I think it sounds like gold it’s, just a really cool instrument. Bien, i faked you out it’s, not an instrument at all its an rc car youre like what are you talking about an rc car yeah? Je ne sais pas’t know a company reached out to me and was like yo. You want to review our rc car. I looked at courtney, i was like they want me to review an rc car. She was like well, sawyer could play with it when he gets older and we could terrorize the cat with it, and i was like you know what thats true and rc cars are pretty cool. I clicked on the link and actually looks pretty cool um, alors oui il’s, like a red rc car i’M, curious to see how big it is. I know in the past years these things have gotten bigger and bigger. My cousin james used to have one that was actually gas powered um. He was he’s, always been big into cars and stuff. 1 16 Échelle, 2.4 Ghz 32 miles à l’heure. Six plus, je suppose que c’est’ll – be a while before sawyer can play with this, but the brand is seagull s g, i l e and it just says race car. Have you ever seen that before ive never seen something open like that before that’s, weird well? Je’M, pas gon na mentir’s moins cher, looking than i thought it was gon na be. I thought it was gon na be kind of a little cooler, Il’s, definitely very plastic.

Regarder euh, Je don’Je ne sais pas pourquoi je l’ai fait’t expect it to be plastic controller. I guess you would call it a little controller, Il’s, definitely plastic as hell, but it definitely didnt cost that much money so and its a toy not much of a trigger. Ah, On l'a fait. Seven minutes later we opened up the car, so the wheels look cool, but if you punch, if you poke them they’re uh, they got no air in them. Alors euh oui, Je suppose qu’ils’re not supposed to really have that much air in them. Ils’Re pokey, bien que cela’s for sure oh thats kind of funny the wheel on the back spins, cela’s kind of funny yeah man, i mean it is what it is: Il’s a 40 rc voiture. I guess for the size, Ici’ici’s for reference, la taille. Vous le savez’s, vous le savez’s kind of decent size, Il’s, just cheap it’s, just a bunch of plastic, cheap plastic check that out so theres the little batteries it comes with got it. I got it just kind of have to play with it controller from the back. Ici, tiny little screw all right so after you put your uh double a’s, two double as and your controller remote controller, and you put your rechargeable batteries in your rc car let’s. Let her rip lets check her out, see what she uh see what she looks like those all right, donc i’m gon na turn it on on button on button and we’re prêt à partir.

My cats right on cue, hey babe check it out. We got a new toy for gibson cat. Tu as ta, pull back on your trigger im going off the deck. Oh, oh Musique, so my cat gives it probably one star: what do you think gibbs Laughter yeah? He gives it probably one star. What do you give it babe, Je don’t say five stars there you go, it was really fast. Je ne sais pas’t savoir. Peut-être, si vous’re experienced it’s beaucoup de plaisir, it was pretty fun. Je’M. Pas gon na le mentir’s cool because it like takes you a minute to get used to driving it because its so fast, mais e uh ., mais oui.