, so stay tuned to find out how they get on Music Applause. ainsi, Music hi welcome to rc kicks okay. Bien, the sun has finally come out in the uk, and the garden has dried out enough that we can blast a few cars around and its an excuse to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Donc, je’ve picked a few cars that have never been around the track before and were just gon na run them have some fun see what theyre like to drive around the track and see if they set a reasonable time now, ils’re all pretty much stock. Le dbx 10 is stock. The wl toys are stock, the javelin is pretty much stock. What motor have i got in that uh its a standard brushed motor, so nothing super hot. The only one thats got brushless is the fake top force evo. Bien, when i say fake, Il’s got all the bells and whistles on it pretty much, mais il’s, not an original one. This is running a brushless, cheap entry level, electronic speed, controller and motor, so it should be the fastest of all of them now they’Re, all so different. This is just a bit of fun there’s! Non, Vous pouvez’t compete one against the other, Vraiment, as these are all very different, mais il’s just for a laugh, alors laissez’s go put them around the track. What should we start with? Je pense que nous’ll start from this end and work our way across so lets see how good the db x10 is around the track.

Applaudissements, uh Music do Music. Alors voilà. That was the rocket. What did i think drives? d'accord, because suddenly its not designed to go out of grass track uh it’s, pretty good the thing that let it down the most is obviously its high, donc il’s roll over. So it gripped quite well with these tyres on the grass better than i thought, because i thought spikes would be the way to go, but these seem to grip, d'accord, so much so i got rollover. I ran it with the stock battery to get one time, and i also put a 2s lipo in it to get a different time. Just to give you an idea of what you can expect, if you upgrade, because obviously something like this one of the first things you might do is go to a lipo battery. Instead of the standard one being it’s, Seulement 2 000 milliamps as a stock battery, it gets you going but really you’Re, probablement à la recherche d’environ 12 14 minutes de temps de course. Donc évidemment, cela’s probably going to be a bit annoying unless youre just doing youre just a person who wants to drive an rc car for 10 15 minutes once every week or so just for a bit of fun. Then that’s fine. But if you want longer run times, Vous’Re, probably looking at changing the battery now whether you would actually bother going to lipo and then buying a lipo charger. But if you do, you will get a lot more out of this.

I was quite surprised what the times were between the two batteries, so the original time, which is the one im going to set on the board because thats what the battery that come with it, that did it in 9 57.. So that puts it just ahead of the nova fox at 9 57.. There we go stay excellent, but you want to know the time it actually did with the 2s lipo. I have got it here. Let me just get that time for you. It did hit with a 2s lipo that’s, the only modification in 897 cela’s faster than the xvo1 907. So i was pretty impressed and i would say, Il’s a good upgrade. So if you bought one of these, the upgrade id probably go for first would be to go with a proper charger, lose the cheap trickle charger. You can pick them up for 10 20 pound and then get yourself a 2s lipo battery and that will probably bring it alive. Um i looked at the motor temperatures because i was a bit worried at all. Maybe when you go to 2s youre going to start pushing the motor, but on the grass it was stone cold with the kit battery, but with the 2s lipo driving the whole battery that’s a 4 000 milliamp battery on shortish grass. It was warm to the touch, but i could touch it, which is a really good sign. It means we’Re, not cooking it or not, pushing the motor too hard, the stock pinions still in it.

Je l’ai’t upgrade upgraded the pinion or anything else, cela’s il. Alors voilà, voilà.’s a little bit of an eye opener. Pour moi, i was surprised how much perky it was on the 2s. Now the main challenge is it rolls over because of its high centre of gravity so make of it. What you will right, nous’re now going to move on to the top force: Applaudissements de musique, Musique, euh .e uh, Musique, donc musique, so that was the top force evo. Pardon, Je l’ai fait’t get quite as much footage. It takes a bit more of my attention to drive this around the track and with these tyres it was very grippy, very responsive something’s, not quite right with the front of this car its to do with the diffs i’M, Pas sûr, seeing like now. Il’S no drive at the front, but then sometimes you get drive at the front. Sometimes you dont so somethings iffy, but it drives well. Aussi. Je l’ai fait’t really have the front trimmed properly. I had more steering in one direction, the other not sure, donc je me suis refuge’t really driven thisthat much and ive never driven it on these tyres either, but being that it was on grass, je pensais que je’d leave it now. There was one small issue and i broke it. The upright broke, so you know what happens when you push. I pushed it hard and uh yeah it just went. Je l’ai fait’t hit anything i’M, not quite sure what happened.

