Money can buy unless you are just a blind arma fan or a blind traxxas fan. Those of us that can see the rest of the world, this really could be one of the best 10 skill bashers out there. The one were driving today is the mega. Il s’agit de la 550 brushed Applause motor. We like this one because people getting into the hobby the one a nice hobby grade truck, might want to buy this to start off with those of us that are just getting in the hobby and dont have a ton of money to spend. You want your money to go as far as it possibly can, so you get a taste of the 10th skill. Four wheel drive world and if you like it, you can buy armas upgrade parts. The brushless motor the brushless esc system completely go 3s instead of nickel metal hydride or 2s. These words might seem like big confusing words if you’re nouveau dans le passe-temps, but this is one of the best beginner platforms. You can start on Music today. nous’Ve got some snow left over were gon na drive this and bash. It me and my wife. We both love trucks, abby likes these things more than me. Je pense, most of the time so shes going to get behind the wheel, a lot were going to drive and have some fun. Vous voyez là’s a little ramp back there. We kind of blends in right now: yeah might do a little ramping, but we just want to drive this and test it and see how it holds up to a little bash session in the cold.

Here is a really cool thing about this truck you guys. This is how it comes. This is ready to run comes with this battery and a charger. The charger is a really slow, trickle charger, Il’s going to take hours and hours to charge. Cette chose il’s, basically like an overnight kind of charger. Although we dont recommend you charge unattended, d'accord, you can get better batteries for this. Ici, Tu vas. Nice muddy, Utilisé, 2s lipo. d'accord. This is a smart battery there’s, a lot of cool things to know about that they self storage, charger, ils’Re, Également, Fondamentalement, self balancing there’s. Just a lot of really cool things about this battery, but you can run just about any 2s lipo on this. You want and its super easy to switch. You got this little jumper right here, là’s a little chart and it tells you if you want to go from nickel metal hydride. You pull this little plastic piece out and you put it over on the left side and now youre ready to run a lipo battery. Maintenant, nous’re running the included nickel metal hydride first we’Re, probably just going to run that for a couple minutes. So you guys can get a taste of how it runs ready to run out of the box and then were going to switch over to one of our favorite batteries ever and get a much longer run time a little bit more speed and power. And i recommend you guys pick one of these batteries up too, as one of your first upgrades for this truck itll make a big difference so with the beginner in mind and just the hobby, because we love this let’s essayer, Musique, Oui, D'accord, cela’s kicking up The snow nice whoa, i almost i almost fell hows the trim on it.

d'accord, so this is a ready to run four wheel. Drive monster truck by arma one of the worlds biggest best brands. Is that full throttle on your nickel metal Music? Give us like a full throttle blast buy, so we got a feel of the speed, assez bon, oh getting close to the ramp that’s, pas mal c’est’s, a good looking truck too. I mean everybody knows arma and you’Re, either a fan boy to a certain company and you hate them or or you love them. Are you gearing up to ramp? She has oh just missed it. Just missed the ramp, D'accord, Je’ll bet. She hits it this time. C’est parti ici., we go nice, oh missed! You missed one more time and i get to go: hé ça’s off roading, really well that’s, pretty thick snow because the grass is tall. Je le sais. Est-ce que’T seem like it, but that is pretty thick snow. D'accord. Nice just perfect, absolument parfait, Bon travail. I like it because i don’t i don’t have to recover it. Et alors’s, Génial, Musique, D'accord! Those are pretty sweet. Ramps and i’sera honnête, Je’m surprised at how well this is powering through the snow whoa. I almost fell. Oh Musique, Belle. I have got to be careful on this ice. I keep almost falling. Those are some good snow. Donuts im impressed with this a little ready to run so tell me, you drive a ton of ground vehicles.

What do you think about this it’s amusant? For brushed it’s amusant, Il’s, un bon it’s, a good price for brush too its a good intro. Je pense. Intro major name brand hobby grade it’s, not just like intro toy grade, so they make the uh the voltage too, and the voltage is about 100 Dollars. Il’S (en), cheap but it’s, deux roues, lecteur et e uh .. Some people have complained about the electronics in them. Now we dont actually own a granite voltage. nous’Ve had a voltage in the past. Qu’est-ce que c’était, Si? Abby? Est-ce que vous vous en souvenez? We had it called the armor voltage, but was it like a buggy or short course truck? It was like okay, ils ne’t do that one anymore. Do they i’M, Pas sûr, mais je pense que c’est’s really cool that arma lets go down here by the ramp. Or can you do it down there? d'accord, Oh mon dieu: oh toi’re hung up well i’ll, tell you what lets actually switch over to the lipo and show you guys. Je’M i’m impressed im genuinely impressed with how the nickel metal hydride is running yeah, mais laissez’s laisser’s uh let’s knock some of this snow off of the truck and put the lipo in and bring it to life. All right abbys got the gloves on so actually she she works on the ground vehicles. Je ne sais pas’t know if you guys know this, but we break stuff, abby shell get in and repair him. I fix the airplanes and she’ll.

Do the trucks look at this that’s? Why it was going so slow there at the end, laisser’s give it a little knock well get most of that snow out. Just like that packs in there nice and tight look how much look move the truck for a second look, how much snow it was holding! No enough for no no no i’M, not bundled up warming up. I only got one layer on all right. We got most of it out as much as probably whats going to come out right now. d'accord, assez juste, kick switch, take out the old nickel metal. Here we go lipo and its just as easy. You move that little guy over to the left side, and now it is lipo ready power, the radio on and power that on and just like that, nous’re running a lipo battery. I still got some snow in there. There we go look at the the surfboards having to like push the snow its like doing servo angels. You can literally see the mark in the snow servo angel right there, a girl in her monster truck and a pile of snow. D'accord, oh sympa! That really comes to life with that 2s lipo it’s incroyable. The difference that can make it just has way more punch and acceleration get that thing over here. Oh so much speed that it can roll itself yeah nice when it hits that snow. It just kicks it up, Oui.

