Avec cette, comme vrai cool un peu comme monte, corps carlo, qu’il vient avec um, il s’agit d’un véhicule à deux roues motrices, mais c’est vraiment sympa. Celui-ci vient. C’était la version prête à l’emploi, donc il vient avec tout oui. Il vient avec la batterie lipo et le chargeur inclus, euh .e uh, mais e uh ., you know and its you can see the price here on the box about 400. You can get just the vehicle without the battery in the charger for about 350 uh its its out there, but this is like you know its meant to run on the dirt, its meant to be like an oval dirt. Coureur – and it comes with thiscomes with this cool body, and we can see here some of the other features it has um. It does come with the uh 2.4 radio gigahertz, but it has the dvc the dynamic vehicle control, basically a gyro in the car to help you a little bit with the steering and the braking on this vehicle because it is rear, wheel drive only and because of A high torque servo, its got the cool street stock body, its got the wheels and the wheels come the rear wheels just like on a real dirt car kind of wider at the rear, a little bit narrower at the front um, you know well see how they Perform in a minute, its got uh metric hardware throughout ball, Roulements, caoutchouc, sealed ball, roulements um, its got a big boy, big ball, coilover shocks, um its got slipper clutch, so you can adjust the slipper on the uh on the on the spur gear.

To give you a little bit more slippage or tiny all the way up to have you know real all wheel, roue arrière, drive constantly all the truck all the time, fully adjustable suspension and theres lots of hop ups starting to become available for this for this vehicle. Now so here it is, it does come with this pre painted pre, deckled, um white body, Shell. I believe its the only color that it comes in where i think you can get a clear body and paint it yourself. If you wanted to do something something different. So heres the vehicle its a bit dusty because we have been running it um its got like i say. The first thing you see is that its rear wheel drive with the uh with the slipper clutch in here that you can adjust by popping off this little uh grommet here this rubber cover here to gain an adjuster slipper clutch um. It comes with the brushless motor, so it is a brushless system uh in it um. I cant remember how many kv it is 33. 3300 Kv. My cameraman tells me that 3300 kv its got um its got the uh aluminum body shocks, but it does come with spacers. It doesnt have threaded shock bodies, so thats uh. That is something that you might want to consider in upgrading in the future front and rear it comes with a pretty good servo. I mean this is mainly running for under dirt running on the dirt and or on the street.

Perhaps and its uh, the servo is uh. It is more than adequate for that it comes with the reedy esc. You can run nickel metal hydride uh 2s life or 3s lipo using using this on this vehicle. Le e uh ., the radio receiver, is all sealed in this nice little waterproof box here with the with the antenna coming out and as you can see, its uh theres no front drive. Arbres, its rear wheel drive only its got the narrower wheels in the front and a wider. Tu sais 50 wider wheels in the back theyre kind of a nice looking wheel, just matte black, which works well with the with the white body, and you can see theyre fully ball raced theres, pas de theres, no resistance here to the uh. Apart from this pine needle. No resistance, hardly at all its been for a long time, so you know its really its. J’aime cette voiture, c’est vraiment sympa. You know if youre looking for something a little bit different, perhaps theres a racing league in your area. This should be a real good car to run in, like a stock racing class where everybody runs the same car um exactly the same specification. The only thing you can change, perhaps is the battery uh and um yeah itd be a real real good for that kind of racing. Even if you do in a parking lot, it doesnt have to be on the dirt. So what were going to do is going to throw the body on here and uh.

Bien, let me just talk about the radio. It does come with this with the radio. Its a relatively basic radio feels okay, a nice little form pad on the wheel here. Kind of cool little disc brake in here, like a lot of them, come with um its got adjustments for throttle and steering dual rate and trim um, but but nothing else, um the gyro. When you run it, i think it does help. You know im not the biggest fan of gyros in a car, but i think it does. It does help to to, to a certain extent theres some small adjustability in it, but it works pretty well and the body is a real cool thing. Everybody loves this body, throw the body on here. Dites-vous ce que, before we throw all the well im going to turn the vehicle on turn, the radio off radios on were going to run it on a 3s when we test it here, weve got 3s barry here, prêt à partir. Put the follow body pins in here: Salut: hey mom: how can we help you? d'accord, so were good to go. We just had a small interruption there with a customer coming to buy a car from us, so thats awesome um, but were gon na run this now um its all turned on well, uh put it on the ground its on 3s. So immediately you can feel with it being a two wheel drive car that the rear wheels on this particular surface are gon na.

