You guys already know what this is. This is the sun racing truck. I think they call it a custom truck. Je ne sais pas’t have the box there isnt a manual for it, yet i got this from medic. He got two of them. He gave one to me and one to his buddy dan uh. I extremely appreciative about it, because this truck is way more than i thought it was going to be coming out of the box, Car, si vous’re going to watch or if you want uh a link to medics channel because hes already done the opening with me and Dan and weve ripped up the trucks there wont be a link there type it in yourself, so uh many people have already done an unboxing on this thing. Je’Ll tell you what i’Ve, what my thoughts are so far because thats been the main thing is: what is it whats it going to be used for and to me, Il’s going to be straight up. Fondamentalement, a racing truck or a drifting truck ive had a lot of fun with it drifting. I might go that way. Some kind of on road here ill tell you the main reason why one um, si vous’Re, going to try and turn this into an off road truck suspension, is going to be number one and thats a big problem. Ils’Ve done a cantilever system which isnt bad because it stops the torque twist from happening right. Alors, là,’s not much body roll at all, donc il’s against mainly set up for street racing now the other problem, si vous’re going to turn it into a trail truck, basically to get bigger, tires on it, which you would do because these tires will not work well Off road, you can still do a dually, you can still screw them together, just like they did it’s un très, très euh.

Pas je don’t want to say low end, mais il’s the simplest way to make it as uh dually is what they’ve fait, because all six wheels are the exact same wheel. They just back to back them and screw them together and then bolt them onto your standard. 12 mil battery in the back don’t matière, 1040 Esc. I think it is from hobbywing yeah the 1040.. They both get really hot. After what ive done with it, they both get really hot, so it is geared on the highest one. It could be done to the lowest one, mais je’m still going to play with that, because i might try. I should have got this ready. I do have a set of drip tires from from an hpi, mais je pense qu’ils’re going to be too small. Pour cette chose, hi molly im not doing anything under the table mollys under there and im petting her right baby. You need your own channel. Get over here go on get. I love you too. Okay back to the truck 17 and a half inch wheelbase, euh .e uh, Nouveau, not great for a trail truck if it had another axle, uh like 11 and a half or 12 inches sure great trail truck that’s. Another problem with it now the one that just hit me this morning, as i was sitting on another chair, the suspension system linked no problem. Je pense que c’est’s three link front rear, yeah sterling front rear, big ass, long links in the rear, which makes it kind of look like a show truck or a custom truck seam and truck whatever you want to call it in like that.

Now you got your carrier bearing or whatever its called uh hanger, bearing, Je pense, Il’s also known as the problem with this setup and it’s, not a huge. Je suppose que c’est’s a bit of a huge native, parce que je don’t know how to fix it. Je’M sure theres going to be other guys who know how to fix it out there, mais je don’t off the top my noggin um that’s. Why medic turns his phone off when he does videos the only other pro the problem to make it off road is which i’m sûr que vous’ve thought about it? Now that i had that quick, little pause uh if youre going to put bigger shocks on it for bigger clearance, these dog bones dont extend theyre just going to pop out, so you would need to leave it, as is which means you can jack the out of The body you can get, Je don’t know they got a few more posts. You can probably get another inch out of the rear post and the front, so you can raise the body up like another inch to get bigger tires on it. Si c’est le cas’s all you want to do to go off road and lock it up, because the dips are open, Vous’re gon na have to lock it up, mais vous pouvez’t changement, really much about the suspension system. So your articulation is pretty poo like if you lift up the front it dont take long for the back to lift same if you go to the back right because its the same suspension system.

So everything about this leans towards on road which im okay with because i dont have much for on road vehicles and a 110 Échelle, really nothing um, Et alors’s à ce sujet. For my coverage of it or my initial thoughts on it because i’M, a trail guy and if im going to trail it they have to jack the out of the body to put bigger, tires on and then lock up the dips and, Bien sûr, changement. électronique. Because some of you guys out there and its totally doable just not out of the box, it is not a tow rig to start. You know they got a hitch on the rear, cela’s, basically flush with their damn near flush, with their rear, pneus et il’s way. Past the back so theres that so your hitch mount is back there, donc vous’re inches inches away from having that hitch work, and i think they did this part to save money, que je don’t blame them at the same bumper in the front, which means this could Be towed behind something else. Peut-être que je ne le fais pas’t know um. The chassis is adjustable both front and rear. Je ne sais pas’t know how much adjustment you can get out of it. I would say it’s, probably about you, could go one screw forward or one screw back on the front. End and in the rear you get a little more room. You can go two screws forward or one screw back to make it even longer.

