and its necessary, but i highly doubt it will be – Je don’t savoir i’m pas gon. Na lie. Je’M gon na give away too many shirts, oh my goodness biking before, oh by the way i know i dont need a t: shirt thanks. Homme, viking, before donated another 10 bucks and he’s, just doing it because its being nice, D'accord, Gars, Je’m going to give away 10 shirts, um and uh thats going to be my limit and the reason why im going to eliminate that is because uh yeah i There is no freaking way like thats going to take me forever.

Yikes its gon na take me forever to ship all out guys uh oh hold on a second. I think i didnt do this right. You know how long its going to take me to ship 10 shirts, Il’s gon na. Take me a long time what i said. Why are you not a pnb, dude dont remind me. I need to be at pmb. I wish i was at pnb i saw they were running, mini mini truckee there too, Comme ça, oh man made sure you so much fun. Scotty, do you have a bit of electric motors and what all the numbers mean for specs? Aussi, do you have a rc form recommendation building my first car and not doing rtr watchman live here, man that’s génial, so in regards to so the what there’s là’s motors will be rated. It two different ways: là’s going to be turns, which is the amount of turns um. I can mess this up. The amount of turns that are inside the actual motor, so the lower the turn the faster the motor will actually spin. Cependant, the less torque it will have if its measured in turns its measuring, turns because its a censored motor sensor, motors and eses are smoother on the bottom end. So if you ever get on a traxxas car and you notice that if you gear it high at cogs, it will almost like jerk and like whenever youre trying to start that’s, parce qu’il’s, uncensored and it’s il’s called cogging censored.

Motors and escs do not cog they’Re. What most racers use actually almost all racers use sensored motors and uh eses. Donc, si c’est’s a sensor motor will be measured in turns, s’il’s a non sensor, moteur il’ll measure be measuring, Kv, basically the higher the kv the faster. C'est vrai, Cependant, the less torque you have so it’s, just like in it’s, just like in a gear in a car, the higher gear, Tu vas, the more torque you or the less torque you will have, but the more speed you will have same thing with kvs And turns so someone said just get a oprah on us and give everyone a shirt and you get a shirt and you get a shirt guys i’M, giving away 10 shirts thats a lot of shirts thats going to take me forever forever to freaking ship out. And i know how im going to do it its going to be weird, bien que i’m gon na have some strict rules. Je’M gon na have to do it after hold on guys im almost done. How long have i been on this thing? Oh mon dieu. Almost an hour holy smokes 176 people watching if my max isnt flipping, should i skip the wide max kit. Just if you want your max to flip the re. So what makes cars flip easy when you say flip i’M, assuming you want to do backflips and front flips, you want big tires. You need that rotating mass to make to rotate your car.

So if you want to flip your max get some big ass tires on it, que je don’t think about max flip, like the revo had big tires on it, so it flipped really really really well um, Mais toi’re gon na find out soon that i put smaller Tires on it, il ne’t can you match any kb brush motor with any esc as long as amperage is correct, um they have to be. I forgot what they’appelé, but they have to be escs that can handle brush and brushless 10 shirts, guys god thats going to take me forever to ship out all right. Let me ask you this. Would yall rather me give away a servo instead of 10 shirts? No traction: roll okay! If my maximum flipping should i skip the wide max kit um, Non, the white max kit it’s, not just for the flipping it’s, for the landing in the way it handles the bombs. I really like the wide max kit. Celui-là’s done guys. Um i just got to put this together guys then im done i’M. Super excité. I really like the wide max kit, but i you know i havent stripped my steel cvd or my cbds yet apparently thats a problem that our people are having and if youre having it then definitely do it for sure. Definitely shirts. I got to go with. Oh man see i got mixed shirts and servos um im gon na have to go with uh.

I got ta go with the with the original thing. J'ai dit, Je’m gon na have to give shirts away sorry guys ten shirts, dieu que’s gon na take forever. Do you know whats a good problem to have guys its gon na be mixed, Il’s gon na be on the tone and uh and, Mon Dieu, come on get in there on the tone and uh whatchamacallits msm shirts. I have to put loctite on these. What else we got here do a boxing video soon. You want me to do a boxing video sending out all the shirts, oh my god that won’t il’s gon na a lot of shirts guys, i should have said what i should have saidwas every twenty dollars. Je’D, give a shirt away, basically losing money on this one, mais bon. You know what at least yall are on the live feed which is freaking, génial laisser’s see give away an x max. You know what the problem with giving away an x max i’M, not even going to argue the act of giving one away is there is no way like you will never ever ship an x max some freaking things are heavy as hell all right. nous’Re done this axle is a lot heavier. Um know what im supposed to do here. Je ne sais pas’t know what i did here so im gon na have to look at my other all right. Apparently this goes on here like so which makes sense.

