These are the g made bead locks theres the number there check those out pretty popular set these ones. I just have the green ring painted on there. They come solid black we’Re, going to be using a proline dual stage: 1.9 foam thats a number here for you highly recommended for competition and general usekeeps the tires from going flat and were gon na be mounting it on a proline trencher 1.9 pneu. Aujourd’hui, these rims will work with really any kind of tire. Je’Ve used, duratrax ( duratrax ), proline, j concepts. Rc four wheel drive quite a lot of them uh, so the first thing youre gon na do is uh, take the old or the i guess, Il’s new foam out of the new tire we’Re, pas gon na, be using this pull it right out, keep them aside And maybe use them for a future project, and this new foam dont really be scared. You can kind of pinch it in half here and you just got to kind of work it in the tire. Il’S really no easy way to get it in there. Revêtir’T, be scared, Vous’ne vont pas le casser. You basically just want to get both of them in there stretch the rubber around it. Try to keep you in the camera here, Il’s a little tricky just really get it just force it in. To be honest with you and then just once, you get the thing in there and just work it around trying to get that white foam in there to bunch up kind of stretch.

It back in place a little work it around. It should look something like this kind of feel around make sure you got that white foam sitting on mostly on center. If you guys can see that in there and work it around, we should be sitting somewhere like this or set that aside now, the rim has a three pieces to it. This is the front center and back side. Si vous remarquez, the back side has the set in for the screws. So when you get the the rims, they come with a little bag of hardware. Ici, nous’re going to open that up real quick so that dumped out here, so they give you these longer screws. These are to help you start the rim and then also this tool here they give you, which is very important, donc vous’re going to need a two and a half millimeter driver that goes on the tip of this, and it becomes a socket driver for these small Bead, locking screws so that’s important, a lot of people forget that that’s dans le sac, donc nous’ll keep that aside for now, so first thing youre going to do so. This is the middle piece notice. One side is set deeper than the other im gon na put it so the dot is on the inside just so, Je don’t see it on my truck. This goes in the center. Just got ta force it in stretch. The rubber around these tires are a little bit easier to mount actually with the uh dual stage: foam just because its molded in the center the bead likes to fit in so now we got that this is the back side, so you kind of want to try To line up these holes best, you can something like that: Vous’re not going to get it perfect, something like that kind of hold it in place, flip it over im going to line the front side up with those holes best, as we can again youre not going To get it perfect, mais il’ll come together, you can kind of get them lined up there.

Now this is the hardest part is getting the first screw started. Try the best i can on camera here so youre gon na take that longer screw try to find a hole wiggle it through and try to get it to come through the back side, while keeping everything in place, so it kind of came through there. Si vous pouvez voir, we want to make sure the bead stays in the in the rim here so im kind of holding this pinching it and pushing on that screw. En même temps, we got to get the nut on the back side here kind of hold that together flip it around try to get this screw started here. Je’M gon na need to grab a uh two millimeter wrench for this screw here. All right so ive got a two millimeter. I just wan na get that screw started, watch that it doesnt cross thread in the knot in the back here, but it grabbed and then once you feel some pressure on it. I just kind of stop get my wrench back now at this point you kind of want to go around and make sure the bead is seated properly. Vous pouvez voir ici. This part is right, but this far is too far in so i usually just go around the tire. Give it a little pull you dont want to pull too much here just enough to get the bead to sit right now, you can see all the way around it’s, pretty uniform same with the back side.

Je’M gon na pop it out a little bit over here. Encore, revêtir’t pull it too hard, Vous’ll, pull it right out and have to pull that screw back out all right. So we get that one set now were going to put that second starter screw in i do it directly opposite. I have to wiggle it a little bit to get it to go through. Look on the back side. You got ta see push on it a little bit there we go once you get. These two in the other ones are fairly easy. Get this one started here again: watch that screw see how it started to go uncrooked you dont want to do that just a kind of a patience game with this. These two screws are the hardest part kind of holding that screw in my thumb, tightening it down start to feel some pressure on. It make sure the beads staying in now im just going to go back and forth on these two screws fairly evenly. So one side doesnt end up going in crooked, going back and forth, keep an eye on the bead make sure its staying in place and pretty much getting to the snugged up point. À ce stade, our tire is basically mounted. We just got to put the rest of the screws in so at this point grab one of your small ones get it started in the back. This are the little thats where the little bit comes in handy.

Put that on there. You just stick it like that. Flip the tire over find your nut, put that on and basically just going to tighten it down dont over tighten these doesnt take a lot to really to strip out the little screw. Vous ne le faites pas’t have to go really tight crazy with them. Putting a little bit of loctite on each screw is not a bad idea. They do tend to fall off over time. They do give you a couple spares and you can buy them separately from gmaid they’Re, pretty cheap um, donc vous’re just going around putting in each screw. This is the part that gets a little tedious. This is only the first tire you still get to do it. Three more times little nuts done to they dont like to go in the hole straight, so i usually just kind of get them started like see its in there crooked. But when you go come through with the screw. De l’autre côté, it kind of tends to straighten it out, alors don’t try to sit there and get it to fall in perfectly because youre going to be at it forever. Now we got four of those in. We can take out the two long ones when im backing these out. I try to keep a little pressure on the back side, donc le euh, the nut, ne’t just fall and fall all over the floor and we can keep the nut in place.

We can just pull it out, pull it out and just come right back in with the one we want, tighten it down and just a lot of rinse and repeat with bead locks back it out i’M, just keeping pressure on the screw. So it comes out the front side and that doesnt fall right out the back, so the nuts still in place save those screws because youre going to need them for the rest of these it’s, probably a good idea just to hang on to all these little tools. You probably end up more beat locks in the future. Tighten it down and shes mounted just go check all these screws. I usually do it in a star pattern, like a real car, see that one was pretty loose. If you leave on the nut, it will fall off and its mounted that’s. All there is to it with certain cars and trucks. You might need a hub extenders or something like that to keep the brass from rubbing the inside on different setups anyway that’s.

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