I am doing something quite different from what i normally do right here. I have got one of my crawlers out now. I have not had this crawler on the channel in quite a while. Now this right here is my actual sdx10 started off. As the axial sx10 version. One has got the version one axles with the servo mounted on top um, and i mounted up this killer body. Rc, Je pense, is the brand killer body um lc70, toyota land cruiser body. This is a hard body, so plasticand i mounted up on this and i havent used this rc in quite a while. Il’S got these nice 1.9 inch b, block wheels, ils’re just plastic, mais ils ont l’air bien, and these knock off. Super swamper tires in 1.9, Et alors’s going to bring about what were doing in today’s vidéo, donc aujourd’hui’s vidéo. Let me grab the stuff that i got. I have got another set of the exact same tires. These knock off super swamper tires 1.9 Pouces. I got another set of 1.9 Pouces. Bead lock wheels um these ones are slightly different. Réellement, you know what these are not b lock wheels. I take that back. I glued these. I totally forgot i glued these wheels. These ones are not bead locked, but these ones are bead lock, and i got this pack of 100 self tapping screws. Now you might be wondering why did you get self tapping screws? Bien, my plan is to go in here and screw from the inside and screw these self tapping screws through the tire to the outside and then go ahead.

Put the foams in put the bead block in and hopefully theyll hold in there. So basically theyre going to be pointed outward. I know a lot of studs they screw into the actual tire from the outside from the tread, but this is going to be pointed to the outside from inside to the outside and im just interested to know how this is going to work. So the exact same tires in the process: Je’M, obviously going to be sacrificing these tires because theyre going to be destroyed with all the holes im going to put in them, but for the sake of youtube, Je’d say it’s, probably worth it it’s, just something i’M, really Interested in doing so um in this video im going to install them kind of figure out the best way to go about installing them i’M, not sure how many ill get into each tire. Je ne sais pas’t know how well theyre going to go through because obviously theyre not meant probably to tap into rubber pry metal or wood, and so were going to basically do a comparison with these wheels and tires were gon na do some some climbs and stuff and just See uh going over different trains. How well the these tires work and then the exact same thing just with the super swampers, with the nails in and were gon na see, will it get more traction, nous’ll get less traction. Je ne sais pas’Je ne sais pas’t savoir s’il y a’s going to be enough weight over it to actually have these dig in its hard to tell so anyway, guys lets go ahead and jump right in this video all right guys.

So i just discovered that my uh, my drill, is dead, so i have it plugged in, mais il ne’t have any juice. So i might be attempting to do this. Just with you know, hand, outils, screwdrivers, but first things first were going to get these wheels and tires out so lets rip the tires open. Maintenant, if you want to know the brand of these actual brand is awestar hobby, so i think they came from china um. Ils l’ont fait’t cost very much, i want to say they cost like 20 bucks or maybe less. Je peux’t se souvenir 18 20 Dollars, Mais, comme vous pouvez le voir, it comes with the foams nice kind of sticky compound. It feels like and identical to the ones that i already have on there now. Let me pull all four of them out set that aside, and here are the bead lock wheels. These were also fairly cheap. They were only like 13 Dollars. Je pense 12 13 bucks for the b block and the reason i want bead locks is because i dont like blue and wheels, and i do have the option i can get the screws back out by just undoing the bead locks. Je ne sais pas’t have to undo the glue from around the wheel, Et alors’s agréable, but i do have to deal with all these little tedious screws, which is going to be kind of annoying. But what are you going to do and lets just go ahead and rip the self capping screws open all right and see what were working with so heres what we have right here guys i dont know how clear youre gon na be able to see that, but That’S (en), ce que nous’re working with right there, Je’m gon na pull the inner foams out that are currently in the tires um, Je don’T, know probably kind of turn this whole tire inside out.

If i can well see how easy thats going to be to do okay, so we got something like that: completely turned inside out and im interested to know. How are these going to go through i’M? Not sure they just have a phillips head and im just going to go ahead, hopefully not get myself in the fingers on the other side. Can i even do this with hand tools if i cant do it with hand, tools might have to wait a little bit and then start filming this video at a later time, hmm feel like into into rubber. Ils ne le font pas’t really want to go. Il ne’t even come through yet hmm im wondering if im going to have to drill holes guys and then screw it into the holes. That might be what im going to have to do so, but then i need a drill. Obviously so i might have to wait a little bit for that to charge up and then try doing this with the drill, because it doesnt seem to want to go through by hand im just kind of pushing into it. And i think i need a hole started for me to be able to do it, but my plan is to put them all along here and then pry some here and well see about on the side wall. That might not be a good idea for turning, but then again that could be good for extra grip, mais je don’t savoir si i’m going to have enough.

