We did get to smoke in the end, but if you want to see the body shell being sprayed the rims and all that going on, carry on watching the video, if not watch another video on my channel hit that subscribe button. Musique, Bonjour, welcome back to rc workshop guys. A lot of you will be excited to see this thing on the bench. We are going to revive the burnout car. A few little modifications today in this video as well um literally this is all thats left of the burner car. Last time we took it out, so we got the brushless motor in there. We found the right tyre types on the back as well ready for burners literally so what were gon na do is drop a nice big fat, 1, 8 Échelle, 150 amp speed control directly into the car, like so bang that in there literally connect it up receiver Remote batteries done this should burn out yet, but just let you know this show has actually been in two hours for some. What for some time, i used it as a cab on a crawler for a little while. Donc, ce que nous’re gon na do today is head outside to the shed and just pick a random color off the shelf. D’accord les gars, so we are in the old rc workshop cabin shed uh. J'ai gagné’t show you that way because its full of household stuff uh, je pensais que je’D – got more paints than this.

But basically you got green ive done green before white whites, boring matte black would look awesome but i’M, just not thinking. Je ne sais pas’t pense qu’il’s silly enough. Uh bright pink that can has been sitting there for some years waiting to be used, guys orange, which is already orange, or a gloss black or a lime, Vert. Whatever you think you know what im thinking were going pink straight away. Je’Ve got a full can of this stuff, Je’m going to take it outside and just spray that shell down ah right then graze. The pink spray can does not want to spray ive even tried. A new tip on the top ive tried putting a screw down and covered myself in pink paint. This just does not want to come out evenly. I have found some tamiya blue and some tamiya green. They are used there’s, definitely not enough for a complete body. coquille. In both these cans, should i just try right now doing half and half once i blew one side, Vert, Hmm, maybe even better. I have just done a test piece on this. I was seeing if the kansai spray, the green one, actually comes out quite blotchy and blobby. So what i might do is overlay a blue over the orange right now as much as i can get and then overlay the green as well. On top of the blue, because that looks pretty damn good lets see how it turns out, shall we oh nervous, si i’m being brutally honest, i do not think theres enough blue in this can, but if we uh be quick about it, and i mean whats the Worst that can happen.

I can just go over it with the matte black. Here we go see the dusting all over. This is no spray tutorial guys at all. This is definitely not okay, so that is the blue coat down. That is as much as i could. Physically, get that can dont worry about the flatbed at the back. Qu’est-ce que je’m thinking about doing is hand painting that in black, so you know and thats how you fall outside guys it aint going to matter, because you can just go over it all with black, but the next bit is anything thats still showing up as a bit Of orange, through that blue, once that blues dried were gon na lay down some tamiya metallic green, like saying that on that board there as a mistake, revêtir’t a l’air trop mal, hmm Music right, puis i’ve not got a clue how this is gon na turn out guys. nous’Ve got the uh, the tamiya green there. Qu’est-ce que je’m gon na do is try and follow the contour lines of the car to put a few brush strokes, at least on let’s, see if it turns there. You go put one on this side there’s. Not much of this left at all lets try and get some on the roof. d'accord, laisser’s just go for it, Il’s just covering it’s. Looking for a lesson coming in thick, blobs that’s, pas bon du tout, eh bien! This is definitely not a spray tutorial. We are a paint a little bit more for that corner.

You know what they had a bad color Music that might be a good little accident there, quoi’s that look like on camera, Wow, d'accord, laisser’s, say painting the back end of that back truck in black uh yeah it’s, bizarre, hmm right, then so that aint turning it Too bad, comme je le dis, Il’s blotchy, Il’s, different colors its got big drops of paint anyway spat the last bit of paint at the part, but you know what that ain’T, too bad dropped a bit of black on the black bed as well being really impatient with This one guys its barely even dry, all right then so i have found some nice new slick tires glued to rims as well. The these are the ones we used before they’Re, getting a little bit thin there as well, but these have got a really sticky compound term, ce qui est vraiment agréable. Malheureusement, Je’ve only found three, donc i’m gon na have to have three wheels. Euh et i’ll put this odd black one on the front left. Vous avez gagné’t tell when the shells on especially when its one sided, Euh i’ve dropped the uh, the speed control in it’s, not stuck down or anything like. I said theres nothing gon na be permanently as soon as you can squash it all in on the shell. Il’S fine and weve got the two power packs powering it as well. Deux 7.4 volt lipos uh, 55C 5300 Mah. Should we give it a little while ill put this piece of wood down on the bench at the minute? I ain’t going to blast it too much in here, because this is in the studio.

