So i hope its a lot better quality for you guys and um i’m gon na change. Your channel well put this on so its gon na be on the adventure channel because the vlog channel is really just for vlogs isn’T, really a vlog. This is going to be me: uh modding, an rc car uh, with a little bit more armor, making ramps with cardboard thats all left over at my house and i’M. Just gon na show you guys my rc cars um. I was gon na post an rc video, but i forgot that i cant upload to youtube with an sd card its something messed up so im gon na go grab my rc’s et uh, alors oui je’m gon na show you guys those, oh d’accord. So you guys can kind of see an rc right here um, but someone started with the first one. I got this one for christmas. It does have a shell. I just took it off because it would cause the car instead of it, going straight like this and go like this, so i just doesnt have a shell, but i named it rainbow sherbet um i uh. When i first got it. I did a little bit of armor right here with earplugs um, donc il’ll soften the blow, because this most likely will go underneath everything and its got some cool wheels. Euh ils’re a little squishy, but um theyre more like this carl drift compared to the car.

Que i’m about to show you put that one over there. This is lime poppy. It is a traxxas truck not by the company traxxas, because those rcs are like seventy dollars and trust me i’M, not putting seventy dollars on the rc unless its a super fast. Like a hundred mile an hour car, a like a boat or a plane, sinon i’M, not touching it, but this is um lime. Poppy its got squishy wheels, mais ce sont, comme vous pouvez le voir, made for off roading, même si vous pouvez’t take this car outside jesus. I just looked at a bent wire i’Je suis content. This thing works, euh .e uh, donc musique, you might be wondering what these things are. Ils’Re letters i don’t savoir pourquoi ils’re like that, mais oui. This is the shell i cant take it off. Sinon, i would to make it kind of fair, but it kind of looks stupid, euh .e uh, alors oui, those are the rc’s, donc celui que je’d be modding wouldn’T. Be this one, because this one already has look at like armor this one it’s juste ici: cela’s, where the frame is here: Je’ll actually move the camera down a little bit. So right here is where the im afraid my mic is muted, and you guys cant hear me so this right here is the frame. If i were to take these off, Vous’d have the front frame um. This um is the battery pack, so we got to make sure this is always safe motors back here, uh wiring got ta, assurez-vous que’s always safe.

Now this you flip up back here. This is the motor and its very much smaller than this motor, but for some reason this is faster, euh .e uh, just making sure its off um. This has actually good suspension. Laisser’S take a look at it. It goes backwards fully like this. One side goes down. The inside goes down makes a clicking noise, but this mansion works and in the front it doesnt have full suspension, but it has side to side all right. Alors, laissez’s go back to this one um. Why is this open robin all right? Donc celui-ci? I got your side dishes all right, this one um it this was. This is my pride and joy um. I love it very much its made by may still tell you guys that much for this one, this one is like the best um. Je ne sais pas’t use it a lot because it doesnt have a shell, and i would like there to be a shell sorry about the glare um yeah. I used this one a lot, though you remember what i was saying: Oh oui, Je don’t use rainbow sherbert a lot because it cant go up stuff. This can go up stuff easily and since my house that we live in half of it was added on. So the first half and the second half theres like a bump in between them, donc je peux’t drive it up. I could drive this up like this. I could do it to the other bump too thats a little bit higher from the back and go though so itd be so i can go up this basically anything except for stairs this.

Je peux’t go up anything unless i’m recule, which means i have to go like flip. Il l’entoure’s, Très, Très, very annoying um, but you know very good rc’s. I love them both very much um Music, Oh oui, Je’m gon na tell you this mentioned on this thing. Did you put this on that one? The front doesnt have any suspension its just like bone Music at this this break. This has very little suspension Music about uh 16th of that suspension is being used by the weight of the car, que je don’t like and another part that i dont like is right here. Il’S very flimsy ill show you guys look at where, if i press down here see how it bends, but this parts will bend forward, look and thats regular jump uh where see when i hit the they’Re, not really jumps, but the car is either gon na land. Like this or its gon na land, comme cette musique, this and like theres crashes, but most of the time it lands like this its very hard to show you guys, Music kind of like this wheel, Il’s like kind of twisted when in the air it goes, and Then bounces all weirdand that causes a lot of pressure right here. So this bends, which is something i’m gon na, be trying to fix im gon na try and fix uh get some bars in here, donc il ne’t um bend because im not trying to have this car break, mais euh i’ll be right back because i have to Use the restroom so Music, D'accord, so car is exactly where i left it.

