This sort of thing see this one’s a 14 500. L’importance d’un 14 500 Vraiment’s the same dimensions as a double a battery, so you could fill your radio control car up with these and blow it up. Fondamentalement, euh .e uh 3.7 volts yeah 3.7 Volts, as opposed to one and a half volts and when these are freshly charged, ils’re actually near a 4.2 Volts. So if you put like this car, which would take three double a batteries, three double as add up to four and a half volts. If you put three of these in there, you could possibly put in 12 volts through there, donc vous’ll kill it straight away. So what you do is you get one of these and then you have some dummies to go in behind it. So these are some that i’ve made i’ve actually got some on order, but i did a video a little while back on making a dummy. One of these that you could actually put an external battery on so you can put that in there and have the whatever type of battery you want on the end of it. But at the same time i printed enough of these off. So i could just double end them and put a straight through piece of wire between them, Et alors’s just a straight through connector, so that goes in there like that. En fait, laisser’s put that one in the middle just for visibility. d'accord, Et alors’s our three 3.

7 Volts, s’il’s freshly charged itd be a little bit more. Ce sont’t freshly charged theyre straight from the ebay havent been charged by me at all so there’s, probably just storage voltage in it, so put it in the right way. Rond. 3.99 volts so just short of 4 volts straight away, so put the cover back on. There find a controller there. It is switch that one on and switch this one on as well. One is that way: Musique. Celui-là’s even got lights on yeah. Alors voilà, voilà.’s lithium ion battery in a radio controlled car with no modification whatsoever to the car well just give that a little run on the floor before we give it a run. Je’Ll just go through a couple of other combinations of batteries, so that one was three double a batteries which would add up to four and a half volts and we’le réexécuter. On a single lithium ion battery, qui a été 3.9 Volts, 3.99 Volts. We just measured the voltage on it, which is probably a storage charge. It should be more than that when its freshly charged, but what happens if youve got more than three double a batteries, donc celui-ci, which is the one that i wanted to demonstrate with, but unfortunately the terminals are rusted through so theres no way we can actually Run that at the moment, but this one one two three four five batteries five times one and a half seven and a half volts.

So in this one youd put two because they would be 3.7 plus 3.7 7.4, so nominally two of those would replace five double a’s. Rappelez-vous, Si, quand il’s freshly charged its nearer well its over four volts, donc vous’d actually be putting eight point. Something volts through there which your car might like or it might overheat and youd need three dummy batteries to go in there to fill up the other spaces and then, if your car took eight double a batteries eight times one and a half 12 Volts. So your cars expecting 12 Volts. If you put three of these in three times 3.7 est’T 12, but bear in mind when theyre freshly charged, they are four volts. Three of them would replace eight of them. ainsi, in that case you need three of them. In there and five dummy batteries, you can buy the dummy batteries same times. You can buy the uh 14. 500S (en). 14. 500 Il’s 14 millimeters diameter 500 millimeters length that’s. What it refers to, what most people come across is the 18650s, which are bigger, 18 millimeter diameter and 650 millimètres de long. I pinched these out of power packs, so i made myself a 3s battery with that for one of my little projects, ils’re also the same size that i was going to say. Most laptop batteries are made from, but that may not be true now, but certainly the laptop batteries ive opened in the past were 18 650 batteries in them and theyre too big they wont fit in there.

So you need the 14 500. euh .e uh, like all uh batteries that you buy online. It may or may not be true whats written on it that one says 2 800 milliamp hours these ones. Je ne sais pas’t pensez que vous’ll see it in the light here, 1200 heure milliamp. So in theory, these have got less power than those smaller ones, but that may or may not be true when youre buying on somewhere like ebay, they tend to boost the milliamp hours to try and sell them to you anyway. Enough of that well just see. If this one actually runs forwards backwards, Applaudissements de musique, Music Laughter wheel, fell off. Je l’ai fait’t expect that oh well, Je don’t think we can relate that to having a lithium ion battery fitted, mais euh oui. I quite like this one cost me: where are we 1.99 in a charity? Shop didnt have a controller with it, but uh yeah nice one. Merci d’avoir regardé. There is one point that i didnt mention right at the beginning: euh .e uh. If you go for lithium ion batteries, you need a charger for them, parce qu’ils’re rechargeable batteries and you cant just stick them in your old nickel metal hydride charger that wont do the job. So you do need to buy a charger to go with it.

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