Pas gon na lie. So a lot of youtubers like kid youtubers like preston, plays uh unspeakable. They all do fun, Rc, car videos and i’M, just like i’M, not quite one of those channels, mais je’ll be fun to mess around with my rc car. Alors qu’est-ce que je’m gon na do i’m gon na grab my gopro im gon na attach it to the rc car. Alors je’m gon na screen save my uh, my phone. So so look at this guy. He goes pretty freaking fast, like look lets grab like tin foil. I have a chocolate cookie right here: mold no it’s, not mold, like all right that goes like this will probably just fly off immediately, see how fast that went. Anyways sorry, i mean my chocolate um let’s commencer, Musique i’m grabbing the gopro and i was like all right: laisser’s just go outside then i realized i don’t savoir si vous pouvez voir que, mais il’s neige. Réellement, Vous pouvez’t see that so um were gon na have to do it inside my house that won’t être un problème. Je’Ll just scare my dog a little bit right after christmas, so our house is kind of a mess im sure a lot of houses are a mess after christmas, so yeah got the gopro its a gopro five. I think and oh wait. I have to go grab some tape for my gopro just to attach it onto the car all right, laisser’s, head back to my room, D'accord.

So now i got my rc car. Je l’ai fait’t turn it off. Probablement, should i grab my tape: pretty high quality tape. Je’M just kidding, i got blue because itll match um and then i got my gopro. I have this charger, mais que’s just detergent or mpov headphones. Je ne sais pas’t quite know how to pronounce that, mais e uh .. Si vous le faites, let me know in the comments can i can. I plug this thing in, can you can you plug in there? We go all right now, quoi’s, the worst part about tape is finding the thing all right. This is how i did it in the past. Put this oh wait got ta grab. This put it on the side of the gopro, all right just tightly, attach it to the car that this is the other side. Ah sorry i’ll, oh i cant do time lapse. nous’Ll, just jump cut to uh when im done here it is this bad boy. So we got some tape just going along here we got some tape, just going underneath pretty much underneath im gon na hit the battery and then double sided over here sorry kind of bad, and then we just got one tape just so i can, Tu sais, get A little angle up, but you know originally, i just did two sides on the top that worked perfectly fine, alors oui laissez’s euh, set up the gopro turn it on actually got ta. Take off this top tape, d’accord, alors laissez’s head to see what the gopro sees: d'accord, donc vous’Re, seeing what the gopro sees so its gon na be kind of weird, parce que vous’re gon na hear my voice, mais alors il’s going to be like off so that’s.

Pourquoi i’m trying not to point at the ground so much so turn on the rc crown all right, Gars, D'accord! Désolée., Je’M, not the greatest driver! Il ne’t like to go fast thats why i wanted to do it outside, because it goes fast on concrete. d'accord, so here it is were just gon na mess around over here there boots. Je peux’t do wheelies on this because then, Ah, oh you guys want to say hi to me, Bonjour, D'accord, d'accord, um let’s go in this front room! Oh oh oh, come on get some speed on this. One come on so like spying on my brother, oh mon Dieu, Je’M, not the greatest driver and i cant look at it. Oh, Non, non c’est’s, si cool! Just seeing like what? Non! Non, no owen! Oh, you guys want to do some.

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