Je’Ve had a question regarding the nitro engine uh. This person here has got a brand new engine for their savage x, 4.6 et euh. Ils’Ve got problems here, look im having problems starting my engine, i managed to get it started the truck started to accelerating by itself for a while, then shut itself down. The crankshaft keeps locking any suggestions, évidemment i’ve replied, but i thought this would be a good groundswell. Vidéo, because if one persons got this problem, hopefully uh, you know this video helped them, mais là’s, probably other people that have got this problem as well. Il’S a few things that i can think what it would that it could be. Je ne sais pas’t know about the crankshaft. Looking mind you thats a bit of a strange one. I suspect that thats not actually locking it might be flooded or i dont know what that could be, could be so wrong with it thats a bit weird if it locks up that aint really normal, mais là’s a few things that it could be. But i wont worry about that just now. As long as the engine is free, most of the time were going to try and address the reason why it was revving up um, this brand new engine never been started before trying to break it in these blokeys or might be a woman, sultana honestly don’t savoir, But that person that person is trying to break their engine in um, évidemment i’M, communicating through the instagram but let’s, say lets help a few other people out, pendant que nous’re prêt.

Shall we now for this uh video im going to use this ftx card its purely because it’s, celui i’ve got on the bench at the moment and its just going to be the easiest one to do so? Le moteur’s on the other side! Alors, là,’s a few things that i can think that it could be related to um. Given the fact that its a brand new engine never been run so the first one that i would check for is to make sure theres no leaks, because if theres an air leak, Il’s going to be sucking in excess air through either the top. The the bottom of the uh head, or the heatsink, whatever you wish to call it where it bolts on in between there. Si vous’re sucking in between there, it could rev up, bien qu’il’s more likely to lose compression and not run very well, but it could still cause it to run lean and rev um, croyez-le ou non, pas toujours, but sometimes, s’il y a’s a leak around the exhaust Manifold, il peut, d’après mon expérience, cause it to run a little bit strange and appear to rev up thats a strange one, but it can do that so ill check that. But the main one is around the carburetor, where the carburetor attaches to the engine itself. To the block, if you can see just underneath underneath this it’s, où il se connecte, i know engines are different and the 4.

6 engine will be. I should probably use a savage engine to demonstrate, mais je haven’t got one out at the moment, mais il’s the same sort of setup youll have a little bolt um. You have a little bolt which bolts the carb onto the engine um, which is down there. That might be loose uh. There might be something in the way stopping it from ceiling, because what will happen is it will suck in air from around the sill between the engine and the carb, so the airs not being regulated through the carburetor it’s, just sucking it in and its going to Make it run lean, which is then going to make it rev up and it’s, then going to start to run too long where it cant run anymore. Alors,, si cela’s, when it will stop, it will shut down ill check all of that. Première, in this situation, um let’s say make sure the four bolts here are all tight, assurez-vous que vous’ve got no leaks. Make sure your manifold to tighten your exhaust make sure your manifold for your carburetor is tight. You might want to take it off and just make sure its clean round it and put the car back on. Je ne sais pas’t savoir si, on that new engine, if this person had to put the carburetor on or if it come pre installed, maybe it was not installed properly in the factory i don’t savoir, but just check for leaks make sure it bolts tight.

The next thing to do is perhaps the the butterfly inside the carb is a little bit open, which is why it revved up now. You need to just check this um if i can get a little bit of a torch, hang on two seconds right. So what you can do that there with that closed, that would be a tick over okay um. So you want to make sure if it’s ouvert, Je peux’T, hold the torch and do it at the same time, mais je’ll open the throttle a little bit now. Tous les, par exemple,, you can see down there now thats somewhat open a little bit. That would cause it to rev up quite a bit. That would, but it might not necessarily be that far open. Je peux’t have it so. The torch and weve not got a shadow at the same time, but anyway you get the idea. Vous’Ve got to make sure thats nicely closed. Revêtir’T forget you’Ve, got your tick over screw on the savage itll be on a different place, but you tick over screws. This little black one down there by my finger little black screw make sure that thats adjusted right. Donc, vous’ve got quite a small gap. You want quite a small gap. There um just close that all the way you want quite a small gap, mais vous avez gagné’t know this until youve actually had the engine running, but you need to get it to a state where it will run properly so check.

