C’est le hpi savage x s um. Il s’agit d’une échelle plus petite, rc voiture, mais c’est vraiment vraiment cool. Je pense que vous êtes vraiment gon na comme celui-ci, alors jetons un coup d’œil à la boîte. C’est la boîte. Il vient dans vraiment sympa, boîte forte, so it should be very well packaged when it when you receive it. A box looks nice. Its got real. Nice pictures of the truck on it. This is the one that has the el camino stars and stripes body on it. Um and it looks it looks real awesome. Im loving this truck weve been beating on this truck for two weeks now um. So what do you get in the box? Of course you get the car here. It is and well talk about that more in a minute you get the standard, Radio, the tf41 radio from hpi, which is just fine, no problems with this radio. Remember to put the antenna up when youre running it, otherwise you might get a little bit of a range problem and get the instruction manual nicely detailed, some spare stickers. So if you break anything or you want upgrade parts theyre all detailed in here um what else you get? You get uh spare bodied spare body, um posts spare wheel, hexes different, oh different, servo horns! If you want to change it to a different brand, some shims, some spare body pins uh a little tool for doing the wheels a little four way.

Wrench some allen allen keys. So you know its all there. So this is the little car its scale. They dont say what scale it is on the box, but i would say its 1 12 Compétence. They dont actually say it, but its modeled on the full size, savage um, but this is the xs flux version. So this is the extra small version. So it is really cute little compact car it is. It is smaller than most uh temp skill cars because it is 12 Échelle. We put it next to a t max here you can see it has a smaller footprint. I think thats kind of cool, because you can just keep this in your car. You can keep it in your back, your truck wherever youre going. You can always have your rc fix wherever you are without taking up too much room uh. You can even keep in this box in the back of your car, because the box is pretty small. We have been beating on this one um, so this is the el camino version um. So it comes with this nice, el camino body, but lets give you the dimensions first so well measure the full length of the truck is just about 14 pouces de long. There truss, it is less than 12 Comme 11 and a quarter from edger wheel to edge of wheel and the wheelbase is nine inches, so its a real small little footprint, this car and lets put it on the scale, see how much it weighs with it being So small, you can probably just put it straight on there upside down like that.

It should sit on there. Okay without a battery four pounds: 13 Onces. So its light its a little its a little pocket rocket, almost um. You know this car is made for bashing its made for ruining parking lots on the dirt. On the gravel. You know its anywhere. You want to run rc. This little car is gon na its gon na run so thats the place youre gon na target to run this car its an all round, little mini basher, le um. The look of the car is cool. The wheels come with these black chrome wheels with these nice tires that have got inserts in them and theyre quite soft, but that does give quite a cushion when you land this truck. The tires really absorb a lot of the shock they do perform pretty well and the look of the rims with that black chrome is just just really really nice um, le corps. Regarder, i mean its an el camino, i mean its classic and with these with the um stars and stripes scheme on here, like yourself, like a racing, el camino, it just looks great its really really cool. They do do another body on this one, but this is by far and away my favorite and its really really nice. It mounts standard mounts on these body posts uh with um with just regular body clips. It comes with these four black body clips lets say you get spare ones and you get spare mounts in in the bag as well.

If you wear them out, euh .e uh, the chassis type is really neat its based kind of on the original savage, il a obtenu. This ladder style chassis, where everything is between these two ladder plates on either side, except on this one. The motor hangs out the side, but its protected inside this box on the side here and then the battery mounts on the other side. In here its a real cool little mounting system, i like it a lot its got these little clips that lock down the battery box, so it doesnt so it doesnt come doesnt, come open. The esc sits on the top here, with the on off switch very solidly mounted to the chassis um. All the radio gear is tucked away in this box here, so its completely uh waterproof from the uh from the environment that youre running in underneath you can see the ladder chassis is bolted together in the middle. Here i mean this is a strong super, solid chassis design. There is absolutely no flex in this chassis, it is rock solid and i think that is then reflected in the performance of the truck hpi, doing a real good job on this. Sometimes these leather chassis. You know the only downside to them if you have to get in there and do maintenance on the drive shaft things like that, its quite a big teardown, but today we dont have anything anything thats gone wrong with this one. The shocks are threaded shocks um.

They are plastic all round, but theyre threaded and um theyve been performing great, Non, no real issue, no real issue with those the battery mounting, like we say, was in this little box here, um the esc. This truck is running im. Pretty sure this is a rebadged hobby wing, esc um, et c’est un 2 to three s and i think its a 60 Ampli. Let me have a look on the box and see what it says, but it runs fine on 203s lipo it doesnt get hot ive been beating the crap out of this truck running it. Car vous savez, you get a long run time on the battery and getting 30 minutes run time on this little car on a 5200 2s and well take a look at it running in a minute and it does not get to not get hot, but it is The is the flux system up to the emh 3s up to a 3s battery, and this truck is just crazy on 3s on 2s, it goes fast on 3s were going to see what its going to be its going to be really really fast. The drivetrain is you, argot, really see it because the ladder chassis but weve got um a center center differential here and then weve got the um drive cups running out to the front and the both sides, and then weve got dog bones coming out on both sides. There might be cbds in the front.

