Maintenant, aujourd’hui, nous allons parler des espaces de travail plus spécifiquement les bancs de travail il ya quelques semaines, i posted a shop tour video of the shop here and in that video i kind of hinted that i was working on a how to build a workbench, video and kind of Screwed up the footage, but a lot of people are still interested in learning how to build an rc, very hobby, workbench so that’s. Ce que nous’re going to talk about today? Actually were going to talk about a few options, because i know some people dont want to build. Some people are looking for budget options and so that’s ce que nous’re going to go over first up. We have a bench over here that i have set up, and this might be a great setup for those of you that are on a budget and have a small space. So here we have a simple table set up that you could pretty much pick up in any home center its your standard card table. Basically they offer these tables in a couple different sizes. But you know if youre working on a kitchen table, maybe a coffee table or something like that. I really suggest that you go out, spend a few bucks and get a table set up like this. Vous ne le faites pas’t want to work on your dirty rc car on your kitchen table where you got to eat, or you know maybe scratch it up, have oils and chemicals drip on your kitchen table.

This is really the way to go, and especially, if you have you know, space concerns where you know you have a smaller house, an apartment or something like that. This type of setup really works out because you can fold up the table, put it away when youre done and like i said they have them in a variety of sizes. But what i like about this particular table is the uh legs. They are extendable uh. So you could drop it down a little bit to raise it up. I like to raise it up all the way and kind of have a lower bar stool. Like you see you here and uh, Fondamentalement, because when were working on an rc car, Il’s kind of precise, you want to make sure youre getting things done right and having the item up close to you, the products up close to you will allow you to see Everything better just work on everything, much better and it’s, just great for hobby use when, when the tables are a bit higher in my opinion, but like i said you could get these in a number of different sizes. I think this particular one cost me about forty dollars and uh the bar stool here. I think i picked that up at a walmart or something like that for fifteen dollars and then what i would suggest doing is just getting a towel. This is obviously an rc towel, but you could go get a towel out of a a department store for five dollars or whatever and just use that to collect dirt or or screws that drop, and just it helps clean up your surface and make working on the Car a lot easier and i also suggest to maybe get a decent tool set.

Je veux dire, si vous’Re, just kind of the occasional user, they have some inexpensive tools like this theyre much better than the tools that come with the cars, the little allen wrenches and it all depends on. You know how deep youre going to get into the hobby. You know if this is something basic you could tear it down when you dont need it put it back up when youre going to work on your rc stuff but im going to call this the basic setup, the budget setup, and i actually use this uh. Quite often myself, just kind of set something up to work on an additional project over here uh. So it really comes in handy much better than working on your coffee table or something so that is set up number one now were going to go over here to setup number two, and this might be good for someone that doesnt want to build a workbench like We have over here were going to get to that or want something a bit more than that budget setup that i just showed you. So this is a workbench that you could go and buy at this one particular one i got at sam’s club. Mais encore une fois, you could go to a big box, store a home store and probably pick something up like this as well, and this is obviously a manufactured workbench on the top. Here is a butcher block table this one is from seville, classics and again i got it from sam’s club, this one costs about 150 and they have them in all different sizes.

Donc, encore une fois, if you have the space and you dont want to build something, you might want to, you know pick something up: cela’s a bit more refined a bit more sturdy and again you could adjust the height on this one, which i really really like. The butcher block is really nice its hard sturdy uh has a good finish to it, which makes all the difference in the world when youre working on your rc cars, you really just want a nice ease of use for maintenance and so on. You really just wanted to enjoy your hobby and again i ive got a little setup here that i wanted to show you guys uh. What i have here is a pro line: pit mat and again this makes working on your rc vehicles, agréable et facile. You know when screws drop they kind of just stay here or when dirt drops. You know you leave it here. You pick this up, you take it outside and you shake it off and it just makes working on the cart, much nicer and then over here. I just have a higher grade of tool for rc cars. These are some dynamite, nut drivers and hex drivers. They offer them in a variety of sizes. Qu’est-ce que je’Je vais réellement faire est i’ll put some links to this stuff in the description below, si vous’Re, interested and again theres a bunch of different companies that make all different types of great tools and different shapes and sizes, et tout ce genre de choses, so you go Find what works for you or again take my recommendations again, the links will be down below and then i would really recommend getting a light.

Vous savez si vous’re gon na go for a better setup and even for the budget setup over there definitely get yourself a light. Just allows you to work on your cars a lot easier. When you could see everything all right now, we could get on to building a custom, workbench and that’s. Qu’est-ce que je’ve done here uh if you watch the shop tour, vidéo i’ve got 22 feet of workbench space here, which comes in really handy. Je’Ve got all my different stations set up for building uh, but i want to talk about this section right over here. So this is basically an eight foot section that i built up for hobby use and i am not a carpenter uh, donc vous’re not gon na get the the professional terms here uh, but i built a couple benches like this and so i’M, just gon na walk. You through my thought, process of of building this particular bench. So first up, i started with the piece of plywood. This is a piece of pine, a four by eight uh, three quarter, inch thick and uh. When i was at home depot, i actually had them cut it down so it’s, en fait,, 32 inches deep and there’s, an extra section that was cut off. You could see it down below ill talk to you about that in a little bit, Mais 32 inches i found is a great depth for an rc workbench, especially in a custom, rc workbench.