Je suppose que vous’d have to move the links as well. No that doesn’t avoir du sens. Non, if you move it back, Vous’d have to buy a different drive. Shaft drive. Shafts are a bit of a killer. You almost cant mess with the drivetrain there. Nous allons. You almost cant mess with the drivetrain much at all because of those freaking dog bone style. Shafts i don’t savoir si i’m saying that right but thats what i would call those styles of shafts thats a bit of a kicker again, i should have got those drift tires out before. Where are they theyre tiny, bien que je ne le fasse’t savoir s’ils’ll go on hold on yeah, i found them its not going to work not with these ones. Anyways they go on there it’s. Just these tires four inches, just a certain type of hair under four inches. These guys are about two and five, no sixteenths that right, seven sixteenths, just under two and a half inches a little small. Je ne sais pas’t know much about drift tires, so there could be bigger drift tires out there. Je pense qu’ils’re gon na have to go down to action today and see if they sell lights. Je ne sais pas’t know if you guys can tell, but this leds blinking at me so im trying to get better light down here, but i suck at that other than that. Laisser’S see counter lever suspension, Vous pouvez’t really lengthen the suspension off. Just here you go seems to be working good.

Now the batteries and spring were lined up greatly. D'accord, donc je don’t know what tooth opinion that is actually its pretty chunky. Encore, Je don’t have a manual and ive done zero research on this thing. Medic text me: Salut, si vous’re not doing anything, Mardi, Je’m gon na do an unboxing of a truck. You might get one out of it. Je’M, like all right, cool im in what is it, Je don’t know what he says and now i know what so yeah i’d disons. Street truck, mais euh laissez’s see one two, Trois, Quatre, Cinq, Six, Sept, eight nine ten looks like a ten tooth. I do not have a nine tooth, ce qui serait’t make a big difference. Laisser’S face it. I think it needs a different motor and esc, because this truck is gon na get punished and just by the amount of punishment i put it through already, both out at medics place and just out on the street. Captain calgary trevor was here yesterday and we i took it out to the street to show him he was blown away as well, because out of the box dropping a three cell on a deans plug this thing will keep up to a brush to slash, Je pense, Comme je peux’t put a kilometers on it because i’M, not that keen or i’M, not that good at judging a vehicle speed, mais j’ai eu un 3 800 kv brushless in the digger. I bet you its almost as fast as the digger traction is horrible.

Sur cette chose, even with dualies in the back, you can do donuts on concrete or payment, que je’m going to try here in a bit. Laisser’S figure id start down here in the basement im going to head down to action im going to if they got a really cheap brushless system like not cheap but inexpensive like another hobby wing system, maybe something with a lower kb, 2 cellule 3 cell and some Larger either drift tires or street tires, because i think this things going to remain street. Pour moi, this is one of those rigs where you kind of want two of them, so you can do different things with like like when the wraith first came out like 11 Ou 12 Ans, whatever it is now 10 Ans, i needed i built two Of them, because i needed one that crawled and i needed one that was a rocket like onewas great for articulation and rock crawling and the other one was brushless. If you werent going full speed, it would overheat because it wasnt enough wind anyways. This is something that i would almost want. Two of one to jack, the out of the body put bigger, tires on it. Lock it up gear, it weigh the hell down with it with a low kb motor or a very high turn brushed motor because that transmission right, i still got to play with that gear inside i’Ve, switched this one into a high gear and i think i’M, going To put it back to low gear but ill find out after today, because i think after i do this im going to head down to action, see pat and cara and see what i can get for tires and motor and esc that are inexpensive, maybe a actually It says this is a sad box servo now that uh, i see a sticker on this side of it.

So maybe i wont need a servo, because i trust the sandbox here. Bien, Je don’t savoir si que’s a saver or not it looks like it is other than that. Je pense que’s about all i can think of for now the battery tray you might have to get yanked out of there for a different one, parce que je don’t know if my big three cell will fit in there. Bien, it looks like it will: cela’s a big ass 3000 Ou 5000 Mah, three cell hard case yeah she’s’y intégrera, no problem bigger tree than the traxxas trx4, non que’s, pas correct. I take that back yeah. So i wanted to talk about tire suspension. Gearing is really high and you guys would say it could be a tow rig, not not as it is. It would need a way, more torque your system and definitely in first gear, with the smallest pin you could possibly find. Je ne sais pas’t know what the gear ratio is and the diffs again i havent done much research on this thing, mais je’m i’m straight up street truck on this one. So far you know i i’m i’M, a off road guy. J’aime! I love crawlers. I love mudding. I love rock crawling water love water yeah. Cette chose’s, pas que’s, not the life that this thing is destined for this things gon na be destined for the street. Donc, si i’m gon na go street almost got to keep the wheels, you know because its flashy it’s sympa it’s a nice truck.