I cant actually see on this one, but it performs it performs great um, its all metal drivetrain. Donc non, aucun problème, no issues with that um, the servo is uh. You cant see its trapped within the ladder chassis, but its you know, youll see the sir. I dont know what kg rating is that have to look real close, but its its more than adequate for this truck and weve had no problems. Weve been jumping. This truck beating it up and its and its run real, well um. So what were going to do now is well put the body back on it were going to take it outside, Bien, run it on a 2s and then well run it on a 3s ive. Never run it on a 3s before so well see what it does um, but you know tony im really liking this little truck. Has these bumpers on the front and the rear that are well supported, theyre just coming loose a little bit, so i need to tighten them up, but thats thats thats. What the little allen wrenches are for in the kit just to get in the back here and turn them up. You see theyre just moving slightly, mais en dehors de cela, you know its all good. The knuckles is all nylon, but uh the arms and everything are all nylon, thick beefy arms here. Look how thick these are. Regarder. How thick my arm is. I mean it is one solid little truck so lets.

Uh lets pause. The video well get the battery in it. Bien, take it outside well speed gun, it will show you the handling characteristics well jump a little bit and well be back in just a minute, so were back, weve got the 2s battery in this little savage, excess flux. Now and uh well start here on the guys there you go, you can see itll easily pop a wheelie. You can actually buy a wheelie bar for this trip handles good turns. Well remember: this is on a 2s battery, so this little car has got a lot of a lot of punch. Spinning the tires there well take it run it down the parking lot here straight off the curb there. It goes so its got good turn of speed down the parking lot well, bring it back and well do a speed run on it now with the radar done. Hopefully we can get it with it being so small. Donc, encore une fois, nous avons 35 miles à l’heure là-bas. On a 2s battery, i actually think it probably could go a little bit quicker than that. This is only a 35c 2s. We do have a 120c coming in tomorrow that were going to use on this truck, so maybe well post an update on it when weve got that higher capacity battery were in a parking lot. This size i mean this little sucker is fast everybody who sees it say, man that thing is quick, you know it looks quicker than it really is.

Tu sais, were getting a good 35 entre 35 Et 40 on 2s as well. I see other people online, saying you get about 40 with a good 2s battery and no gear change hit the ramp here. Applaudissements, Musique – you dont want to power on as youre coming off the top of the ramp, its going to be off power. Sinon, youll just lift its nose Music Applause all right. So what were going to do now is well change it to 3s, so well be right. Back all right were back. We put the 3s battery in here goes in theres, aucun problème, Theres, no problem with the like space for the 3s battery. I thought it might be a little bit tight, but it wasnt. You know just one thing: the body is holding up real. Bien, you can see here that weve skidded, this truck on its lid quite a few times, weve damaged the stickers a bit um, but the body continues to hold up real. Bien, no cracks no break in it. Just uh abrasion marks on it. So whats going free us yeah, Hes, really crazy. Sur 3s. This thing is a little rocket ill go as far do you want to do a speed run jack lets see what we can get here. I dont think im going to get to full speed, bien que la musique. I was not full speed there im over 40. yeah im pretty sure what they say with the optional gear in, and i see it on all the videos and other reviews online that this truck will go 64 65 miles an hour on the fries, and i can Well believe it because i cant even get to three quarter throttle here: Music yeah im just running out of space, but the thing is fast, and that was me just punching it a little bit where this truck sailed for about 65 miles à l’heure.

Oui. Do that and ill again do an extended backflip as well? Do it on the ramp again, yeah standing back flip! Bien, do one more on the ramp, no problem doing the backflips. This thing is one cool little truck. I absolutely love it so lets go back inside and sum up here. Breakages we havent had any breakages on this truck. You can see that weve been running pretty hard. You can see by the body its been flipped and rolled and tumbled. We havent broken anything on it. Um it doesnt have any bad tendencies when youre driving it. Évidemment, when you run it on 3s, youve got to be a little bit throttle easy feeding it in. Otherwise it is just going to go and do that backflip. It will do a standing backflip on 3s. It will probably do a triple backflip off a big kicker ramp that we didnt try on, but you could see there was easy to do a backflip. The brakes are strong on the truck very progressive you feed them in it, dives down it dips that nose as it comes to a hard stop, and you know what what do i like about it. Je, like the compact size. nous, comme l’apparence de celui-ci. nous, like the super cool ladder, chassis design, super stiff, super fort, makes the truck real tough, because the truck is small. It doesnt have as much mass moving. So if you do get into a crash, Je pense que c’est, why youre, probably not breaking as much stuff, because its just like kid falls over doesnt hurt himself an adult falls over the same place.

They hurt themselves similar kind of deal. This is like the kid of rc and i feel like a big kid driving this car, c’est cool. What do i like about it? You know i dont like that when eventually something does break its going to be quite a lot of work to get into here and work on this truck, it just is but lets hope as its been so far that nothing breaks. If you dont drive like an absolute lunatic, my fingers truck will hold together very well um. I mean there are hop ups available for it aluminum parts things like that wheelie bar, which you obviously need. If youre going to be running on 3s theyre all available. All in stock, si um, Je ne, know if youre looking for a smaller truck a little bit smaller in temp scale, something you can just haul around with you that dont take up half your trunk as youre as youre going um around wherever you go. This might be the truck for you. I really like it im keeping this one myself thats, how much i like this truck, so you know thats it value for money. Ah, what did he sell for 350.? Combien 350. yeah they sell for about 350 without the battery thats a little bit expensive, hpi stuff is good quality um, but the price point is just a little bit higher, but i think you can see from what ive been turning here that hes probably worth It at 350 youve got a truck that will probably this truck on two and three s can probably outperform a lot of bigger 8s trucks.

You know its just as fast. It can do the same things um. So if you want something that you know its almost like a sleeper, it comes up and just blows everybody away, so its its probably worth the 350.. I dont think thats too bad of value for what you get here, with the way that this trucks been put together comes with the cool, fully licensed el camino ss 454 Corps. Donc vraiment bien. We like this truck. If you want one, we do have them in our store and check us out on instagram thirdcostarc and on facebook on third coast rc and well see you next time.

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