Today we have a special unboxing to do. Je’Ve got this from phil aka rc clan um. He did a giveaway chess on monday. Today is wednesday and he came through the post uh. ainsi, Fondamentalement, on his channel, he posted out, it was going to be a giveaway and all you had to do was comment when so i did, and you know what its worth a try youve got to be in it to win it as they say, and here We go. I got myself a little rc, alors laissez’s hop on the box and see whats inside it Music. So inside the box we have a not sure how do you run. Does this we have a ching hong toys, neuf un, Deux, five it’s un! Ten spell buggy or monster truck, pas tout fait s羶r, just gon na get everything on the box get rid of the box. So here it is a nice little triggy. Music looks very good, really all ready to run it’s obtenu 7.4 life for battery and came with the instructions manual. Also and, Bien s羶r, the rc clan stickers. Thanks a lot phil much appreciated um. Bien, it goes to show guys you got to be. You need to win it and um ive never thought that would actually win it, but hey here we go. We got something. Oh, mon Dieu. You want something all ready to run so yeah guys i’M, just going to quickly show you around already put some batteries in our controller.

The light is blinking and watch this Music. Comme cest cool, once you actually switch the car on that turns blue, so you get your steering trim in there steering door right, Vous’re still in reverse for the servo. You case you to change it to an aftermarket one, and it comes with a two speed low and the high. Alors, laissez’s have a look at this thing. It comes with the metal, Disque, Tasses, M矇tal, chien, os, Avant, M矇tal, brace top and bottom also comes with a rare metal price top and bottom also. Entra簾nement m矇tallique, shafts and dog bonds front and rear chassis prices, Musique, 60, mpsc twin motors and the battery goes just in the middle here: Musique, both feet nice and snug. So yeah this is it so yeah thanks a lot phil much appreciated make sure you check out.

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