. J’ai obtenu de walmart pour 30 Dollars, son euh, assez minuscule, probablement environ six pouces de long ici, un um distant, il a la direction juste là, c’est à ajuster et c’est à basse et haute vitesse, donc c’est. Pourquoi j’ai eu ça c’est très amusant d’être si petit? Je suppose que c’est bien, uh check it out. It also came with some extra tires that are smoother ill show, those to you, through the video uh theyre easier to replace you just pop these off put out a new one, um the lights work, and it has blinkers which is pretty cool. Um lets start it up. All right lights will flash, while its trying to bear turn on the controller and they stop flashing, because theyre picked now its already automatically set at the small setting so or low setting. Je suppose que c’est bien, try it out Applause, D'accord, so its pretty slow for being so tiny, but you put the speed button and the brights come on and then it just goes way faster. Now the car is charged up all the way, but the batteries on the controller are not. Here comes the neighbor kit, so it goes decent on some grass. It just cant be super uh long yeah. In a minute i figured twice done. C’est ça. Definitely my trip right. Almost went to my yard, so it goes pretty quick, its lightweight, so it bounces around this little guy. Try it out and well be back all right.

This little guy did a little run. Lets try it out some more. It does spin out because its very quick for being so little, usually it lands on its feet, which is cool if you put it to the lower side, Bien sûr, so wont spin out as much and hes gon na hes good hes gon na hes gon na Get hes gon na get cracked up. Is it Applause ill have to show you the extra tires? It comes with all right ill. Let him play with the only time before the battery dies. It only lasts about 15 20 Minutes. Before you got ta charge. It ill show you the charger and stuff. How do you charge all right, so that was caged a little boy up the street uh? These are the tires that are that that came with the spares, Mais, comme vous pouvez le voir, i only been using these ones. These are like new um. I believe these ones that are on here were softer than these ones, so im not sure exactly if it was for indoor or outdoor ill show you how to charge. It came with this little cord and i just use a battery pack. Please plug it out, and then that is i it keep it outside. So the cord doesnt get bent um. Il s’agit de 20 25 miles an hour depending on the battery charge and tires, Bien sûr, ill show you how the lights or the blinkers work and the lights and its on um theres.

The blinkers lets see if theyre gon na do it yeah its worth it.

https (en)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMTFcf9_T0g