Your boy drew here wild and now rc were back at it again guys. Je le sais’s been a little while um. You know this whole winter thing, Il’s super froid. Je l’ai’t been doing too much just working on a little bit of a couple. Little builds here and uh. I just want to come to you today with a quick little video of something that uh a product that im truly impressed with um. This is actually a system for a crawler and it is made by scale audio solutions. Um you can hit them up, www (en), or even uh on facebook scale, audio solutions, the guy chris. He is a um awesome guy to work with and what you see in front of you is a 3d printed bluetooth, um stereo system for your crawler that’s, pretty damn scale. Looking and its even got a custom touch, comme vous pouvez le voir, Il’s got wild and out. Bien, Il’s kind of bright, but wild and now rc on the top there uh leds rgb they constantly just uh change, colors it hooks to your it’s. It comes with a t plug. Fondamentalement, so you just plug it in line with your battery and uh, and then you uh, connect to it via bluetooth and and um yeah and youre golden so im gon na play a little bit of music here and show you guys how it sounds. Absolument génial. Je’M gon na be putting this into my project budget banger, which is the good old trusty android chassis, euh ça’s the xj.

Alors c’est parti. You can see the t plug right there, Il’s just uh, i have dean, so he sent me a deans and you can tell him what connector you have and uh. It just goes right in line and hooks right up and makes it super simple plugs right in no wiring, no mess, no fuss and uh. Let me go ahead and play a little music and let you guys hear this thing: Musique, Il’s pretty loudi mean upstairs in my room here. I can hear it clearly downstairs in my house, donc il’s definitely uh plenty loud, Music yeah guys, Je pense que c’est’s. So awesome i i im so glad i found this but uh. It sounds absolutely amazing. Laissez-moi euh, let me cut this real quick, so it sounds amazing. Je sais qu’il y a’s a là’s another company out there uh mob scale, audio. They make an awesome product uh as well, mais je viens de le faire’t really want to spend 200 on a stereo for my crawler. This um is right: around it’s il’s, like under 100 bucks right around 100 Dollars, so you could get a custom name or uh something you want to put on top of your box and uh there’s. You can get solid colors. You know just like blue red green. Your standard, colors or you can get this one that just slowly fades different colors, que que’s the one i chose, uh yeah it’s inférieur à 100 Dollars.

It sounds great, it does what i needed to do and um. I thought it wasnt going to be a neat. Little addition to my to my crawler, i mean the box its all 3d printed, euh .e uh, très simple, là’s. Nothing really really to it. You know but uh, mais ça marche. It does the job and uh its really going to be really sweet. Looking and ill have the another video of how i got it to fit nicely into the back of my jeep, since it doesnt have a drop down cargo area i’M, actually going to print one so i’M, going to print the 3d cargo area to drop this box Down so it looks more like it would be sitting in the right spot for for the actual trunk of the of the jeep, so uh yeah guys check it out. I highly recommend you go hit up scale, audio solutions, um awesome, guy, awesome company. He got it to me fairly, rapide um, i ordered it and within a week or so i had it so you know i know some of them are. Je ne sais pas’t know if he had some already built and he just does the top plates, but he has a lot of different configurations for your your application. Um yeah go hit them up, check them out highly recommend it so stay tuned guys for a lot more i’M. Gon na have this uh a video of it playing and everything installed in the jeep and then um yeah guys so like comment subscribe, go give uh chris at scale, audio solutions, a hauler and uh pick you up one of these crawler systems, guys because it’s il’s It blew my mind and it’s.

It sounds better than i anticipated and its just an awesome product so go check them out. Les gars bien. This is wilda.

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