Oui, because my thing wanted to be dumb and and not filmed. d'accord, laisser’s not get it demonetized, though you could say that yeah, but still like they dont demolition, small towns right, Je sais, but still like this, i have like three. I have like three subscribers or something i don’t savoir oui. I do ill prove it after the video right yeah today, a little monster. Oh mec, dude don’T, worry about that. Oh mec, Je le ferais toujours’t l’esprit. One of them broke what hill this now. This one is a monster where here, okay isn’T, il oui, but still i mean they are old people, mais ils’Re, pas gon na, like chase us with a broom or something yeah. I know i know them: Musique, Mec, Je’M, too cold i’M, not dodging rc cars. We got two cars coming. What the heck Music yeah guys! Cette chose est folle. Do it again try to do it again? Oh my gosh lets bring it up over here. Laisser’S (en). Take it down the hill. Oh yeah lets go what happens to you. Je’M gon na. Go down im gon na go down, and then you go. Oh, je l’ai manqué, though yeah guys that car is crazy, something on the tablet. This car is crazy, Il’s, so slow, coming Music. d'accord, almost there it’s, not a really big hill, but okay go yes. I am okay, this is the bottom come on god. This is so bad. This cameras horrible thats why you should have thats why you should have tipped it back.

Look at that ugly face, Oh mon dieu, Musique vous’re not supposed to get up like that! d'accord! Oh oui, no baby! d'accord! I guess hes gon na go down this that really sucked go over that dude wow. That was pathetic. Laisser’S just hope we dont get yelled at by these people. I know looks like they’Re, not home. Try going up this part dude! Try bringing it up through here it would jump that right up there now now go back there and bring it up here. Dude my hands are literally red. Why would i need a drink now when i just freaking finished a big milkshake? Bien, not big milkshake because it was small, but still that was good. Ah go away: stupid, wind Music! Oh mon dieu, d’accord laisser’s, go before grandma thinks that we ran away or something i mean we would because were psychos, but Music that’s. Réellement, what you were doing this kid walks around, like hang on guys, d'accord, i just had to cover the camera. d'accord, Je don’t know how to fix this, but it turns thats not right, but then what it turns like on its own.

https (en)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haROctQS8i0