All of that make sure your butterflies, you know um at the right sort of area, assurez-vous que vous’ve got no leaks after youve done all that and youre still not having a lot of luck. Ce que vous pouvez faire, Puis, is to make sure that its not tuned to lean. It might be the fact that, where you are the air conditions outside, par exemple,, you might have very hot air that’s, not humid, dry air you’Re, going to need a bit more fuel. Il’Ll run a bit lean, you know it might be cold here. Je ne sais pas’t know where the any of you are. Si vous’ve got this trouble, so you might have to sort of richen it up a little bit, so you can just get the low speed needle down there turn it anti clockwise. So it comes out a little bit only a little bit about a quarter of a return, quelque chose comme ça. Even the high speed one might benefit from a little bit of richening just get nice and rich, because you need your engine to be lovely and rich for running in any way. So in a lin condition, a nitro engine will rev up a way that any engine will rev so slightly. You know in a lean condition, because dont forget thats what happens when you open up the throttle? Finalement, Vous’re leaning the engine by opening the butterfly letting more air going. Bien sûr, fuel goes in as well, Mais toi’re making more air going and and even in a tick overstate.

If some air is getting in um too much air and not enough fuel its going to cause it to rev, and then it might go too too lean and in fact thats when it shuts down and stops. So those are the things i would check. Si vous’ve got this trouble, il ne’t even have to be a brand new engine. It could just be an older engine that youve all of a sudden got a bit of trouble. You might have a leak um. Donc, si vous’ve got a nitro engine, what starts and then revs up and then stops or starts and then revs up check all those things ill go over it again check for leaks under your heat sink under your head, um between the car breaker and the engine. Que’S gon na be the most common leaks between those um. Some people think if youve got a leak on the air filter. Bien, cela’s complete rubbish because you can take that off and it aint gon na affect it one little bit, maybe slightly because thered be a little bit less resistance, mais pas beaucoup. Il ne’t matter if youve got a leak between your air filter and your carb. La seule chose que vous’re going to do then is suck in dirt and dust, mais que’s not going to affect the way that it runs immediately. Hum. You know i should have took that off. To show you the butterfly really should have done a lot easier.

I bet some of you lot. nous’Re shouting at the screen going take the bloody air filter off you, Je’m uh i’M, a bit um a bit scatty, sometimes but anyway, Oui que’s. Qu’est-ce que je’ll check check the fueling? Those are really the only things i suppose on a new engine, though i mean there could be a leak on the back of the crank causing it to suck in air through there, but on a brand new engine, cela’s unlikely it could be. I know some of you again well what, s’il’s got a leak on the crank or if its got a leak on the seals on the crankshaft somewhere, sucking in air yeah. It could be one of those but that’s, not something you can really check. Vous’D have to sort of take the engine apart and strip it down a little bit to have a look at that and on a brand new engine like this is supposed to be a brand spanking new engine and he’s. This person is breaking in so i cant see that being a leak being a problem, so i would literally, si vous’ve got this trouble go through those basic steps. Première, very basic steps of um just checking all the leaks there and making sure you’Re, not leaning and things like that so um, J’espère que’s helped somebody and i hope, cela’s helped this particular person here, euh que’s asking me these questions. Euh i’m still gon na be communicating with them through instagram as well, mais e uh ..

I do get a lot of questions on instagram see some of them. Je ne sais pas’t really bother making videos of because uh just simple questions but uh. I think that a lot of people probably having this trouble and um you know if you dont know and you’Re, not very confident with rc engines and youre worried you might cause some damage because someone like me, je sais que je’m gon na cause no damage. I can mess around what i want. Je sais qu’il y a’s not gon na be any problems um, Je don’t know i can get it back running eventually, si i’M, if i need when i when it comes to it but uh im here to help anybody any questions, you want ill help you out and uh. I guarantee there’s, probably not many problems that i havent come across engine wise, so all the best you lot and uh. I hope you get your engines running perfectly and uh just leave some comments. Tu sais, leave us your stories. What have you got? Have you got any problems? Have you fixed the problems? Have you had this particular problem that this other person is describing where it starts up revs up a lot and then cuts out and you get a locking crankshaft? Je ne sais pas’Je sais ce que c’est’s tout sur. I suspect that its not locking up really it’s, just maybe unless it gets so hot that it seizes up temporarily and then unseizes itself as it cools down.

That would be a really bad situation. Euh là’s, a bit of lack of description in that message. Really um: does it rev up and then stop within sort of two or three seconds, or does it rev up and they leave it revving and then it stops where its got so hot that it seizes temporarily don’Je sais qu’il y a’s like a description there, mais de toute façon, just Let me know in the comments: uh all your experiences and uh. I should catch you in another video. You lot all the best and uh saturday evening there so im gon na go and chill out. Ain’T got no beers plenty of russian vodka, donc i’m going to get on the russian vodka catch you later on.

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