C’était 18 degrees celsius and the uh was wearing shorts and sandals. It was nice out it’s. The next day, Il’s sunday now its minus four and snowing it’s, not too cold. Bien sûr, i dressed for it as i was driving around town a couple days ago. I noticed a new parking lot. New parking lot means possibly new trail that’s. Qu’est-ce que je’m here to check out so i’M, just off ogden road there’s, the overpass that goes over uh the river, que je’m just about to check out theres the other overpass that goes over the train tracks, cela’s ogden road over there, the poo plant is just over There trying to give you guys an idea where i am so. I figured new parking lot, possibly new trail im scared of heights so im not going to play on these rocks cool little area, though all right im gon na mosey down the trail and see. If i find anything interesting, if not well im all charged up, oh and i got the truck out oh yeah, last time out with this, i had to kick it a lot because i was driving uh. What was in there 35 turn taking. Oh excusez-moi. I just had breakfast the uh 35 turn ticking motor yeah. I kept getting a hung brush. I took it apart. When i got home, the brushes were good, you can put softer springs in them and then they don’t uh. Ils ne le font pas’t get that situation as much because they get crap in between the brush and the calm, and you have to give it a spin to get it going again.

Sinon, il a gagné’t go on its own. The only drawback to those motors, otherwise theyre super powerful and uh. Would the other would be smooth yeah. You can crawl with them real nice. So now in there is an axial 35 Tourner. I do believe running on three cell with a 14 Ou 15 Dent. I think i put in there see if i can find some action im actually on the old path. Pre flood theres the new one over there snow, Incroyable, donc là’s going to be droplets on the screen pretty much all throughout the entire show. So hopefully you guys are good. Hopefully you guys can deal with that. Bien, Je’m going to go ahead and call that a bust. I went like 10 Ou 15 minutes down all the way to the other, the next overpass, which almost gets me into old refinery park. So this area, if you got a comp, crawler là’s, a pile of rocks over there, it could be good other than that it’s, not great for trail, Gars, Il’s, all smooth paths, so maybe a semi run or something yeah. This is a bit of a bust. Donc, je’m just going to start driving and see where the car takes me and see. If i get some more footage, surprise surprise: the car took me to river trail. East i’M, not exactly sure how im getting down there i’M, pas un grand fan de cela, parce qu’il’s a daytime run, Je l’ai fait’t bother uh didnt bother getting my light battery or the parallel plug.

In slight regret now i didnt think the snow was gon na, be the sticky. The green lights always look good. Je ne sais pas’t think i turned enough. Where is it there? It is Applause, Applause now the blurry undertreat i started to do it and then i backed out i’m comme oh, Je l’ai fait’t even turn the camera on. I got about Applause there. It is hes a little greasy okay, much like brad barshaw. My truck is a little greasy dang. It Applause should have a lot more power than this Applause. Something might be up somewhere, possibly a bad connection or something maybe its a pooey motor. It is brand new, so maybe the uh brushes havent settled in yet to the calm. Je ne sais pas’t seem to have any low end torque at all the battery’s bon. I know that three cells maybe just needs a better break in period. nous’Ll see how it goes here: Applaudissements, huzzah Applause and Applausethat three, pas oh, what the hell! Bien, c’est’t going well at all ive tried three times i’M, not allowed to go back so now, Je’M, cheating just going by the runoff pond thats deerfoot trail over there. This is the pond that has been pretty dry as of late. She filled up fast and its running in there hard now i usually dont drive in that stuff, mate it’s, pretty gross its runoff from the highway right, mais il’s nice to see the trail getting moistened up.

I can honestly say i dont remember exactly how often i tell you guys what i run in my trucks, mais celui-ci’s typical sv3 brush motor uh, but normally i have either a high tech or a sav box, or some kind of new amazon special waterproof uh Servo, this is still that same truck, that was a pawn shop, trouvez-le’s got a six four five in it: cela’s a high tech, engrenage métallique. Je ne sais pas’t savoir 180 ounce or 200 Servo. Je pense que c’est’s décent, non étanche, but guess what i’m gon na do. So maybe that motor just needed to clean it seems way better. Oh whatever was slowed me down earlier is gone. I got theres torque and speed out of that guy now just needed some water. I guess servo’s faire. d'accord, Regarder! How white it is! I know snow will do that right. Homme, 18 degrees might as well say 20 degrees and sunny yesterday, Il’s hot now theres this i can just imagine rookie if you’revoir ceci. Je te connais’re at home person nah come on betty yeah. She almost stood up there that hes a beast Music im hoping the gopro is working. It keeps telling me that theres no room on the on the sd card, but i know i i cleared it before. J’ai quitté la maison. Bien, it should be working just fine, si ce n’est pas le cas, je’M, talking to no one right. Maintenant, oh no ill do it again.

Anyways nobodys worked on their bridge in a while go straight up long, Musique, Je’m thinking thats doable come on. Nice truck is a monster Music. The longer i run this, the better it’s l’exécutant’s got to be those uh. Il’S got to be those brushes capabilities off the scale so i’M. Thinking at this point, Je’ve made a pretty good size, video for you, les gars et moi’ve had fun and seeing yeah i’M. A little out of breath im out of shape too much couch, but uh since how i do live in calgary and there are a lot of people that love rc as much as i do. Je’M betting. I get a text message at some time today asking me if i want to go out, and only because theres a little bit of snow makes it a little bit muddy. It might be a good day for scale run well see what the next video brings.

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