So what I've done is, I just did a stream, but a few minutes before, and it wasn't really working. Bien, we had a lot of latency. We had a lot of legs, so I've reset up my encoder. Hopefully things are working a little bit better now and we can continue on with what we're doing I want to do something fun for you guys, I'm, looking at YouTube right now. It just keeps saying starting stream health. It doesn't say that I'm live yet. So I know that I've got a 30 second delay on there, and now I can see that we are live again. So let's start off by saying, thank you for your patience. I was doing a last live stream and since it's, my very first one it's, definitely a bit of a challenge trying to figure out the latency issue. What kind of streaming bits I can actually broadcast to you on! You know what resolution all this is brand new and I figured I might as well start and YouTube doesn't stop freezing up off he's stuck with it, Je pense, actually going to shut down my encoder because it starts to work. My computer pretty hard and even though I've got a pretty up to date, Apple machine. I wonder if it's, en fait,, the processor is just getting too high as its trying to work it. I can even see that it's quite warm in the video card right now. I see you guys 25 of you thanks for coming to check it out again.

I know there will be more, but again I just want to make sure that we actually have a good connection, and this is just more of an experiment right. I wanted to see if it was, Tu sais, we're able to do anything cool with live. It could be a neat feature, so I could actually get together with you guys and kind of connect mano a mano because there's. So many of you out there it's almost impossible for me to answer all the comments and things that come in overtime with, I think it's. Comme 850 million views we got now. I can say that I had to do the About section again on my youtube channel, because you know trying to answer 200 comments a day at 2 minutes each. You know some of them take longer because it takes some thought or research on trying to help out people with their RC needs. You know I figured it takes some time. So if I was able to get out to you, live and kind of talk to you one on one, then it was a little busier, so I can see we can have a hundred and seven people already watching what's up guys. I see that when how here we go, uh hey from Oregon a mod mod. You got your shout out. Dude there you go. I see you f type. Oh, I see you f. Tech is in the comment section you knew I had to do this one day and you've spent time with me here in the studio, so it's a good place for me to upload live contents.

I'Ve got a really solid internet connection. Here at my ranch, Si, when I'm in the shop, I don't have barely any internet connection, so I do a lot of the filming and fixing it there. We do have good internet it's, just not good for the upload speeds it takes for doing live broadcasting. You know so what's up guys. I see you you're all commenting right now, it's super cool. Now we have a hundred and seventy two people watching sweeps everybody at months. M. Homme, Bien sûr, in it here, it's kind of healed a while. I was going to be unboxing my two new products from SICU that I ended up buying on eBay because they're incredibly hard to channels that showed me that these products exist I've always been watching. Rc live TV. My buddy Rene and scale paint forget the edges that we want during the winter and then we could have like some scale, diète, diorama stuff. I think that would be pretty cool. Oh no it's lagging again. I can see its leg. I don't even know. Someone said push f5 and it should start it again for you. Does it start it for me or does it no? It doesn't. Does it just mess me up f5 nope there? Bien, I did help. Oh, that could have been a coincidence. Il, like I said f5, helped me out right there darn. I can see that it's restarted for me, Si, ainsi, hopefully it helps you guys as well uh.

Let me know if things start picking up again, because I know I put a 30 second delay on this. So I'm actually saying things way farther in the future and just kind of watch it. You guys react to it 30 seconds later. This is to help the actual video and audio lag. Try not to do a lot of movement. I also know that Swift, camera movements can also start locking up the the stream as well that's. Why I'm streaming at 720 today so best, we can do for now it's new I'm, trying it out it's something that's unique right, so hey mister, Drifter, you're awesome polar bear! Brother! I see you thanks for saying hi again: I'll just try and keep everything slow moving. Maybe that will be the way you guys have any questions like I see things going by so quickly best I can do some folks are still saying they got the leg. Other ones aren't 315 people signed in what's, going on guys good, so f5 does work for you who was it pixel, pusher f5 button does work to help restart the leg in the video and audio anyway. Before I get on to doing that, I guess I could have done a different one, because I did pick up a few different ones, but let's look at this. You guys can have like a sneak peak. I won't keep this up I'll, just like read, undo or redo the unboxing, but when you open it up, I got this one out of Australia, the other one I had to get out of Germany, les deux d’entre eux.