So do you guys, like the red and white look or do you like the uh? Je pense que c’est’s, a black and blue color scheme i’M. Réellement, a pretty big fan of this white red. It looks good in the snow, Musique, Belle, Musique, Musique, donc musique, eh bien, abby just laid down the law on me. She said im not allowed to drive this because ill break it im not allowed to ramp it. But i can drive it. d'accord, donc vous’ve been ramping on 2s and it is insane. You know what theres a big difference between being the camera person that stands down by the ramp and the person that gets to drive it well, that is heavy thats like doubled. The weight yeah here lets try to that’s, got ta help its holding a lot of snow inside there. C’est agréable, oh why’D, you do that too heavy to flip, oh sympa, off the camera good, even after she stopped in that thick snow powers right through it. You know i really impressed with this for the 550 Mega, cette chose est douce. I was not expecting this much fun out of the brush setup wimpy, mais elle’s smiling so that’s. All it matters uh. Tu sais quoi’s, vraiment cool, là’s, no snow sticking to those tires. It just knocks it right off, and i mean that could just be quality of snow but its getting good traction. Sympa d’accord, obtenez-le à nouveau, full throttle ready for a full throttle, blast, Oui, cela’s, Bon.

D'accord, laisser’s go steal the controller from abby for just a minute. Can i break it on flat level ground? We will see while shes running shes not gon na. Let me drive it watch the ice okay, so she likes the truck she’s. Trying to keep me from the controller all right, let me drive it for one minute i wont hit the ramp Laughter come on. Je pense que c’est’s sur le temps. Vous’Ve had a video where i run the battery down okay. Bien, donc au moins, why do you like it? So much it’s amusant. I like monster trucks. Oui. There needs to be more monster trucks in the world yeah. C'est ça’s nice isnt it for 550 brushed yeah. Does it make you want to get a brushless setup in there now right. You gon na write your name: oh mon Dieu, non i’M, joking there’s, not enough clean snow, Abby’s just destroyed it all and it just powers through the thick tall grass down there too that’s fou. It only gets hung up. Occasionnellement. Oh, is the battery dead? Non,’s? Not what really you swear? Oui, Wow. You ran the battery down. Je veux dire, regardez cette chose. It looks like it just got out of the alaskan tundra im going to say that batterys not dead, it probably is just frozen. Laisser’S lock the snow out and give it a minute well see if it uh. If we can run all right, Oui, Il’s, probablement i’M, pretty sure i ran the battery down but holy moly yeah thats a lot of us.

Bien, you stole the show this time i didnt even get to touch the controller, so tell us why you like it because i didn’T, let you drive it and it still is in one piece um. I just like a simple monster truck um. Celui-là, Je pense, is a pretty good speed, not too fast to where youre gon na like demolish the truck, because that happens sometimes theyre faster than their own good, and so it was just nice to have a simple rc car. It reminds me of a lot of our first rc cars that we had on our channel and i just think its a great way to start the hobby. Now before i let you guys go. You may have noticed these beautiful stickers on here and i think that’s. What helped hold it together in one piece? Remember they uh, they increase your cool points per sticker by at least two, and so all of our patrons know how to get these. But if you want to set up some sweet, rc sailors stickers on your rc’s ils’Re, waterproof and everything ill have a link in the description box below on our patreon page. You can sign up and just that five dollar tier or above well get you some stickers. You are not allowed to throw that. Non, you better start running. Non, Je l’ai fait’t get to drive the truck i’ll. Give you five seconds. No five! Oh my gosh four dont fall beautiful yeah.

You missed! She has enough snow off of that im gon na block it with the camera. The next time she has enough snow to throw three snowballs at me. Vous’D think i did something to make her mad okay. Bien, voilà, les gars, Il’s been forever since weve done the arma granite or really most armor things. We just wanted to get this out and have some fun with it. Qu'en penses-tu? Let us know in the comments below and all the good stuff is linked down there. This is a great ready to run setup, but if you want a cheap upgrade, we recommend that battery and well have a couple of our favorite chargers down there too. So a really great way to start the hobby, and if you have about 100 plus de dollars, you can just start brushless right out of the gate. Tout’S linked down there tonight was fun. Je l’ai fait’t even get to drive it. I had fun, c’était une explosion. I got snowballs thrown at me and i had to recover when she wrecked, mais que’s just part of the fun i am jealous, Si, that i didnt get to drive anyway. I think the big guy upstairs for all the good we have in our life and the bad so that we can appreciate the good. Alors merci, Dieu. We also want to say a massive thanks to our patreon supporters, parce que sans vous les gars, our channel wouldnt exist.

You better believe that we probably might have stayed bundled up in the warm today instead of coming out and recording, but you guys motivate us and our love for the hobby paired with your motivation makes for some fun videos. ainsi, thank you so much to our patreon supporters, guys all the good stuffs linked in the description box below and we will have our last arma granite. Video popping up right about now. That was probably a while ago have fun watching that thats going to be either really cringe worthy because they all are or super fun. nous’Ll see you over Music.

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