Comme vous pouvez le voir, le problème que j’ai aujourd’hui est avec ce beau moteur ici. Donc, une chose à surveiller pour le jlv, guépard et mal vous montrent ici en une seconde, donc je n’ai pas vraiment bashed la friandise combien de toute façon euh vous savez je suis assez doux sur la cause, but i thought i did. I thought id change the fans on it, so i had to remove the the heatsink and when i went and removed the heatsink, the motor started wobbling and im thinking. So what the hell is going on there, so anyways ive took it out the end caps. Actually quite loose, but what i want to show you is this, so ill get that in there and as im tightening it up its just spinning this screw here. That was in the end cap that just fell out this one just spins too, so i dont know whats actually keeping the end caps on. So there is glb racing, alors oui, absolutely crap motors by the looks of it. Puis, when i went to take the motor mount off the two screws that held that in place, they had actually already rounded out. So i used my little trick that i showed you on a previous video work. The charm got that out not a problem. The point of the matter is: Ne pas, buy jlb cheater. Am i really saying that? Oh i love the car but anyways. You know the quality is just not there and im gon na have to try and figure this one out ill, probably just whack a 3660 motor in, although this ones, Un 3670 ive just got to work with what ive got guys lets have a batch of this Motor then, since its absolutely knackered the three screws they didnt want to come out on their own threads, so ive managed to get those out lets pop the end cap off see whats inside i dont know what that is there um look at that, so you couldnt Remove that no all right, ive taken the entire armature out, i dont know what you call it, but its an armature to me and uh, so that was the front of it and on the rear, its got exactly the same and what it is its actually like.

A balancing weight that the solder onto it, so you kind of remove it and you shouldnt do yeah ive. Looked it up, thats what it seems to be so on the front here. Weve actually got two little washers and just get me finger to grab that one. So you can see there theres two and on the back, you have the wider one with a washer that you can just simulate that if i remove that they say the washer, so just remember the order in which they came off. So my major problem, son gon na, be how are these gon na take a thread and i wont have to work that one out so yet again ill get back theres. So another quick thing that ive just noticed as well. So when this plates been sat on there right, you can actually see where the motor mount holes, like the screws, ive actually came through and been touching. So even though thats been screwed on youve had other screws talking in in over and pulling that plate over. Comme ça, i dont get it so thats the glb motor phase. So far i went quieter because i need to concentrate all im. Doing is im drilling the current tool out to 2.5 millimeters and ill be blowing the shavings out the way just so im, not getting anything inside the motor ive left it in real time. So you can kind of get a feel for what im doing youll notice.

When i go in the second time here i go in so far and im taking my time and youll see some yellow flakes come out now thats a gasket. So i stopped straight away because the windings are just behind that ive switched out now for an m3 top its a tiabad tap its, not a bottom and note one, but its all. I had so im doing everything dry, because i want the shavings to be able to get blown out the way the motor so nothings, going in im taking my time reversing the threads as you can see, im going in here, one more time getting the depth like. I said in the beginning, its not a bottom and type its a tear, bad top, so im being really really careful trying to get as many threads as i can set testing the screw and the rest of the holes well, their history. Moving on to the end cap, now these holes need enlarge to a three millimeter hole, so the m3 screw can pass through without needing threaded right if youre, watching that ive drilled and tapped these for an m3 screw. But youve got to be careful because that little rubber shield is behind there and your coils are pressed up tight against this. So hopefully i havent damaged any of the coils, and i can get away with it. Ive also drilled, the top out to accept the m3 holes, the m3 screw sorry, but the problem ive got here is and just make this out.

The heads on them are just way too big to sit inside of that hole. So ive got a little solution for that, so the solution ive got a little nut. There ive put the nut on the back of the screw im going to put that in the drill and spin it so when it goes against the file it tightens into the nut and then hopefully i can bring the diameter of that head down a little bit. What im doing is im just using my thumb against the drill and im keeping it just just away from the chuck, because i dont want to damage my drill. Evidemment, comme vous pouvez le voir, there thats the screw that ive taken down and thats the difference compared to the one that was stock kind of thing, with the head of that taking down slots in there really really nicely so and get those fitted. And hopefully that will be the problem solved great moment of truth for me, so im just putting everything back on, comme je l’ai dit, its got a little washer on with this being at the rear. Im gon na have to be very careful putting this in so its gon na grab it and its gon na try and yank it right on my hand, feed it through my fingers, C’est, not bad right now. I just need to try and line it up with the butt here and just see that there we go so thats in nice.

Just got to get the plate on the front. Oh um see, testing testing got to put these on wash our first, the small one. Then the bigger one there we go now youve got to jiggle this because that still needs to sit in line so ill jiggle that until it gets in there there we are nice. Positive click just turn those around until the holes laying up and now im going to lock take the hell out of these screws plenty of loctite on that im just checking make sure its uh flush. So it is last one and once i get this in ill, just stick it in the motor in the car. Sorry ill hook it up and see if it runs if it runs then ill fit it if it doesnt run its getting bend battery hooked up motor hooked up and that motor works. Belle, oh sounds rough, that barons uh probably knocked but happy days ill run that mode into the ground.

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