It gives you plenty of room to work on all different size vehicles and, comme je l’ai dit, definitely have the home center cut it for you most of them offer free cuts or two free cuts. So definitely take advantage of that. Je l'ai fait’s a nice even cut. Je l’ai fait’t have to worry about cutting it myself and then what i did was made my own frame for it, and now i kind of went a little bit overboard. I did four by fours on the corners, donc vous’re going to need two of those because youre basically going to cut it in half and then actually cut it. A little bit shorter than half i’ll. Give you the dimensions in the description below, mais euh vous’ll need two for this side. Obviously two for that side and then youre going to need a bunch of two by fours and i believe it was a total of seven uh. You have two on the top here, uh two down below for the lower shelf and then on each side. nous’Ve got uh one two by four cut in half the other end is over there and uh same with the lower shelf, and then a couple of cross braces so about seven two by fours should do it for you. I hope i explained that right and then what i did was i used some deck strapping ties here. Je crois que’s, the proper term, for it here is one of them over here that i use for the corners um and this i kind of use, because i thought it looked pretty cool number one.

I wanted my bench to look pretty good. Add a little bit of industrial flair to it, Je’M, getting a little home television renovation on it. But i thought it would look cool to add those you dont need to. You could build your box out uh and have your four by fours go into the corners but uh. This looked pretty cool. This allowed me to put my 4×4 in and then set my two by fours in there and and just have a really cool sturdy workbench set up and uh. It came out really well so this is basically a eight foot, long piece of two by four: how to cut it down, Bien sûr, for the ends you will need to make some cuts youre going to need your basic tools to set up your work or build Your workbench uh but, comme je l’ai dit, Vous’Ve, got a board thats a little shorter than two by four by eight here and another one in the back and then let me crouch down. So you can kind of see a little bit more down here. So i got another 2×4 down below here and another one on the backside and that supports that leftover piece of plywood. Now i have a nice storage bench, for you know additional stuff that im working on and, of course it actually helps make this workbench a lot more rigid, donc i’ve got. You know these cross pieces here that connect the the legs and everything is screwed in with the decking screws.

Fondamentalement, because i had decking screwsand i know theyre going to be strongthese are the screws that i screwed a lot of boards together with and then the deck strap here i used some shorter screws uh these uh torx screws here they’Re, basically just an inch And then, when i had everything bolt together, i used these uh finish, nails that i just had in my garage and actually you could barely see the head here on the the workbench, donc il’s, beau et petit. Vous ne le faites pas’t have a black sheetrock screw or anything like that. So i mean basically, if you have hardware, go and use it. I would definitely suggest that that will help cut down on the price, but these are some of the the basic tools that i use for it have yourself a square and a level of course, a pencil tape measure. So you can measure things out, Ici’s my milwaukee impact. I love that thing and then i actually use a miter saw to cut most of the boards here, and you know if you dont have a miter saw. You can get away with a small handheld circular saw uh, mais il’s really easy to put this together. Il’S probably going to take you, you know hour hour and a half. Si vous’Re, you know fair with tools and and kind of know what you’refaire, peut-être un peu plus longtemps, s’il’s your first time building workbench but uh, you know i painted mine just to make it look a little bit better.

Je pense que je’m going to seal the top just so if i do drop any oils on there, il ne’t seep down into this pine wood. Now the total cost for this bench. I believe if i ended up right it’s à propos de 160 170 et encore, this is an 8 foot workbench versus you know this smaller bench over here that cost me 150 et encore, Je’ve got the storage down below, which i think is fantastic, and you know if something Ever happens where you know i do get oil on the top. I could go and replace the top sheet for like 40, ou quelque chose comme ça. So that is my workbench set up. The the other key is, à mon avis, is to screw this to the wall. I actually have a concrete wall behind it, so i had to use a hammer drill and put concrete screws in through, but that is a key to just you know, making it solid. Donc, quand vous’re wrenching on your vehicle, the bench isnt moving around and just you know, wreaking extra havoc on your workbench time, but i love this workbench setup again. I went and extended this so i’ve got 22 feet of workbench space and uh. You know it makes life a lot easier, especially when you really get involved in the rc hobby, et vous savez, like i showed you with the other workbenches. You get yourself a mat to go on top. Si vous ne le faites pas’t want the oils to spill on the wood over here are some more high end tools.

Donc, je’ve got some mip tools over here, because i work on rc cars so much. That is a great tool set to get for those of you that are really into the hobby and because i know i get this question a lot. This is an extreme racing tool stand here. I found some. I will put a link to that below and grab them, pendant que vous le pouvez, parce que je don’t think he makes those anymore but thats a great tool caddy, which allows you to put pliers and stuff in there, but you could go and set everything else up. You know the way you want to the way its going to make uh. You know sense for your particular workshop. I would also suggest getting a shop light, so you can get these at the home centers as well uh. This is a a light that i assembled. Réellement, Il’s an old workshop light that i gutted and put led lights in, took out the ballast and everything so its just running leds in there but uh. You know when you have a large workbench space like this. You definitely want a really good light source and finally grab yourself a decent stool to sit on if youre gon na be working on an rc car for hours. You definitely want to sit on something nice and plush, with a good pad to the seat and everything like that that is height adjustable, so it actually works out really well for my different benches and there you have it a few solutions for workbenches for the rc Hobby, have you found something that works better for you, please put in the comments section below and share with your fellow rc enthusiasts, pendant que vous’re down there.

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