Maintenant, je don’t black tire dust everywhere, mais laissez’s get just one little press and see what happens. Ah bon, cela’s, good whoa whoa. We got smoke off just that in the workshop. Whoa, okay and the toilets get warm all along. I wonder how long theyll last well still take these ones out, alors ce que je’ll do is get all the electrics put in this one, agréable et serré, that rubber stinks guys. Euh nous’ll get all the uh electric putty nice and tight, et puis nous’ll put these wires at the back of the shelves. The shells in the garden downstairs drying still got all the paint on my hands. Hum. The shell should be dry within half an hour. If not and its tacky, who cares im still gon na go for it anyway, alors laissez’s get the electrics in bolt everything down, take it out in the garden, try and get a burnout this time, Je’m gon na try and just leave it on. I think this speed control and these batteries can easily handle that motor this motor is going to get warm. The tires are going to get really warm hopefully, and hopefully we get a lot of smoke off this for the video, Oh oui, Oh, the paint isnt even dry, yet it is still tacky. Je’Ve still managed to get all the accessories back on the bumper, le e uh ., the grille back in there. The scoop on the front and the windows are all back in it.

Revêtir’T matter crazy, like i say the paint job i’M, not overly uh bothered about it. Pour être honnête, all this can be re buffed out, comme elle’s a later date. If i want to re spray it again, the idea is to just keep putting coats down on this and then one day pull out the sandpaper and keep going through the coats. So you can pull loads of different colours through colours um. Globale, Si, i am happy with the way that looks. Pour être honnête, that looks absolutely mean. We have got 14 volts strapped to the back of it. nous’J’ai un 1 8 Échelle, brushless speed control pair in it as well. Oh, do i take it outside and just do a burnout right now, even though the paint stacky yeah? Of course you should oh yeah, so we are not outside doing a burnout just yet, because there actually has been one week in between this video of this going outside to do a burnout failing to do a burnout stripping the internal gear in so what weve got To do is order a new set of gears, which is now here we’Re, going to drop these in and hopefully get this bad boy finally doing a burnout. The problem was: is you youre only allowed 16, 18 Et 22 opinion? It got a 19 tooth in for some reason, which was obviously tight on the uh on the internal gearing and that’s, caused it to strip what weve got is weve actually got.

Lla 16 nous’ve got the new gears. nous’Ll drop that in well get this thing doing a burnout. Pardon, and at the end of all this video as well ill show you the filed, attempt. I was absolutely gutted. nous’Ve got it all sprayed up. Belle apparence, we got it ready, refresh the throttle and it just went and stripped the gears. We got a bit of smoke as well for, like a second for them, tires moving. So i have no doubt that this thing will actually make smoke outside get these gears fitted and head back outside right then lets see if we can get this thing burning rubber lets go Music not again. Oh, that did not sound good Music. Donc voilà, vous l’avez, we have got a nice looking shelf queen, and that is about it out of the burnett car. I will order another set of gears and i will drop that other set of gears in there personally think as well. That the tires that i found these are just far far too grippy. Regarder. They really are a real nice, thick grippy compound um and the the power the the drivetrain in this tamiya. Just in enough to kick it. Qui sait, i might stick these little reels on a nice big 1 8 scale buggy and see if we can burn them out that way: Euh i’m personally really gutted guys anyway. Please give the video a big thumbs up hit that subscribe.

Button and i’Rendez-vous sur le prochain, see ya right: salut, then whos ready for a burnout im a bit nervous. I ain’t tried it at all, yet we are exactly where we sprayed it as well. The paint is still tacky here. Nous allons, Si. Trois, deux, un: oh oh oh, we got smoke but it sounds like we just broke something i hope not.

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