Pretty much was assembled and it just came in a plain white box, but the store advertised it um as being for lrp and other stores with the same photos, said um for zd racing. Bien, this store had the best um price on it, just over sixty dollars and im in the philippines. So you know prices other places are more but um yeah on the uh actual top brace, it does say lrp, but there was no assembly instructions or anything and its very similar. To my two zd racing. It has the exact same receiver box, the exact same motor mount um like the brace and the fronts the same the differentials inside look the same so um. I had the ghoul rc combo in this guy first, but with um it was going 70 kilomètres par heure. Really fast, but with the big tires and being the cheaper uh google rc motor, it did a lot of cogging off road. It would just sit and jump around if it went into tall grass. It was done it wouldn’T, even spin. It was just cogging. So i put a 550 brushed in this one and then i put a 550 brushed in this one, and then i just took that combo and i put it in or i ordered this new chassis, and i put it in here because um small tires and then I’M, just running a smaller 20 tooth pinion and it’s’en va 60 kilometers per hour on my rough concrete road.

So i got it just the way i wanted. Je ne sais pas’t want to go any faster. The thing is bouncing around because the road is all uneven where its made but yeah thats what i got: uh six channel, dumbo rc but um just the standard uh receiver, not the gyro one. I have a gyro one and um my smaller uh brushless px toys that i made so um because that ones squirrely this ones really not too squirrely but yeah. Aujourd’hui, i just did my first time drifting with actual drift tires. Sinon, my smaller rc’s, i just um, throw some soap and water on these uh tile floors and do some drifting but yeah. We got up early, went to the basketball court in the village and had a little fun. So hopefully you guys can uh subscribe and put a like on it and ill be doing another. Video now, with the regular street, pneus qui’ll be coming up in a little while um do a speed. Courir 60 is what i got out of it and stuff like that, alors euh oui, Il’s, really cool for the price um being in the philippines. Vous pouvez’t really afford traxxas or the big brands. C’est ce que’s available. Everything coming out of china hsp and you know zd racing and lrp and wl toys and stuff like that that’s, why i got the big zd racing. You got to be a little more careful with them. So far i havent broke anything, but i do see a lot of guys on the group saying they break control, arms and differentials go out, but i found that um hsp differentials fit in there.

Je l’ai’t needed them yet, but i just tried them so yeah, ils’re cool the price is right and a nice big size, mais vous savez si vous’re living in the us or somewhere. Tu sais, Je pense, buy something you can get parts for easier there like traxxas or something i used to have a stampede, and i had the um slash so yeah. Those are very good trucks, but they cost a lot more. So thanks a lot Music. I wish i was on my roll heading to you, Musique, Musique, Music remedy. Je ne sais pas’t think i can do this anymore Music. I wish i was on my road heading to you. Cause you made me feel i’M.

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