Then this one, Je pense, freaking no looks like the left side gets. The right side gets one on top all right. I think that right seconds one on top, so this is the right side. So this is going to go here like this it’s, une grande chose. Je’M not sure what i know what im doing come on mark get it together. Je’Ll talk to myself on the driver stand also guys, i will literally say mark get it together, Vous’re falling apart all right. The fact that that went in good i’m manquant, Je me sens, comme i’M, missing a really long screw somewhere. Maybe this one? Non! This is oh here, so this one goes here: Je’M, getting it guys. I am getting it im gon na put some loctite on here. What we got going um, do you use mac products? Oui, trx4 does aluminum help low center of gravity? Je pense que c’est le cas. I could be complete guys. I am completely new and i am do not know a lot about crawlers, but one of my favorite hobby shops lost rc hobbies. They know a lot about crawlers, donc i’ve been taking advice from them um. I think the trx4 just looks freaking amazing. So what happened to my traxxas mod its sitting in my garage? I use it in my garage. Je ne sais pas’t use it in my office. I need to put one moss all right. This looks like it makes sense. Oh, Oh! Non! Oh! Non! Non! Freaking! A look! I i put this bar on there and now this bar will ah see you guys take this out.

Je pense que je’m gon na figure this thing out. The problem with the super long live feeds is anyone who didnt get to watch it live when they hop on theyre going to be like are those axles for trx4? Oui, they are axles for the trx4 screwdriver all right. I think i can start putting this thing back on now. Um i don’t know why i have so many extra screws its a little concerning don’T. You think why do i have so many extra screws? You know how my dad always used to tell me. You know how youre a good mechanic or a technician when you take something apart, you put it back together and you have extra screws, Pas sûr, not sure there’s, any truth to that. Que’S right extra screws weight savings all right here we go were going to put this joker back together. I think i know how to do this. I think this goes on like so that would make sense that would make sense to go right there. That would make sense to go right here. Hum. This would make sense to go right here. d'accord, Je’m gon na put this on. Première, d’accord, alors je’m gon na go to both the crawling event and man its gon na be a long day, mais vous savez ce que c’est’s gon na be fun. Oh, merde, Il’s gon na be fun, bien que i’ll give you that so we’re gon na do it. It might have to be a two part, a two part vlog, parce que que’s gon na thats gon na be a lot of video for sure best.

Race tires for 10 Échelle. E buggy depends on the track. Definitely the very first thing it depends on is the track. Cependant, s’il’s just regular dirt its not play, then you get, you got to go hole shot, i mean the whole shots, they work pull shots, they work, m4 hole shot. Super works, oh man almost done i’M. Not putting these tires back on i’M, not going to run the stock tires at the comp im going to run good tires at the said, competition at the said competition im funny. Why are some people so mean guys, figure that out let’s? Have that conversation whats up guys whats up kevin, where is the daredevil dirt oval is in irving, Texas, called wild bills. I shot a vlog there recently last weekend recently and um yeah. Je l’ai fait’t finish. I mean i uh havent y’tous les havres’T, seen it yet hasnt published. Yet but it is shot you want to see a tool that makes life a lot easier. This guy right here this is a 2.0 Balle. Revêtir’T use this to tighten really tight, mais il’s really good to actually get the screws at an angle. So these angles, these screws that are at an angle that you cant go straight in, Oh, Mon dieu, lifesaver lifesaver hold up got ta put the axle on. Je me sens, comme i’m missing something im missing this. Qu’est-ce que cela fait? Que’S (en)? What it does? Oh l’homme, Je’M. Never gon na get that screw.

Oh, my god guys im a hot mess over here i am a hot hot mess. Where does this go? Oh, Mon dieu! Alors, là,’s this like little arm that! Ah, oh les gars, qu’est-ce que je fais? What am i doing in my life right now? Tu sais, i always wonder if, like some people at work know that i have a vlog, i wonder if my co workers stuff tuned in thatd be kind of weird wouldn’T. It all right get it get it in there. What got in there breakfast in a comedy i havent even had breakfast yet i had coffee. I need more coffee to be honest, d'accord, what does this go to? Oh, this goes to my servo it’s, like freaking linkage. Galore over here linkage, galore, Mon dieu, got linkages that’s. Qu’est-ce que ça’s? What the freaking thing should say. We need a crawling. We need a crawling shirt that says, got linkages because seriously theres hundred linkages under here eighteen hundred languages and eighteen is good. This is the last screw guys i think im gon na be done. I think i sink all right all right. Je pense que nous’Re, good god pray. Oh, we are cooking with fire. See that you see. Did you see the jitters? This is that servo that i got from cj moto it’s, not the best of servos. Cependant, it should work whoa. quoi, if i just drove it right into my nuts greatest live video ever guy wrenches on car drives car into nuts uh.

What weight oil the stock? In the stock udr, you know what i can do i can find out for you real, quick watch. Ce i’ll just call somebody maybe he’ll répondre.