My name is logan with west desert wheeler in today’s vidéo. I want to share with you guys what makes the rc 4 drive trail finder two different and why i think its so cool compared to other rc’disponibles dès maintenant. So i picked this one up from a main hobbies. I do have an affiliate link down below if you purchase anything through that link, it helps support the channel so on this truck it has a hard plastic body. So most rcs these days come with lexan bodies and there’s, a ton of aftermarket lexan bodies available that you can put onto whatever truck you want. These are really awesome because they are the hard plastic. So a lot of people can modify these in really interesting and cool ways like, par exemple,, you can cut down the edges of the fenders and then cut a v into your front hood and actually pinch the nose in and give you more clearance for your wheels And tires now, i like the look of the complete truck body here. This one is the rc four wheel, drive marlin crawler edition, and so this one does have the pre bobbed bed, meaning that, like the original factory length bed on the toyotas, if you scale it up, this one has been chopped and shortened, which gives you better clearance. On the rear of these trucks, so in real life that’s, absolutely something you would do, and it has been done to this rc already, which is an awesome feature, helps you give more clearance on these little trucks.

Now the biggest thing i like about this truck the most is: it is a leaf spring suspension. So underneath the truck there are no links and there are no coil over shocks. What you have is spring steel and then those are attached to shackles and spring hangers. Just like real suspension would be bolted directly to your axle, and then you have these little shocks on the truck. Maintenant, when i first got this out of the box, i did modify it and the way that i modified this. The spring packs have three different springs in them, and here is one right there, as you can see spring steel flexes and returns to shape, vraiment cool, you can put it on something flat, squish it down flat and it pops right back up. I took out the smallest leaf spring on all four corners and then on the shocks of this truck. They actually had an additional coil spring inside the shocks i removed those removed, the smallest helper spring and left the two spring packs on the front and rear of this truck. Fondamentalement, that softens the suspension, but the helper, the helper spring thats remaining in there helps stop axle, wrap from actually adding more torque and twisting up your suspension, which can bend your leaf springs and then they dont perform as good. Maintenant, speaking of performance on these trucks, articulation is not their strong suit. ainsi, even with my modifications thats about as much articulation, i can get before it starts.

Picking up tires the front its about as much as you get so i mean not even really a half of wheel and tire compared to most of my coil over trucks that have way more than a wheel and tire articulation. It adds its own challenge, but i really like it thats kind of why i purchased this because its a fun truck to go out and drive and in my experience these things are still extremely capable, even with the leaf spring suspension and limited suspension travel now. Another thing on the rc four wheel drive here that makes it really unique, especially compared to other trucks, nous’re actually gon na pop the body off and im gon na show you guys now. traditionnellement, these trucks are held on with four two millimeter screws at the base of each door. I removed them before the video on this side and then i actually use two grub screws, donc là’s no head on the screw into the body posts here so that body just kind of slips on and then once you screw the other side on it. Anc’T come off so i like that setup, comme vous pouvez le voir ici, got a great big, 4500 3s battery pack in there. These trucks are compatible with 3s, with their factory esc right out of the box. Just make sure you have it on the lipo mode. Donc, je’M, going to pull this out to kind of make everything a little bit easier to see and understand in here.

d'accord, Et alors’s really cool about these trucks. Il’S got a forward mounted motor. Just like a real real life truck would have, and then its got a transmission that sits behind that with a nice little slope down bell housing design just like similar to a real truck, would be, and then you actually have a transfer case. Mine is a little bit blocked off by a metal plate here, but there is a divorced transfer case, which means that there is actually an intermediate shaft between your transmission and your transfer case. So the transfer case is its own thing. Donc j’aime ça’s very realistic in the way that the drive train is set up and then off the bottom side. You can see where your drive lines come out going to each axle again with the leaf spring suspension. The chassis itself is not a c channel chassis, the axial scx 10 ii or the element those are going to be c channel chassis. These are actually like a solid aluminum bar that obviously has some shape and flow to. It gets wider and narrower in a few spots, but that way that you they can drill and tap into the chassis itself, so they can use fewer nuts and bolt designs, which is a better way to go. I would rather thread a bolt directly into the chassis. Just be careful not to strip it out, parce que vous’re going to cause yourself a heck of a headache, si vous faites cela, i did add the fenders inside of the chassis here.