I got them online if you caught the last live feed, they're uh saying they are pretty expensive and you know it is what it is. When you get into miniature stuff, it can be pretty darn expensive. So duh, Regarde ça. How powerful it is. This is how it comes packaged, it's, all metal check out this unique remote I'll package, it up again for all the people that didn't catch this video we know it's, maybe I'll, post it up. Look at this great remote, a completely new, well new to us new to me on this side this remote here it is a 2.4 gigahertz lots of new buttons and things for me to learn. I have no idea how it works or or anything so you guys can discover it with me right nowbig instruction book on the on the controller of course right out of the box. But here I know we all want to see a controller, but we all want to see the rig even more look how big this is. 132, my friends and it's all metal well, except for the plastic tires. The bucket is also plastic, but this whole thing is metal. The tires are nice: they got really nice rubber on the back. The things that I've been fascinated with are how these actually hook up to trailers and other things in scale, and it looks like when you look at this really close. It looks like it's like just string, but these are actually straight metal rods, they're just very, tout petit 132, I guess and scale so we have this inside the box, I'm still unboxing.

I also have this little battery pack looks like it takes triple A's. Do I have triples? It only takes three triple A's, so I definitely probably have that laying around what's the other thing here. It'S telling me just the different stickers for my radio just so I can label it properly when I'm learning so that's cool, so that's out of the way darn I had batteries down here. I don't think of how many triples down here, Si, haha people ask to see my battery drawer here's, one of my packs of doublea's that I buy from my local hardware store just to keep up with my radios that need it. D'accord, I'm going to run upstairs quickly and leave you in a complete in a complete vacuum here of where I am I'll be quick yeah there is the difference between live and edited extra batteries. I moved swiftly, Si, what kind of batteries does the controller take? Should look at that first so on the back it's, just like a little thumbnail screw like you'd turn it with a screwdriver or your fingernail. How far do we have to turn it? I don't know ah open come on what was the hardest part of operating the RC, putting the batteries in the controller and getting the Box open. Ah come on, Oh oui! I want this right. I don't want to wreck it, so the top of my drawer come on flat ahead somewhere. How come I have every tool I ever need until I need it on camera, and then it just completely disappears.

Oh flat head even a bit, you guys there we go like a hundred of them just want to make sure to do it right. Was it a screw? Does it screw in? Is that why yeah it was a small screw, d'accord, Bon, so for double A's on the back, the controller that you just thought I do have, but let's see here one two, three four somebody asked me the other day how many lipo batteries do you have? I think my answer was somewhere around fifty. How do I store them safely in metal boxes with each other? I also monitor my life pose quite a bit to make sure they're not puffing and sitting beside each other and that they're properly in storage mode. If I'm, not using them, Whoo, d'accord, so how do I turn it on good question I'm wondering about this? It doesn't this feels kind of broken right away, it's very loose. Hopefully notand this is like a scary knob. This is unique. This one I'm, a little worried about it kind of looks a little shady to me. Yeah sounds kind of cheap, but big power button to the power up. Haha I'mprobably doing it wrong. Let me just make sure I put the batteries in right again. The beauty of live 600 people watching what's up dudes nice to see you thanks for tuning in I don't know something a little less edited is always fun Hall.

I was an idiot that's. Why not a big surprise? I know yeah so nervous. I put one in backwards me nervous on camera yeah. Bien, hey here is a great RC tip for everybody to make sure your RC is working properly, put the batteries in the right way and then do it live for, Comme 600 people watch all right, so doing it back up still there we go red light, so I think that's it we'll take the protector off the take the protector off of the radio. d'accord, so triples we got here one oh, these are rechargeable. Do I have in your regular line make sure that I don't actually put a bunch of rechargeables in there that aren't charged and there we go. I think that's it one two three now where to put the battery in well, obviously in the back receiver hole right where it is and it comes with a small screw to make sure it's properly in place and it's the same large slotted screwdriver screw that you Need shout out what's, going on guys shout out my de gaming, mitigating Midd, a gaming that's, your shout out, bro and gt r boy. You got one to muster man second shout out thanks for tuning in now. Where is the onoff switch right there, where it says onoff? Oh sympa, look at that lights are on. I probably have to join it somehow really worried about this sketchy, fricken controller here not happy there.