You know theyre losing traction there, but thats kind of cool in itself. You can really get the rear end of the car to slide, but you can see the gyro trying to correct a little bit when youre driving a two wheel drive car. The trick is, is when youre slowing down you got ta feel real progressive with the braking. You cant just peg, it all the way to full break, otherwise the rear ends just going to come around on you like that, and youre going to lose control yeah same with the acceleration. You just got to be progressive with it, squeeze the throttle and squeeze the brake dont just peg it straight on there, and the car will handle a lot better going around corners. The cars go a lot of grip. This little stock car has got a lot of grip going around the corners. It doesnt try and come around on you only if you really really push it. It looks awesome as it goes around the corners there hes doing figure of eights here, if youre on the dirt, and it was throwing up small rooster, tails and clouds of dirt. Behind it, it looked itd, look even better, well give it a speed, run down the parking lot now, but we already gunned this truck, and what did we get? Je pense 31 – Peut-être 30. yeah just about 30., just just about 30 mark just over 30 miles an hour so well come back now.

Pleine vitesse, thats full speed there right now and youve got to be a little bit progressive with the braking to try and stop that rear wheels, walking on and it doesnt uh come around on. You handles great, Si, around this corner here there. It goes full speed, avoid that puddle around the drain, back figure weight again turn the power on a little bit its really leaning it doesnt want to turn over on us its not trying to flip. Vous le savez. Doesnt traction roll. They did a good job with picking a good tire combination to work with his power system. It is a real fun car to drive lots of fun. Hes here lifted the front wheel there. I think a gyro does help with some of these uh tight maneuvers, but it also induces, especially on the straight, si vous êtes, just trying to correct a little bit, itll do like a little wobble, but maybe the gains a little bit too high on it. You saw it do it there, just a little wobble. He doesnt really try and take over the driving from you, its not gon na fix you being a bad driver. Let me tell you that you know you need a practice to uh become a good driver even in a real car or an rc car one more time down. The parking lot well, go all the way at the end, aggressive on the brakes round. We come full speed coming back here, im flat out there.

Now you can see the gyro just wiggling, trying to keep it straight there, c’est très amusant. Tu sais – and i found dirt its even uh, its even more fun than what we see here. Bien sûr, so we dont have any dirt here at our shop. The body looks great. Hes got a real cool, look to it. Well get out the sun, its got a real cool. Look to it there. The body is fairly durable. If you have too many front ends, you might start to crack it like what weve got going on here. This is from it bouncing and dragging a little bit. You might want to line the inside of the body with duct tape or even use like sheet rock tape or something inside it to protect it. Mais vous savez, mais pour le prix, its a uh, its a pretty good deal and its a lot of fun. It might not be for everybody its not your 60 70 Mile, an hour speed demon, but it is the hobby for me, is about what you get out of it yeah and sometimes going helpful ever 70 miles an hour down a parking lot in a straight line. Is not what people want to do yeah they want to have fun with their vehicles if youre, just looking for a vehicle that you can just throw on the ground and have fun with, and you know it will do a little bit of off road a little Bit in the dirt things like that, its not like a 10 skill sedan car, which is really just not gon na handle at all in the dirt.

This ones gon na be okay, now like on a sports field or a running track places like that its gon na its gon na handle great. So this might be the car for you, i mean i cant fault it its really good, its pretty good value. Hum. You know the price is a little bit higher for for a two wheel drive, but you do get this really cool body. Tu sais, i bet this body. If you go out and try and buy it, i dont know how much they are, but i bet this replacement but hes, Probablement 70 bucks um its real nice looking car and its got those classic lines to it. Its great go and buy one. If this is what you want to do its a lot of fun, so thank you for watching check us out on instagram on facebook, third coast rc and well see you next time.

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