I want to show off from powershift rc. c'est 100 in no way sponsored whatsoever. I did have to buy all this stuff with my own money and i wanted to and thats why i want to tell you about this brand new thing that powershift is making, because this thing is super cool anyways. Qu’est-ce que je’ve been doing recently is working on my cmax2 test pig, which is this thing right here, uh for those of you who have been following the channel. You know that this chassis is about to be released its very soon, and instead of pre ordering everything for people, we are actually doing a proper hard launch, so we will have everything in stock before the website goes, live and that’s. Why thats taking forever? Now that said, to make this truck, do what i really wanted it to do. It was time to get a light controller that actually provided some real functionality for me personally, and i wanted to make sure that this truck was. I could take really cool video with it, Car, Toute façon, i like doing truck videos and one of the things thats always really bothered me about lighting systems on trucks is that they tend to be so bright. So in your face, if you will that when youre actually doing the recording with your camcorder phone dslr whatever it is, the light tends to blind basically just blind the camera when it comes by this thing, Je don’t even think that jonathan baskins, who invented this thing, Je ne sais pas’t even think that he knew where i was going to take this project, but this thing is going to make rc truck videos better than ever.

Première, look at this thing is it’s, obviously a pelican case, donc i’m gon na guess that this is something like a two or three cubic foot scale. Pelican case theres a lot of really cool detail on this really nicely done there. The handle work is really well done. Je’M. Pretty sure this is a carbon fiber print too so its going to be basically bomb proof uh. Why is there a big orange dot? Bien, it actually comes that way when you buy it in the bag. Il’S (en). A big orange dot on it and its opposite where the wires come out. So this is the simplest wire in wire out controller on earth. This is it okay, so this connector here you actually power the unit with this, and that goes directly to a 2 cellule ou 3 cell battery pack easy easy wiring. I used it wired actually onto a balance plug for my 3 cell and then this output here is going to all your lights, that you want to control with this unit and the reason why there’s, no switches and no anything else on this is because this is A touch contact, contrôleur, unbelievable and not just a touch controller, Il’s, dimmable, d'accord, you can dim it down and dim it back up from the bottom anyway. The reason why this is going to be so incredible for video im going to actually demonstrate with this truck here, because i have this hooked up its in my vehicle and because this looks like such an awesome pelican case.

Fondamentalement, all you have to do is put it in your cargo anywhere. You want in the cargo area. Oh désolé, i just touched it anywhere. You want in the cargo area like i’Ve, just ive got it here. Je’M gon na have my spare tire here and a high lift jack and a bunch of stuff im gon na have a bunch of stuff in the back. But the fact that this is here it looks perfect. It theres nothing there that you could possibly complain about whatsoever, Il’s, juste ça’s a it’s, a piece of scale equipment and it’s 100 functional which blows my mind. d'accord, are you ready for this im gon na go like this, so you can actually see the reflection. Je’M. Gon na touch this, let me show you this im gon na touch this right here. Je’Ve got a lot of lights. Je’Ve got 12 leds on this thats running on this, so reds in the back. D’accord et nous’ve got the all of the headlights. I mean you see what i mean that right. There is the reason why, lorsque vous’re doing truck videos and the headlights are on, you have a serious problem. d'accord, maintenant, nous’re gon na fix that and its very easy to see. I want you to see this for yourself. d'accord, the lights are on and im gon na make. You can see the reds in the back here. These will blow hole right in your eyeball and im going to hold my finger on this watch.

This take a look at that they dim down. Did you see that i mean i don’T? Je peux’t make this stuff up. This is the coolest thing i’ve jamais vu, and so now, lorsque vous’re doing your video, even if i aim that directly the light bar right into the camera lens it’s, Rien, nothing like the blinding hideous crap that it was before so ive got my two tiny little Red tail lights here that now are visible and they’Re, not just blowing out your eyes, mais ils’re there and my reverse lights are underneath. My headlights are on my marker: lights are now on and im telling you. This is all that we needed all we ever needed was this: all we ever needed was this. We just needed to have the lights, dim, cela’s it and it’s. Tellement bon. Maintenant, like look at that, the videos are perfect. Maintenant, je peux’t even believe im saying this out loud. This is the thing that ive always needed in my rc for doing videos, and this is how easy it is theres a little touch pad here. I can turn them off. I can turn them back on. I can dim them down all the way down to the bottom and then, if i want, i can dim them all the way back up. Regarde ça. Oh nous’ll turn them off wow. How hard is that? Ah it just blows my mind. This is so easy, and not only is it easy, mais je haven’t even turned the truck on yet i’M, not using any radio channels for this at all, which means that if you have a three channel radio on an rtr or something and youre using it for The winch or for the second gear, or whatever youre going to use your extra channel for you don’T, have to use anything else.

Vous ne le faites pas’t have to buy a new radio anymore to have a really good light controller like good. When i say good, i mean you can put 12 volts through this on a 3 cell power, all the light bars you could possibly want on this thing, et je le pense’s the perfect light controller that’s. All i can say and its this easy two wires power in all your lights out, Bon, looking scale accessory, Je don’t savoir quoi dire. Regarder. This is so good. I had to share this its way way better than i thought it was going to be, Car, even though i knew it would actually dim when i before, i even bought these, because they were released at uh ultimate scale truck expo 2021, and so he had some There he was showing them off and i’Ve, seen it on his instagram and all kinds of different videos and stuff, but the fact that this actually dims that low all the way down the leds are like gon na start cycling soon, Comme ça’s, how low they are And the videos are gon na be perfect because theres no more glare, but you can see that the lights are on anyways. I had to share that. Il’S got them for sale on his website at powershiftrc.com, and you can go to powershift rc stuff, almost anywhere a main sells the stuff theres lots of dealerships around get one of these. This is the coolest light controller, Je’ve ever seen and, Bien sûr, là’s a link for it in the video description below so thats all my news.

This is a it’s, Un ‘ thing that will save you for having to buy radio channels. Il’Ll, save you having to deal with voltages all around your different lighting systems, et vous ne le faites pas’t have to do anything extra to make it work.

https (en)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTQgsw3TnJI