I don't think okay, so because I haven't read the instructions. I have no idea what it should be doing and I don't really see it. So I bet you I have to pair it right instructions, instructions in every language, not my language, not my language. Still not my language hahaha, maybe I didn't get instructions in my language. Let'S see here. So the battery goes in power. Light goes on this light. Switch up here says, scan so let's scan. Aha, the Scan button that one controller is really busted it's, not doing anything. Super cool, maybe it's, not busted, it know what I'm doing, which is often the case when I'm learning new RCS whoa. d'accord. So on here, when I push this toggle switch, it went backwards. Nice and smooth forwards. Whoa it sounds like it's got a transmission in there got something in there. I afraid that our odo afraid that I'm actually getting a bad, Distance, pretty worried about this side. One doesn't really do anything. Eh bien, eh bien, Puis, I'll have to crack it open and have a look at it. I guess a so. You can change the lights. Regarde ça. What was there we go. Is that me blinky and then yeah? Non, I definitely have to read the instructions and I'm. Definitely bummed out about this side of the controller it's too expensive, not to work okay, so you can definitely change the top flashing lights with the button that shows taut, flashing lights, that's cool.

I want the arm to go up and down while the arm go up and down. Oh my gosh it's, not a transmission check. It out super cool. Look at this on the back. This is the coupler, but you can actually do the coupler with the control neck. So nice yeah, so that's undone you'd back up to like the trailer and then you'd do it up: d'accord, that's cool that's, Cool, Hmm, a trailer! What would be nice to have a trailer? Alors, let me back this up because I know you guys can see over here. I'Ll, look at the instructions later and use my deciphering code ring batteries out of the way really see. If I can move. Oh my gosh super cool: did you guys see that okay? I still have no idea what the other radio is for, but I figured out how to move it up and down its the dials everybody that owns one of these right now is screaming at the thing it's the dials super cool as much as you move, this Dial it goes up and down and then the other ones. I am superhappy haha, d'accord. This is going to take some practice to get used to and I'm going to have to read or figure something out about this silly one over here, because this doesn't do anything so shout out for Bryce weeks bro. I see you in the comment section. Mister drifter.

You asked if you can have one of my RCS. I am planning quite a few giveaways actually coming up. I think it's about time. I got enough RC stuff. I want you guys to have it that's, really the truth, but it's going to be hard to win. Like there's like how does any youtube channel actually do subscribers it's like or contest winners, it's, like make a comment in the video section below and then like we'll pick one out in the future, and then they just contact them so I'm, still kind of figuring that Out because I have to worry about lithium, polymer batteries being shipped across borders, Tu sais, and and what does it really like for a six year old to win a toy from a YouTube channel? These are things I have to check in to make sure that we're being responsible but still cool. J’adore cette chose. d'accord, so lots of practice. On my side it looks like tahno. So if you go down too far, how do you stop it? There we go if you go down too far or keep going the hook of the trenton, the hook on the back piece and then it's a dial just like on the pistol grips to steer so that's, tellement incroyable, so back forward. I think I'm going to be able to get it it's just going to take a little bit of practice. That'S all and the thing is super small which I love.

So I can shovel snow or dirt, but I definitely need like a trailer and that's what it's sitting on right now. I think we should open it up. You guys think so. Nine hundred of us all watching right now, thanks guys there we go okay, Bon, so it's, just a matter of centering it do we have headlights. We do. J’adore cette chose. Homme, d'accord, so here we go so now. We'Ve, looked at this one that's, pretty cool buh, buh, buh, buh buh, you guys are. I can see you're looking inside you like yeah. I want this of yours. I want that we're. Réellement, gon na have dedicated things that I want to give away in the future, because I have the ability to talk to so many manufacturers, I'm going to start approaching manufacturers and say: Ecoute. You got a chance like to put your truck on the show. Let'S give it away like I can use it for like an episode, but I want to sign it and ship it off to somebody so that's that's, the plan at least uh. So here is the trailer that I ordered for it. It is a tan trailer that should lift on its own. This is pretty exciting for me, Dada, and I could have done this. You know like an all edited video for you. It would have been really smooth, but you guys are here with me now shout out to shot games. I see in like in the comments section look at this.