Those bolt onto the shock towers now one modification ive heard about onlineis when you get your trail finder too, to get the galloned taller shock towers for the front. My marlin came out of the box with the taller shock towers. Donc, si vous’re picking up a marlin, Il’s already got that you don’t ont à s’en soucier, i was planning on getting that but, comme je l’ai dit, i looked at it and thats already got the taller shock towers for the longer shocks up front. Espérons, give you a little more articulation there now lets talk about a few other modifications, Je’ve done on the tires right out of the box um. Basically i vented them. So i cut the rubber a little bit which allows air to escape and it allows the tire to grab onto rocks a little bit better. I do out and drive this thing pretty aggressively so i’M, looking for as much traction as i can get speaking of the rtr tires, which are these 4.19 inch tall, Rc 4 Roue, drive iroc tires, they look super realistic. The compound is great and they absolutely climb really really well. Je’Ve been really impressed with how these perform right out of the box. Il’S a obtenu le 1.7 Pouces. Rc four wheel drive wheels and then it has scale hardware around the bead ring and i believe, the six bolts that look like the lugs on the wheels actually sandwich. The two outer halves of the wheel together and then theres an inner ring that will sit in your tire and that’s.

What creates the bead lock? So these are bead lock, Roues, ils’Re, not glued on and im pretty sure the wheels are a two piece split design with that ring in the inside. Jusqu’à présent,, Je’ve just run the standard steering servo no big deal there, Euh i’M, pretty much just waiting for it to die its kind of how i expect any rtr servo to go. Ils ne le font pas’t last too long in my environment. Maintenant, on the transfer case, comme je l’ai mentionné, Il’c’est un peu difficile à voir, parce que je’ve actually added an a m garage skid on this, the factory transfer case cross member was a really narrow piece and then it would hang really far down low. ainsi, as you try and crawl over a rock it’s, basically like just this big shovel and it would grab onto the rock and not let go, your truck could not slide and move over things. Je le crois’s machined out of delrin. This marlin came with like the updated high clearance version, qui est’t still not high clearance, Il’s, not very good um. A m garage makes this metal skid plate big flat bottom side here nice and smooth a ton of clearance under this truck. With this thing now they do have the plate up top, which actually lifts your transfer case and that’s. Why you cant see mine is because that plate there helped pull that up and away ive seen online that people recommend getting new drive shafts once you do that mod, Je don’t see a need for it.

Pourtant, je haven’t really gone out and wheeled it hard. Je ne sais pas’t savoir si elle’s going to start spitting out the drive shafts, my rear seems to have plenty of contact but im not running this thing on like 4s brushless or anything, Je don’t penser que’s a great idea with the leaf spring suspension anyway up front. I got one other modification from a m garage and that is their front. Shackle, reverse kit. So the marlin out of the box, the shackles that allow the leaf spring to flex and move sit up front but as they point out in their videos as a leaf spring compresses its going to move in the direction of the shackle. ainsi, as you push into a rock wall for your tire to come up, it has to travel forward and so its going to put more pressure into that wall, which is fighting against itself. So with a poor, performing articulating suspension. Making it fight against rocks is not a good way to go, so i went with their reversal kit. It has these big steel spring hangers up front, and i did the plus four millimeter on there as well, which scoots the axle a little bit further forward. Reducing your approach angle, so i can get up to a steeper rock face and not just smash my bumper into the wall. That is my final upgrade. I want to talk about as i took the rc four wheel drive bumper cut, il a augmenté, use the bull bar and i used the bottom mount since it was already welded and had drilled and tapped for places to mount it back into that front.

Crossmember. And then i bent up my own solid rod to kind of form to the front of the truck here and then come up with a couple. Little supports there and i have help from a friend down here who runs low range rc. If you guys have not heard of low range, rc ils’Re, making little toe ropes right now, they also make like big stinger bumpers, which has some of them have the option of having a bottle opener right on the stinger of your truck, which i think is just A really cool design, so shout out to low range rc, excited to see the future products that they come up with. Que’S (en), probably going to be about it here, guys you may notice. I do have an axial 35 turn motor in here, and i also drop the pinion gear way down, because this motor is faster than the factory motor. I geared it down to try and give it more low wheel, speed control again, but then i have the higher burst speed, especially with 3s. Cette chose’s got decent wheel, speed to get through sand and whatnot. In my area, you got to be able to get through sand to get to some of the rocks. Eh bien les gars, i hope you enjoyed the breakdown of my rc. 4 wheel drive trail finder two. I really like these trucks. Like i mentioned the chassis, la suspension, the layout of it it’s, just a really cool scale truck.

Certes, i am not a great scale builder. There are plenty of people out there who are i’M, not one of them, but this makes the scale side of things more accessible to someone like myself, i mostly like to drive, mais il ne’t mean i dont appreciate the look and performance of a cool scale truck. So this is probably my least capable crawler, but i still get out there and push it pretty hard on the rocks. My name is logan with west desert wheeler. There are links down below to this truck and the upgrades definitely check them out. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Let me know what you think of this style of video id appreciate some feedback, since this is my first one and be sure to get subscribed.

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