Je pense qu’ils’re going to come in about four bills for right now, Oui i’m done talking im heading down to action, see what i get for it. Je’Ll see you guys in a bit all right, rc lovers and people just got back from action. It went good and bad so right now on the shelf, the lowest kv that a less than 200 dollar combo for brushless system they got is a uh 3800 kv castle, which is a great system. I have no issues with it it’s juste que, Ah, is that going to fix the problem. I want to go. Brushless its just pat’s, going to see what hes got at home and maybe ill buy something awesome. Personnellement. Instead of an action, it would have came from action, quoi qu’il en soit, je’M, going to go outside no i’M. Not maybe, i am, let me think, Je’m debating them, parce que je don’t like doing the in the street in front of my house, because people park, like idiots and theres only like one vehicle space between vehicles and i don’T – want to drive this top speed between vehicles. Down the street im not overly worried about damaging the real car, because if i hit anything its going to be steel and its going to break the truck, not the car. So what i should do is pack up some tools and motors and ill go find a parking lot somewhere and do a couple of speed runs and see.

If i can figure out what motor or kv i want to go with this thing, Je’ll fall in no way falling, knowing full well that this transmission is still in high gear, which i will probably end up. Switching it back down because i like torque more than i do speed, um okay time will tell hold on upstairs but anywho i’M. I love the tires and wheels more and more the more. I look at it, the more i like it, the more i drive it. The more i like it, Il’s very stable its got enough power it’s rapide. It handles great the savage servos fast out of the box. I like it thanks thanks, medic i’M, going to talk to send racing and medic, because i need somebody else to have one of these aside from me: Salut, les gars, D'accord, so i got the truck out of the house now. The weird thing about this thing is i’M, the only one who has one right now, donc je peux’t really invite people to come out and try this thing with me, parce qu’il y a’s other people that dont have one yet but im here at five star, bingo im gon Na get this thing a rip stock, as is on a three cell and its still in high gear, because i still havent put it to low, because i pick myself up a brushless system for it. So after i do this with a brush system, Je’m gon na go home swap out to the brushless and then well give her a go.

All right see yahoo Music, Belle, foreign dang, it Musique, Musique, oh so far away so im wondering if i lock that rear diff will it roll over less or more. I need somebody else to do it: Musique, Première, damn it so after about five minutes of pretty hard going yeah, that motor is pretty hot esc, almost as hard as the motor and thats only after five minutes of run time. Que’S (en), why were getting ourselves a brushless system in there let’s aller? Do it hey guys? d'accord? So if my editing is coming together, half ass accurately um youve already watched me do a little bit of a blabble, and then i went out for a rip with a stock system. Now i got the truck back at home again and uh just before. I continue on. I just want to say thanks to all the new guys who are coming over, that uh yesterday on the trail run with medic. He was coming into town, and i had just luckily called him to ask him a question about this thing. Actually is like: when can i get another one and uh turns out its a long time, but uh hi molly, mais e uh .? What was i gon na say? Oh yeah uh, just thanks for all the new subs thanks to medic for giving me a shout out. Je l’ai fait’t expect that, because just before he turned the camera on, he goes. I got a plan for you today.

I know what you got going on turns on the camera and his mission was to get me to twenty thousand, que je’m getting close to. I think one more thousand to go or a thousand and a half cool. So thank you and welcome to the show uh all right back to the send racing truck, stop breathing on me, Il’s chaud, get out of here ready, um right. So i just went for a tour with it. I the only issues i have with it as a stock truck really is it gets too hot too fast, because when i was out there, i i looked at the gopro and it said five minutes and nine seconds and still it’n’est pas 100. Go that time. Donc, il’s, probably actually only about four minutes of run time with in high gear still in the transmission yeah, i got motors still warm and ive already driven home and i eat a sandwich and went to the washroom and washed my hands and bro. Excuse me all right, donc i’m gon na rip out the motor and the esc and were gon na go with a dynamite. So i got this from uh pat not recommended for children under 14.. So i got this from pat at action hall because i went there yesterday and i didnt really have anything that was in my price range or the kv. I would want so pat’s comme. Let me check it home im clearing out some stuff, and i think i have no brushless system that he was going to use in his vetera twin hammers that’s, getting old.

