This is a fun remote car. It runs smooth doesnt need just to be for kids. Adult can play too absolutely perfect. My son loves this thing. It works perfectly just a reminder. Il ne’t come with batteries, so make sure you have some lowell. My son is still learning directions on the controller and how it operates, Mais, comme je l’ai dit, he has fun with it. The car is very fast. It looks very good point like a real one here and bought a pull it for his brother. He likes also. The sound is good, not greasy, like other similar toy cars. Advise this is a good quality, Télécommande, Voiture, good speed and battery power. The remote control works like a charm. This is not for racing practice, but just for fun, with young kids value for money. My son has been using this for over 10 days now and he is very happy with the car in his room. We have carpet and car works in carpet very well. We like the led headlight this rc car comes. It is very easy to control good built quality and good battery life Music. My son wanted a remote control car, so i got him this one. The remote works. Fine he enjoyed playing with it in the backyard. I bought this car as a gift to my nephew. It works really well only problem is this car doesnt work on thick carpets, but it works well on low carpets and hard floors.

Maybe it is designed that way, Pas sûr, but overall i like the product and my nephew plays with it every day the headlights actually work. d'accord, my kids couldnt care less about that aspect, but i was over the moon. This thing is all so fast.