Je ne sais pas’t know how far 100 is going to go. So let me turn the video off for now and i’ll. Wait for that charge up a little bit and then ill be right back with you guys, gars bien. I want to show you real, quick what i have so far kind of what i’ve fait. Qu’est-ce que je’ve done is ive put the self tapping screws through the tire it wasn’T. Réellement, all that easy, i had drilled the holes because they did not want to screw into rubber got them through um, but then i also decided to glue. Je ne sais pas’t know if you can see that i glued them kind of down in there because im worried that, with the weight of the rc theyre going to push back in so then the other thing i did was i protected the foam by gorilla taping it because I have a feeling these screws are going to want to push back down and i dont want them going into the foam as much as possible, Et alors’s kind of what ive done and im only done with one. So i got a bunch more to do. I also glued the outside um, just for a little extra assurance that these dont get thrown out or that they dont go back into the actual tire got more work to do and ill be right back with you guys. I have to apologize guys because i accidentally deleted the video that shows the footage of putting all of those nails or screws.

I should say into those tires, so i deleted the wrong video didnt realize it till afterwards and it was gone once i deleted it. So uh next im just going to take you through the clips showing kind of the end result and what all of the tires look like once i had all the screws installed, tous les gars droit. I am back that took me quite a while that probably took me in excess of two hours, because i had no idea what i was doing. Evidemment là’s really no template. Je ne sais pas’t think i never really looked online, but i just dont really know what im doing but uh this was the end result. J’ai. I ran out of screws in the end. Malheureusement, so i have less screws in the rear wheels, mais ici’s what the wheels are looking like got the wheels tires together. What i ended up doing was, i wrapped the foams in gorilla tape um, because i didnt want these screws pushing down, comme vous le savez, lorsque vous’re on the ground, the weight of the truck and everything pushing these back into the uh tire pushing back inside into the Foam and then disappearing, puis ils’Re, not even showing anymore. So what i did was i put gorilla tape around the foam to kind of just give it one more little layer where, hopefully it just kind of holds it and it doesnt sink into it too much, and then i also glued from the inside the heads of All these screws glued them now, on the first one i decided to glue them from the inside and the outside, which is why it looks like garbage um, because i i was gluing them from the inside then i’M, comme oh, i better glue them from the outside Too and then it just turned into a mess, comme vous pouvez le voir, glue all over the place, so then, on the other ones, i decided just glue them from the inside.

I have more on the front. I think i have 20 well there’s 100 total and i only have about 14, 14 Ou 15 each in the back. So in the back, i was only able to get them all the way studded around the center, and then i got three um screws right here: kind of on the side, wall, kind of the side, wall and that’s. What i did with the back and this tires bulging a little bit, je pouvais’t get the tire to sit completely flush, a few of them but uh. Je pense qu’ils’ll hold and uh yeah, Et alors’s what it looks like guys. Je pense que ce que je’m going to do guys is i’M, going to go ahead, Je’M, going to put them on this vehicle and just show you what it looks like real, quick and maybe just drive around on the table and see kind of what it looks. Like kind of what it sounds like, what do you guys think i think that’s? Qu’est-ce que je’ll do i’ll be right back with you guys guys i am finished. I have got the wheels and the tires on uh. Comme je l’ai dit, i have more of the uh screws in the front tires, but kind of makes sense on the sidewalls, j’espère qu’ils’ll grip better when im turning um, i ran out of screws, so i only had 100 to work with um, but i think it looks Pretty cool actually – et je don’t know if, when were getting flex, nous’Re, probably going to get rubbing, qui est’t going to be ideal and probably isn’T, going to sound great against plastic that’s.

One thing i didnt think about unless i want to try this with a different rc, Et alors’s the one bad thing, mais laissez’s go ahead and see how it runs. I got a battery hooked up. Oh i got the throttle. Reversed sounds so weird guys. Let me know what you think in the comments. Do you think this is going to work? Do you think this is gon na help traction at all? Do you think im gon na get better traction than with these? Si vous aimez, the video go ahead, hit that thumbs up button for me, it really helps out this. Video really helps out my channel um and in the next running video. Bien, it might not be the next video, but pretty soon you will see this in a running. Video need to go test it out i’M, hoping that it works well.

https (en)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZSAUivFn-8