Um Music. Je peux’t remember what i was saying: Oh oui, something about bars. I was gon na put bars here, but um disclaimer im gon na edit, this so heres a quick title screen on the disclaimer all right, Je’m back um on the actual video, the straight video um i didnt pause or anything youre gon na um, Je’m gon na Have to edit that like cut it out, but i was like this and then you know, but um if you don’T, feel like reading i’ll, tell you the disclaimer um when im racing these you wont have this good mic quality, parce que je’M, pas gon na, be using A Music mic: Oui i’M, not really erasing them i’M, just gon na Music drive them around so yeah. Now we can actually talk about this one now we’re fait! C’est cool. This one is like it. Est-ce que’T need anything done to it: Musique, except Music, Oh oui, Il’s destroyed on top and never mind. Anc’T do that, mais laissez’s get to modding. Oh that didnt work all right, so i got the little piece that im gon na be cutting into two for it. Alors qu’est-ce que je’m penser est, Je don’t need to cut it into two, mais je’m gon na uh put a bar in between here in the battery pack, so when this hits its not bending forward um, parce que encore une fois, Je don’t want too much tension in here, either cutting A wire from sharp parts or just straight up snapping so um.

I need a knife i’sera de retour tout droit tous les bons gars, so we got our knife Music um. Now we can uh cut so take a quick Music measurement. Musique. D'accord, donc i’ve got a little it’s très difficile à voir. If you guys can see it right there. You see it ill try and get an arrow somehow in there to show you guys it, and that is our mark. Nous’re gon na cut it Music bend Music Music, just gon na bend it around. I want to do a cut final cut Music boom. That is our little bar the test fit Music. It fits its a little bit big but thats exactly what i wanted. Musique i’ll get it in there later now. I just have to match this up with the other piece of the strong which im going to do off camera, parce que je don’t want you guys to be annoyed. Watching me cut all right guys. We got both pieces cut. One is a little bigger than the other, which is what i expected um it’s fine. I knew either one was gon na be bigger than the other or one was gon na, be smaller than the other. Oh, Mon dieu, like all right, donc nous’re gon na push these wires a little bit, but you guys can see that its a little black bar right there, it just spun and it fell Music, Musique, Musique, it just flung out didn’T. It yeah screw that i’M.

Not no Music im getting too annoyed, mais euh. So i guess were gon na drive it like this Music um. Je ne sais pas’t know what to do with the cars whoa um all right, alors oui, euh .e uh, Music hold on ill find a thing all right. Donc, je’m gon na make this a series um. This is the first episode my rc’s i’m gon na put a quick stripe on this Music, masking tape, Musique, Musique, tout va bien Musique. So getting a racing stripe on it got the racing stripe, Il’s kind, Il’s, very ghetto boom. Now it looks even cooler cutting it all right. So that is the first thing: Je’m going to be doing to this, because the little mod to keep this from bending wont work but watch butt. But this will help with restraining it because i got it tight and then the cut will make it so theres the suspension still able to work Music but see how it doesn’t plier. I put pressure here put right here. I have to put like a lot of pressure but um, donc je don’t think you could hear any of this. Je ne sais pas’t think you can hear this if you can well, i kept losing anyway, Music all right. Cette chose: um Musique. Oh those wheels that cant be good hold on. I got ta look at all right, so that is the video yeah um, so um hope you guys enjoyed this wonderful video. If you did subscribe hit the like button, you know you want to know something.

If you subscribe, vous ne le faites pas’t really dont have to its free anyway, but if you do click the bill icon make sure wearing gloves. Donc, vous n’avez pas’t touch it and it doesnt go off you squeeze it. You throw in the trash during it forever, but you could also choose to put on post notifications. I upload never so um yeah i got ta go.

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