I think you can find some articles online im here to really take this out of the box and check it out. d'accord, so i think the first task would be really to pull it out of this transparent box. Je’M, really glad that we have this transparent box so that you can see really everything, Oui, il’s, a nice one and then in this frame. Réellement, we have this sensational mclaren i’M, vraiment curieux, how the doors will look like and especially this opening mechanism. Homme. Réellement, this is a full die cast model. So no resin, no plastic real die cast with a small antenna here yeah. So i need to be really careful not to break it all right. So the next step is really that we we need a screwdriver to really remove those four screws here, tout droit. So here uh on this base, you see mclaren f1, gtr short tail 24 heure. Slim months 1996, exactly as i said and uh, we have one more tape here, so i think i will need to remove it. Uh oh yeah, ici il’s connected on the bottom good. So now we have fully unboxed this model and now i think its only time to review it and um. I must admit it looks pretty nice yeah, especially all the colors. Je, like the american flag here, uh in the back yeah all around. Here we have the uh white and red stripes, and here are the white stars uh on this blue uh background: d'accord, so now uh, i think i will go to the next camera.

I will go here to show you really uh everything all the details says. So this model looks really terrific and especially in the front uh, you see here, the headlights uh quite nicely done yes, so i think i just need to uh clean it a little bit and theres a little bit of dust, mais à part cela. Je, like all the decals and advertisements, so you see michelin here, finna the number ‘ cela’s, the original number from 19 1996 um from this le mans yeah, donc nombre 9 ‘. With this french flag and again here, we see who was actually driving this car, and we see it was mr picker who was uh, actually a formula one driver, and then he switched to uh 24 Heures, le mans and yeah that’s. The history we haveand there are also two more person uh and i dont even know how to read this uh italian name, sekoto kakoto and mr sullivan, d'accord, Et alors’s uh que’s the front in the back. We have here this gtr, very small and tiny here. Mclaren finna and i don’t savoir, Vraiment: do we really read it finna or fina? Je ne sais pas’t savoir euh, mais il ne’t matter yeah. So what about the wheels? Can we turn them? Oui, we can turn them. We can spin them. Let me check if we have suspension not really not in the front. Oh ça’s, not spinning that. Bien, but at least it is spinning yes, so i think this is really rubber and they look quite decent.

We have michelin tires and we see the brake caliper brake disc, everything there. We have here in the middle, this blue part and it’s. Réellement, this pilot sx, d'accord, euh .e uh. I think this is only for racing and then uh. We have also many uh small details like here. I think this is uh, just a black color yeah, but here we have some holes uh like air intakes here. Le gril – and here also this a little red thing. So in case this uh car gets broken, then they can connect it and uh with a chain pull it somewhere. Ok et maintenant, i think the most interesting part is this mechanism of opening the door yeah. So let me just briefly show you here: d'accord, si agréable, jusqu’à présent,, Tellement bon, d'accord. I think this is quite incredible, because this is not the goldwig door like on mercedes benz. This is not really uh any kind of suicide door. This is a very special door which is opening a bit to the front a bit to the top similar like on ferrari laferrari, but here i think, Il’s not holding in this upper position as so. I would really need to hold it with my fingers. If i leave it uh, it goes down yeah, so there is no hinge. Non, no real mechanism to uh hold it in the upper position yeah. Malheureusement, so you see that there is only here its holding with this piece here, and there is one more actually holding it herea hinge here, mais que’s, basically it yeah.

So but at least you can see what is in the interior wow. This is really a racing special. This is a one seater yeah, so only for the driver, and then we have a lot of controls here and actually let me also show you from the other side now the person who is driving the car is actually sitting in the middle yeah, so not on The left not on the right in the middle and thats also the reason why we have two additional seats. One is here on the left. One is on the right, but this is not a full like full luxury seat. Je ne sais pas’t even know if they used it. You know that this mclaren is actually a three seater, but for the purpose of this competition, le mans race uh, i think there was only one and actually there are seat belts, uh painted on the middle seat and that’qui’s, assez agréable. And now you can also see that if i just leave it again, Il’s going down actually its not flawless, yet you would see some gaps so, par exemple,, here between the doors and the chassis it’s, not like bbr, Bien sûr, Il’s. Not because this one is like 50 euro bbr is almost 500, so would you prefer to have 10 models in your collection with this quality or just one bbr? I think this is a great deal for the money uh. I i mean for 50 euro.

C’est un modèle étonnant, the quality and all the decals. Everything is great i like diecast. It has also some features here. Malheureusement, Vous pouvez’t open here the engine bay. That would be fantastic. Si vous pouviez, i would be really interested to see what is inside right now. We only see parts of it yeah because uh, Bien sûr, Vous pouvez’t open it same here in the front uh this small luggage area, Vous pouvez’T, open it yeah it’s, so small that you wouldnt even fit a small bag with groceries there, mais de toute façon euh. This is a nice one. I also like this wing uh in the back uh very nice wing, also with some additional geckos here. So you see advertisement everywhere uh. Mais dans l’ensemble, if you are collecting racing cars, this one is really really awesome. Let me also check here uh again the bottom of the car, so nothing really special. You see uh its completely flat uh, so no surprise. So this med, clerin uh is actually a great model for for money. Uh it costs um, i mean if you are collecting racing cars and uh le mans cars. I think this one should be definitely in your collection, especially considering the price point. This is very favorable. Il ne’t hurt your pocket that much as the other models um i collected recently. d'accord, so uh i mean thats it now and now guys only time for the final rating. So thank you for watching and see you next time.

https (en)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3u19sbUh8Y