Look how well packaged this is it even comes in like a like a silicon, suede type plastic shout out to mr. RC tracks this action. When I look overand I can see that you want to shout out like sunjai saying thereyou get them but there's, just so many there's, just it's impossible, d'accord, so carefully there's my instructions in the back carefully as they fall over. I don't. Like fact, this little piece fell: Oh, but maybe it's, just like an accessory kit that it had to travel a long way to be here with us. So here we go a lot of people. Ask me how I choose my RCS and a lot of people think I got a lot of free, RCS and yeah I get free are sees, everything is expected for it. I never accept products that I don't want and it's, usually me contacting the company to say hey less than I thought this product was cool, you won't have it on show, but most of my RCS most I purchase just like everybody else, not a good discount, not With like a coupon code, I go on eBay or I go on two different sites. I stay away from the big retailers because they know how much the mark up is, but I still do that as well support my local hobby stores that's something I'm. A big fan of is supporting local stores so anyway, so now you know all 900 of you.

So here we go with the trailer look at this here is the coupling it's, the old headphone jack, that we're used to really cool it's, got a little crank, crank foot right here that you can raise and lower, so it can stand on its own. Why would we need to plug in some may ask good question: I don't see a place to put batteries on it and I don't see an onoff switch. So if I have my tractor see if I can get back here far enough, vous pouvez voir. Let me adjust the camera man there. Nous allons, I think I'm having to guess. You can see it right now, because I can't see it because of the huge delay. Ah Colton Fleck, you got your shout out: Bonjour, Rc, Passe-temps, Steve and hello budget friendly RC and everybody's, just saying shout out so shout out to everybody: I'm, not going through all 900 MB because there's. So many of you that want to see this alright. Alors c’est parti. I just want to make sure that when we catch up, the leg is gone. How about I move format so everything's nice and smooth you guys like the live feed, or is this something you'd rather see be faded out? I'Ll do my best to make it as good as I can each time. So it does look like this little piece. Aucune idée, but it is definitely broken and shipping I can see one side is busted.

That'S. d'accord, hopefully it's not like a mega piece that we need let's figure this out, so if this has its foot cranked to the bottom, like that well it's, right about there. So in theory, if I do this correctly, I should be able to take my remote. This side is the one that lifted the back coupling area for those that were with us at that time see I'll have to lower the foot, stand a little bit let's just making it higher and then back it up with the ah okay. Ah, there we go and then us, if it's a lot, this is going to take some practice there. We go it's just that my trailer is still too high on the foot so lower it and raise the foot right off the ground and then, with this quarter, Jack plugs into here now, my goodness I'm beginning to wonder if my dial is actually for that. I hope it does work. The dial works, the dial works, even though it's sloppy, dude huh. If you push optical duck, I think a spring has fallen off of it, basically because getting a center point for it is it just automatically stops? Remember I'm still, oh l’homme. We finally got some farm equipment and I do have one more tractor, so the tractor I have is probably over there it's a lot like this, but it's, not a loader it's, just a puller, and so I think puller would be good.

While we had a tractor that was loading on the side, what about here we'll lower it down? This is still operating on three on those three Triple A batteries. So turning is the dial I was turning it like this and backing up a little bit. d'accord. Alors qu’est-ce qu’on fait? Ah, Espérons, that's like a safety setting that clicking and it's not going to actually bust anything. But if I turn the trailer cable like this good it's out of the way everything is locked in place. Oh, I just undid it learning on camera is fun. There doll right there. I want to have a look at this setup too, to make sure it's all done properly because of the shipping and then backing up, but turning nice and then forward, Et puis, if I was dumping, the tail automatically opens up. C’est très cool: d'accord, that's. As far as it goes, but I do have some soil here like some sand. Some when I was in my gold mining days, and I wanted to sift and learn how to do some panning. I know a thousand people what's up dudes thanks for saying hi. I like this live thing, so it's a little less quality because of the camera, but it's still fun. Non, my friend Leo I don't have an RC submarine. I did look into it. Some would say that one of my DJI phantom is now a submarine because it crashed in the lake and I never saw it again, but not my recent want to add that one for a little while but submarines, you know a they're fun, but I can't see Them and B I can't, really film them too well let's back up and then turn let's see.