Now i think and yeah he just never uses. So i got both the motor and esc. Je ne sais pas’t know why i almost feel nervous, Il’s, weird um, typical esc, Rien, nothing too special about it. Je l’espère’s imperméable à l', pas que je’m going to drive this thing in the water too much nice brushless. Can that weighs almost nothing, and that makes me worried a little bit but im going to get those electronics in there and then, when i go out im going to run the same pinion im going to start with 2 cellule, puis i’ll go up to three cell And possibly i might slam this thing down. If i can because see if i can avoid rollovers all right, give me a few minutes, so i just found a bit of a design flaw cameras on a tripod i don’t se sentir comme. Maybe i do it’s d’accord. There we are see the bottom screw there for the motor. I even got a ball end on it. I tried getting a ball end on it, but even then you just cant get the angle. Je sais que je’m blocking it, mais que’s about the best angle. You can get is right there by the receiver box and it’s, not enough for the ball in to grip it. ainsi, in order for me to change out this motor, i actually have to pull the transmission im going to call that a design flaw all right back at her system’s en elle’s plugged in motors in yeah battery uh its got an e3 plug or an e2, whatever Size, this is a3 ec3, whatever controllers on has a power switch, it has a fan.

Servo sounds unhappy, actually things going to take off. I have no reverse esc calibration let’s. Faites-le? d'accord, so that was a good news, bad news thing or good news. Bonne nouvelle. I guess everything seems to work fine, it was my fault. I did the calibration backwards or not properly neutral forward reverse. I did neutral reverse forward, which made everything goofy but yeah now its faster forward than it is reverse. I reprogrammed it all ios outside somebody button up the electronics here, just close the lid and stuff like that, i did lower the shocks to the lowest point. They could it wasnt much. You only move it over a couple screw holes on each front and back and it lowered it a touch i mean like millimeters, pas beaucoup, but hopefully that helps. Je ne sais pas’T, like the rolling over part, là’s no other place to move the shocks. Il’S kind of a place here hold on its like this on both the front and rear. Can we get her here? Where am i so right? There excuse me, so you see the shock there on just above the link theres another spot, but the shock would be on an angle and i don’t pense qu’il’s actually supposed to go. Il, Il’s probably there for a different reason, but maybe slightly shorter shock it’s. Not quite a lot because theres not a lot of not a lot of give, as there is right like that’s il que’s your throw um yeah is what it is for now, Si, right still a nice drawer, D'accord, Oui, Je’ll button, her back up and well Get back out to a parking lot and see what this thing will do all right round two brush this in there.

Everything should be good to go. Oh and after taking this thing apart and putting it back together, Nouveau, revêtir’t even think about going through a puddle with this that receiver box isnt even close to it, est’t even close to the waterproof, Ah, oui, eh bien, Il’s, definitely more powerful and faster still likes To roll over just as much though Music, Oh oui, Belle, oh it was nice yeah, Il’s way way faster, Oh, come on baby doesnt really want to do donuts very well. Who can blame it, Si? I guess the next step on this thing is going to be suspension. Cette chose’s awesome Music, donc i’m pensée. I should probably order new tires and a body because im going to wreck them, les deux, oh non, D'accord, Comme ci comme ça, 2200 Mah, trois cellules. I know i said: Je’d try, two cells, i mean screw that um, cette chose’s so wicked. Très bien laisser’s do a temperature, tique, Moteur, ow, really hot esc. I should probably plug that fan back in yep it’s gon na, like that yeah. That motor is really hot. Musique, that was interesting quite a quite a bit of fun. I mean yeah. I really like that truck Music, so suspension. I is on the list: Il’s not terrible, mais je voudrais’T, like i wouldn’t l’esprit, getting it a little bit lower to the ground and other than that that motor is hot. I do have a set of cooling fins for a 540 can at home.

I will definitely put those on there, mais je don’t savoir si elle’s gon na be enough. That thing is hot and its already got a tent tooth on it. Donc, il’s not like i can gear it any better talk more when i get home all right, Et alors’s gon na be it for me in this truck. For now i had a blast with it. It is hot out it’s seulement comme 24 degrees and its too hot for this guy anyways. This thing got hot as well: the esc wasn’t mauvais. So i plugged the fan back in that shouldnt be an issue from now on: hi molly and then the motor got hot. I do have a set of fins i can put on it. Que’Ll help out a little bit im sure i think im going to put this thing back down into low gear, because yeah its going to be a big difference. Il’S here that or i find like uh, i need a 2200 Kv, or so brushless motor pack was right. 33 is a little high and its not because of the speed. The speed was perfect. It just gets too hot, so i got to figure out a way to calm the heat down, Il’s, probably going to be a higher quality motor with the first speed and the transmission well see where that goes, mais que’Ce sera le cas pour aujourd’hui. I love this thing if it comes in at 400, dollars qui’s un très bon prix.

Pour cette chose, i had it’s a it’s, a black house, Il’s a fun truck to drive zero regrets on this look all right hold on. You guys probably want to see her too come here.