These are pretty neat units theres a ton of these available online, and I always kind of liked these RadioShack ones. Je ne sais pas’t quite use them as much as I used to, mais ils’re still quite handy and really where I use on the most is with a home audio system or you may be in another room and you want to be able to adjust. It say the volume was now having the walkout, and so what this is is a relay system. You have a receiver base and they both run off of 12 Volts. They come with a couple little power adapters. They are not available these arent available for battery, but there are certainly many online that are it advertises about a hundred feet distance, but I would believe that hundred feet would be line of sight. Vous savez si vous’re in a field and theyre just a hundred feet apart inside a house Id say maybe half of that would be a better expectation, but generally speaking, Il’s assez bon. As far as a radio signal between connecting the two devices anyway, it just has a remote receiver and it doesnt require any kind of special software or anything it’s, just an infrared receiver and whatever infrared signal it receives it simply tree lays over to a transmitter unit Through the radio which has a couple of le you know, infrared LED lights that broadcast out, so you would set this unit say near kind of facing you’Re, dans mon cas, audio amplifier and then, lorsque vous’re in other room.

You just pointed at this and then it’ll. Just relay the signal what I did like about this one is: it has a separate little single ball, remote transmitter, and this thing would plug into the back of this transmission or the receiver unit like so, and what that allows you to do is, if you have This transmitterand it is a little bit bulky and you dont really want to have it. You know sitting out somewhere with this large triangle. You can set it off to the side, say behind the stereo system and then have this little remote head come around to the front, donc il’s much less obtrusive and I always appreciated that or you can even use at the point two directions. Now this little remote head seems to have a very short range. I always have to have it within about a foot of the receiver. It seems for it to work properly, but it still does allow you the opportunity to have one device pointing one way this pointing the other direction and it becomes omnidirectional. The other thing that is handy about these units is that, as I said before, là’s no software, it does any infrared signal so thats anything whether you have a remote control, air, conditioner or heater or remote control, Lumières LED, say Christmas lights that are infrared remote. You could actually have one of these set up. Maybe this little remote transmitter out there and you could be inside your house and use your infrared remote to control the LED lights that are on the outside and so that’s.

What makes us particularly useful and why I like it, is because its a relay station for any infrared signal. Part of the additional handiness is maybe, if you have whatever youre using the air conditioner or a small death sterile and the remote isn’T, very good what’s. Nice is that you can have this place where your remotes able to get closer to it, and then this rebroadcast station is actually pretty powerful, so it can also be used to boost weak remotes, and I just plug this in here. Let me turn off this light. Real fast, there is no indicator on the transmitter, but on the receiver you do know thats receiving a signal, because when you point a remote out of here, it does flash the light, letting you know its actually trying to do something. So I kind of like that aspect, Il’s all automatics as soon as you plug it in you just give it a few seconds and they seem to synchronize automatically and have been pretty reliable and they really you know the way they look is you know, hit or Miss depending on your preference, il ya, comme je l’ai dit, many different styles of these theyre still fairly common, but these RadioShack ones, Je’ve actually worked out pretty well, and the part numbers I forgot to mention are 15. Nineteen. Fifty is a kit and there’s a 15 9 950 t in our transmitter and receiver. I did also forget to mention that they included comma foam, double sticky tapes.

You can actually stick this remote, close up transmitter head to surface who doesnt want to fall off anyway. I wanted to do a quick review of these and then also just put the information out there about these infrared remote relay stations and they kind of seemed cheesy. Mais si vous’re somebody who does have issues with the remote not working or get frustrated because you have to get up and go into another room to adjust something say the stereo volume you actually get used to them pretty quickly.