So this was the last subscriber speaker based video compilation. nombre 36. I stopped accepting videos at 35.. The other day i received about 10.. Why did i choose 36 Bonne question, pas trop sûr, Mais 6 Fois 6 equals 36. gon na be doing something with an rc car, but not this one, Celui-là, Celui-là’s a little bigger all right. So what we have here is something you can probably guess it is an electric motor out of my rc car, the original one, but before i get on to this, i just wanted to say that this me doing that that was done on purpose. Juste au cas où, you thought that was an accident and obviously it was done after i blew up the speaker putting this into here. d'accord, so back to this, ce que je’m gon na faire avec elle? Bien, Je’m gon na take this and im gon na put it into my car after i take the one thats in the car out of it, and here we have the car first im gon na take off that the body because the motor is underneath. Then i want to take off the wheels, because this is kind of wide, and i want to put this here: revêtir’t really have much room, but what we can do is uh, maybe make a better room. Laisser’S see how it would look without the room made for it, maybe without the keyboard here, because the computer is on – et le voici sur.

My desk got ta zoom. All the way out suspension works body, Broches, always fun to take out this way of taking them out is easier than using your fingertips. You could even add a bit of wire like that spin it around and then use that all right. So here we have the wind chimes, là’s, also a hairdryer going on. In the background the body pins they sound like wind, chimes right off, comes the body let’s enlevez cela, so i had all that hidden away underneath this, because pancake likes to chew wires. D'accord, Toute façon, qui ne’t need to come off and i could probably leave the wheels on, but the motor is right here now. This needs to come out too, because that doesn’t travail et il’s also something that i need. So i need one that will match the motor that im going to put in the original motor, which means i could probably deal with getting the original esc. They all seem to be out of stock ive had a look, the screwdrivers a little too big, d'accord, that is out all right, les supports du moteur. So i need to take this out great, maybe like this all right and nope. d'accord, probably have to flip it over all right, donc nous’J’en ai quatre. One two three four tourney tourney tourney tourney is any tourney. What about now? Musique, yes and the next one. I did tighten them quite tight and the next one and the last one is going to be the difficult one, parce que je’ve got to do it like that.

Laisser’S (en), maybe use tools, laisser’s turn that that way or write us all and use this and Music nice. Maintenant, ce que je’ve got to do is see what happens when i take them all out all right that ones out wow, that was small. Was it even the right one? C’est où? Ah there it is there. It is seems like the right one. We have another one and the last one by the way. I am way too big for this now flip, oh l’homme, this is still on and that sort of looks metallic because of all the metal shavings from the gears right now that is able to come out, or at least would have been able to. If i was able to get it out, this thing right here is the gay. I need more light right, so i can see i see nothing. Let me maybe leave a voice. Memo in my uh voice recorder turn it on. I think it might just be that screw there and anything about to fall off, a été’t hear anything all right, Il’s sort of. Ah there it is so id put that screw back in there and there we have it dont lift you can tell, but there is uneven. Wear as well as a bit of rust, d'accord, so this wire is going down underneath and i think into there out. This comes all right, so the mount was out this doesnt look too bad it’s, not unevenly worn.

Je suis sérieux’s one a little bit but it’s, not bad all right. So here we have both of the motors both brushless. This one is censored this one isn’T, so the basic difference is this one isnt as smooth as this Music motor mounts all right.

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