If I can do a nice wide circle for you guys all near the edge. Probably can you see that or maybe it's not going off, camera that's? Definitely going off camera so turning backing up, try not to jackknife woo. Did it man loving it? d'accord? So if I backed up a little bit jackknifed it but then come this way, I can do it so there, all my friends, hopefully you guys enjoyed today's film. I guess I'll, let this disc einde afloat and go like out into the ether is my friend Luke calls it put it up on the channel and see cuz. It was a unique unboxing to these things for sure, and I figured that if we can do it slightly different, we might as well hey super happy. You know what I think it would be better if we actually shoveled some sand. What do you think I'm gon na have to put down the foot? Let me let me put down stabilizer doodle ooh to do okay like that, but I also want to lower itmaybe it's not supposed to have a spring, because when it's at the bottom it just stops. Oh it doesn't. Oh it does okay, good I'll unplug it! So it's just sitting there let's move the tractor that's a that's, a true hand of God right there. You just pick it up pick up a tractor and move it where you want okay, I'm going to get the sand, qui est juste ici, actual gold pay dirt.

Forget where this came from that from the three horses pay dirt got it on eBay, hey you bought dirt on eBay. Oui, I did okay, so here we go actual gold flakes in here, not enough to make a difference by any means, but we're that, Oh, I see some sparklies him there. I was going to run this with my RC trommel and the trommel and the wash plant that I had, but I just never got there. There'S been so much to have fun with and so many requests that come into the studio. I'M very happy. I don't see a ton of lagging on here. Oh Liane bikes looks like you got your shadow, you put enough pleases in there. I noticed okay, so here go so if I was running the shovel it's, the dial, Oui, and if I was going to be running the arm other dial and like this and then forward ah forward is down there. We go and then dial up a but forward at the same time, oh darn. This is going to take some practice like anything in RC, especially a new controller that's completely new to me so still want to be looking at the bucket, pushing it down forward and then up I'm going to need mega practice. Just like I did with my excavators, though so backing it up backing it up some more. I want you guys to be able to see this so let's seal.

This put it right, put it here and then I'll move it on this side, because you guys see the dirt that's in there and then move it forward. Dammit it's going to take some reversing in my brain and then up up up forward and then down definitely going to take some practice and then down and then back it up and then down good good, Bon, good and then forward with the bucket show you guys. The digging turning the wheels going forward, ah getting forward down good and then forward oops I'm, going to have to back leave that I think let's try it this way and then hahaha anyway, guys you get it I'm working on it. It'S going to take me some practice, that's for sure one more time here we go this way forward, raise the arm forward and then the bucket down nice. I like the little poof of smoke, the smoke dust that the sand dust. That comes off of that. I wish it had a proper stop right there, so real thoughts of when I'm filming, but shout out to Kimi. I see you guys start my other video Bryson, sorry dude, the tail doesn't wag, the dog. You know I'll get there when I get there I'm doing necessary now, but still fun. I know everybody's excited to see me run my capo, but really it's such a nice piece of artwork, and I just want to enjoy it a little bit it's sitting over there.

Nice and clean perfect. I want to have it a few days before I go out and you know really put it to its test. D'accord, so forward again, ok and also I don't think I'll be running the capital machine in any water. It'S got some pretty exposed. Bearings and I'm happy to do it, but again it's just out of the gate. It hasn't even been released yet, and I just want to enjoy working many. Our seers know what I'm saying true our seekers all right so forward. Ah there's enough power in this servo to actually bend some of the rods that are there. So here we go and then up there we go jeez I'm, going to need to practice up way more let's, go forward and back laid forward and then put this down down far enough, so it doesn't want a backplate. Interesting back. Legging is just where you guys kind of like drag the dirt into a file let's see. If I can do this yeah mmm interesting so forward anyway, you guys are probably bored of watching me. Do this so I'm going to go ahead and take off because you guys get the idea I'm going to practice off the camera. Thank you so much for tuning in today. Guys I see you all saying shout out, please I love you all. I appreciate you tuning in to the live stream and until next time we'll see you thanks for tuning in bye for now hey get outside and enjoy the hobby of RC it's.