Si c’est le cas’s not the tram passenger space, then it is a limited cargo carrying capacity and if it’s, not those two, puis il’s the features, or should I say the lack of it but like most things in life, there are always exceptions that reaffirm the rules and in This case an exception and a pleasant one that that is my current long term. The Renault kwid AMT I mean yeah it’s, pas parfait, mais alors, which car actually is. The kwid has so much going for it that we can all look some of its shortcomings, if not all so before we proceed, do click on the subscribe button and the bell icon to stay up to date with all our latest videos Take a look, par exemple,. So it does not look as special as the Kwid Climber, but if you want a climber it will cost you around 30000 extra precious money that you can spend on parking, sensors and better speakers to complement that entertainment system and its not like it looks bad either. The grid strikes a nice balance in the styling department, as it manages to look distinct without being too bold for Indian taste, Ahh and Im speaking of practicality. The Kwid out here comes with 300 litres of boot space. Maintenant, what does that mean for you and me in the real world? Bien, you can carry two backpacks one medium sized suitcase and one lab side suitcase, while still leaving space for some more now it’s, just not the boot space, even with passenger up front and the driver get ample amount of room.

The only little niggling issue being is my knee keeps on hitting the rotor dial but thats about the front passenger. What about the rear? Bien, Il’s good for two, the only little problem being, s’il y a’s a third person in the middle, it might be a tight squeeze. Summers have been unforgiving this year and, comme vous pouvez le voir, the temperature in the car is a grueling 37 Degrés. The good part is the quits ac works well getting that temperature down to 26 degrees in a matter of minutes. The other interesting features for a budget car is the Bluetooth compatible. Touchscreen infotainment system with sat nav on offer a little downer to the touchscreen navigation system done feel as responsive as it should. Si, the Bluetooth system works. Il ne’t really have the best audio quality that you would expect from a car, mais là encore, given that this is a budget car. I just let this one pass same goes for the navigation system as well. Unlike most cars, equipped with apple carplay or Android, auto the Kwid uses its own navigation system called media nav. The navigation system is useful. If you want to find a petrol pump near you or a restaurant, what it falls short of doing is finding the desired address, and that can surely take some time if you want to set your route for navigation or suggest, keep some time in hand. The one litre petrol engine is adequately powered for the city.

The only drawback is the AMT transmission, Il’s vraiment lent, while changing gears, and it is really jerky, but I guess, like Married people, will tell you they get used to it. One thing that you cant get used to is the lack of manual gearshift. Maintenant, every other car in India, which is an AMT, offers this option, but not that way, but in the city its alright to drive around, but on the highway. When you wan na pull Kwid overtaking maneuvers, il ne fait que’t le couper. What we round up is untimely gear shift this to give light throttle input. It might not work always, but most of the time it gets a job done. ainsi, apart from the option, the restriction there, quite a few things that I like about the Kwid like the right, Il’s bon, at slow speed and on the highway in fields table just dont push your luck, cela’s à ce sujet. The ride is good at low speed. A kwid feels nimble to drive around the city. One thing I wish it came: Il’s 14 inch tires that could have improved the ride on the highway as well. The ground clearances is one more advantage and the Kwid doesnt bottom out on speed breakers even been loaded with passengers and luggage. So that has been my experience with this little city runabout. Jusqu’à présent,, Il’s SUV, styling interior space and air conditioning makes the kwid a likeable car. The AMT lacks refinement, but it makes driving in the city tolerable, not to mention a manual.

Selector is sorely missed. And how can I forget the main talking point here: the kwid AMT, kitna deti hai. Bien, the Renault kwid returned. A mileage of 20.3 kmpl in city drives with occasional highway runs, so that should give you a range of around 550 kilometers on a single tank.