d'accord, i have this. This is a new bed, so i will show you guys. I have this battery charger. So simply put this, i will show you guys. I will show you guys. I have this battery. I will ignore this wire, so i simply take the thing from here. You have to take very simply. I have put this battery so now. This i have to you. Anc, Oh, you have to do like this and you can remove this battery when you want so guys. I have this on off button. You can see now. I will start so guys. It has a startup problem, pour qu’il puisse. It cannot start so guys um. I will show you in next video how to this is. This is not starting having some problem so guys. I will show you second part. Also some issues is there. You can turn this up. You can see this so guys. I have to start so guys. This is the problem i have. This jeep is not starting see, vous pouvez voir. This is not starting, so it has some problem issue so guys i will show you after so guys. I have to check this battery is proper, so guys this battery is not proper. So first i have to put this battery properly. You can see here now guys i put this battery. You can see this sorry for this, but you can see Applause guys. I have to have this remote, you guys you can see here.

I will show you this. It has some problems so guys i will show you how to turn this lets go very simply. Take this, so you can see i have taken so guys you can do equal. Aussi, it will be difficult, mais je’ll show you so guys. Je i i’ll will Applause. Vous les gars, i will uh, show you this is working properly, as i will show you how much Applause so is so guys. I will show you this is a jeep repeater new right. ainsi, as you can see your new right, i will show you this so guys. I cannot see, show it clearly. This is a jeep wrangler i’ll, be from this lcc. 2008. Sorry crazy layer of 2000 llc 2008, as you can see so guys. I will show you this last one thanks for watching guys.

https (en)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iILe-3aghwU