I say it's about time. Ouais d’accord, j’ai eu mes affaires. Dix, Dix, dix dix dix dix dix dix dix dix dix sacs de poupées de jeu. Were you a skater? I was you were. This is what we all want to see, though don't hello, Regarde ça. Everybody in the world is looking. What does Everett have look at the stand? There'S an access, RC stand. You bet you greatest stand on earth. Pretty sure nice holy smokes. I wish you guys could understand the size of this it's, not that big it's that fifth scale monster damage FG. This is an FG yeah yeah, pretty swanky man, Oh a cow, oh sympa, tool boxes. This is the first time I've been here first time I'm discovering what Everett has look at that you're right. The lighting is terrible in here yeah. You bet you that's. d'accord, though I'll step over to the light, so we'll get a closer look at these pretty awesome. I'M, just trying to pan around the room, so people can see their kids everybody's got to have music. It looks like there was a pool table here. There wasn't a table yeah. Non, I have to make room for the toys – Homme – Oh, of course man. This must be where you do your clothes yeah yeah. Can you explain what that is? Those are embroidery machines. They put threat into clothes holy cow, so you can thread you. Can you can almost do anything pretty much yeah wow, you have a clothing company.

I do you do you bet you see a lot of people. Didn'T know that about you, Pangea clothing, Pangea. You bet, you can't, get it anywhere, Reno, no we're out of commission right now, d'accord, but you still have all the equipment. You bet you. That is exactly sick, that's, a sick rig man which one well, I know exactly that's there's. So much look this yeah! This is a gizmo Motors 30.5 CC full mod it's, an RC MK motor, so different than there's. A no ISM see why's you're used to seeing okay. I can't wait to try this baby out holy man. Point five horsepower with four pounds of torque. This has the four pounds of torque yeah that's motor right here. Juicy can't wait to stick this in Bruce thing. Pour moi, Oui sympa, very sick, bro man, look at all the parts you got: d'accord, so hostile yeah, races for all those C's yeah, d'accord, that's, the sinner that's two, not too brave that's. For my starter that's on the other Louis look at these boss links. I got ta get some of those okay, tell me hey: where are they from i RP inertia, racing performance or product, Pardon, camarade, Oui, and how much I thank you man, I don't know I think 85 bucks each times three, each you know there's a couple of Them on here, let's go over to the truck cuz. This is a beast machine. Is this the one we saw in three large scale trucks yeah? This is the green one.

The green one has two wheel. Drive two wheel drive. You bet you put it on the ground. Let'S give her a good once over here, d'accord, so these arms FLM Fastlane machine, extended arms sick. How much for a set arms? Do you remember I can't remember yeah. I want to get into it they're standard. Non! So they're a little longer than the stock length, I think they're an inch longer boss, Homme, these are incredibly and those links so there's. The link up close in the light I'm gon na have to get some of those for the low C there just to bear man they're gnarly. I got two sets for each of my lowest C's. I can't wait to put them in here right away. Nice shock tower dude lots of different options on there yeah a few different adjustments. This is actually for the be tower okay. They make a T tower or SC Tower. Why don't? You say it works fine. What what? What Baha is this? This is the HP. I five teeth. Bien, five SCS was the 5 Sc. I guess I have had few. So sometimes the brain forgets and the 5 SC m5t are so identical. This is long hard and black that's as far too low and racy that's a stinger. Bien, the stingers, the exit port, usually we're, d'accord, but this is the bottle on torpedo or Aikido and torpedo love this pipe. I like the placement of the stinger because it's not spitting fuel everywhere.

I do like that one as well. You bet ya. I'Ve had several pipes and that one's my favorite on the baja of tried so far. This is on an OB, our 27.2 full mod sponge, and i chose for this one it's nice on the track, got my turtle racing diff back here: vraiment sympa, Rapide, diff turtle, racing and OB. Our people remember that, because of the engine i put into the low c v was an OB r they'll. Remember that you got you, I just I haven't put them on I'm going to read away. I just got the fat dad bones for this. Did it arm kit you producing some now for the extended arm kit for fast lane machine, so that's, real nice can't wait to put those in and the cops? I got the cups with him. What are these tires? These are the trenchers. Réellement, maybe you see part number there we go, everyone can see it. Sick man see those bad boys, Oh, so this is with the shock you had to get a special assembler, Danielle yeah it's over here. Actually just a nice little shark stand. Qu'est-ce que c est? It looks like a bong man. Do you smoke from this? What is this yeah I'm? Not sure how it works. Man got ta. Look over these trails, see it this. So here is an injector. This must fit. This is for building shocks right here kind of shows. It there yeah good job, Oui, d'accord, homme cool.

How much everyone know don't quote me: on prices, Oui, oui, yeah prices. Tu sais, prices are always changing a couple hundred bucks guys if you want a TMT GM yeah. I want to see that one. This one's kind of in pieces right now, d'accord, show us what we got it's missing some parts right now it for out for repair, crashed it. It looks like an old cart, does kind of a go. Kart is an FG semi truck, but this is the conversion. I did from a competition, oh for Sportline competition. I converted it to a semi. She needs you don't want to get your fingers in there yeah. Definitely not so. This is a semi truck. The body is outside it's freezing cold we're not going outside to get it. It'S pretty beat up it's pretty nice it's got four wheel disc brakes on it, no way real there. Oh my God, look at that real disc brakes. There are calipers, look at the head holy insane, so you can see that's four wheel. Oh l’homme, where did you get this uh this one? Here I got off of flee Bay. Oh, you got off eBay a couple of them. This is a converted, a sport line right so which I have all the parts here. Just I crashed it into a cement wall last summer and it looks like somebody else. Did this nice paint job? I got new covers here, I'm gon na replace that with I got a new car as well.

If how the first couple years didn't affect its driving abilities, I didn't take it. I had this, you did they don't mind it for on road. D'accord, so not for offroad. I don't recommend it for off road. No on row. Seats are fine. It'S got a really nice lock diff in here. If you want Wow, you know what everybody does want to see. I know cuz, I don't have one this toolbox. Look it on wheels, extending look at all the parts, no that's a filled box, bro there's. So much awesome down here. I like the look of it from like the front and back yeah like it's, very like a worktable workbench and carries all your stuff inside yeah it's got quite a bit piece. I need parts at any time. You know fixed stuff out in the field. The traps, not very closeyou are a collector of parts. You'Ve spent a lot of dough on RC some yeah, something for sure was trouble e tryin. To get me in here. Aucun, I didn't for a number.