I just went around to go around the corner and then it just sort of like limped off a little bit, so it let go, but i can get replacements it’s, not the end of the world ill order something this afternoon. Do you want to know what time it did you need to know this time it did it fake top force, evo top force top fourth zebo i mean it has got the carbon chassis so and its got the uh shocks. The high caps and its got brushless motor in it, et euh il’s got titanium, screws fitted and its got the correct, wheels and tires so more towards a evo but uh whatever you want to call it. So i call it the fake top force evo and it did it in 7.8 7.8. This is now the fastest thing around the track. Ever by a massive margin. The k1 aero did it in 8.1, Et alors’s three tenths of a second faster around a track. That is only seven to eight seconds long lovely to drive if i dial this in properly. Oh, so yes that’s. Qu’est-ce que je’Je vais faire? I just love the conditions today, short grass, très adhérent, mais n’a pas’t rouleau. I mean i could get it to roll over, but a lot of the time it just glued. I found later on that, as i was going into the hairpin at the end, backing pushing in reverse, dug in and turned much better, and i managed to save quite a bit of time there, instead of just running on and letting it slow down around the corner.

Alors euh oui – i was very impressed with that one. ainsi 7.8 new record right at the top. Oh push it down, aussi il’s running brushes as well, so it has lots of punch right next. We move on to the wl toys whatever the number is. Je peux’t remember zero one. Nine at the end, laisser’s run this around the track. Maintenant, une chose que je’m interested about this one is obviously it’s beaucoup plus petit. The track is very technical and very small, so hopefully this will be well suited being that the grass is actually quite dry im hoping these tires do grip well, so it could set quite a good time being small and it is quite powerful, alors laissez’s find out Applause, Musique, Applaudissements, Musique, donc musique, Applaudissements, Musique, Applaudissements, Musique, Moi, Musique! Êtes-vous? d'accord? Alors voilà, voilà.’s les jouets wl, Un, Deux: Quatre: Zéro: Un: Neuf! What do i think about that? Oh, my god its so fast, Incroyablement, fast and small, donc il’s very suited to the track because it’s, a very small track, so yeah very nimble the tires of what led it down uh. If i had spike tires, i think it would be able to grip better, but it did flip over. I had to be a bit careful but its so fast with the 550 motor in it and it weighs nothing and then, when you look at how small it is as well nimble, Il’s kind of perfect for the track.

So what time did it do? Bien, it did it in 8.13 Oui. This little tiny thing basically is in third place, Il’s the third fastest car, and there was probably a bit more in it. It could have possibly snatched second place, mais nous’re gon na leave it there, because i gave it my best shot. Je l’ai fait’t quite hook up a perfect lap, but i crashed it a lot and it stood up to it and i actually crashed it properly into the playhouse and it jammed underneath so eight one three in third place, mind bending, so that takes us down to the Last one the kyosho javelin, so what do you reckon it’s gon na? Do i don’t le savoir’s very heavy and its running nimh and a brushed motor, donc il’s less power and more heavy, mais il’s got good tires. Four wheel drive is very good and it is a proper racer, alors laissez’s find out how fast it goes around the track: Musique, Musique, Hmm, Musique, Musique, donc Applaudissements de musique, Music and there we go. We finally got round to the javelin. These tyres are definitely what works best on the book red track. You grip all the time and you can get the power down really easy and it’s. Just a bit more manageable would be even better if it was like dirt and gravel drives reasonably well. Very heavy it’s, a very heavy buggy, the electronics ive got in it work, d'accord, but the motor is just not powerful enough to really push this, so it could do with brushless in it really purely because it’s, just so much metal and its so heavy.

But it feels very tank like, but i love the look of it it’s magnifique. So what time did it do? Bien, it did eight point, seven three, which basically means it puts it between the xp01 and just behind the cat, donc pas trop mal. Considering its running on a brushed motor, but with more power, it would definitely come alive and be further up the list now. Obviously this is just a bit of fun. You can take any one of these cars and improve them to go around the track faster, but trying to keep them as stock as possible. Et puis, when i do upgrades, we will run them again and its just for fun, Il’s very difficult to compare one to the other, as some are on uh 2s lipos. Some are brushed some of brushless but its just just to get them out running in the garden.

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