We got it for christmas there’s, le contrôleur, if you were wondering it’s, pretty bright outside and its winter windy, donc je don’t know how it sounds. It drifts pretty easy. The suspension is really good on it and then you can raise it wait wrong button. You can raise it or lower it whenever you need to. I think the prices are around 40. laisser’s go climb. Our slide were gon na go to our sidewalk. It kind of keeps up Music fairly well in this now, Comme toi, Anc’T, Comme ça’s, lorsque i’m turning and hitting the gas. So it goes sideways, so you need to oh, you need to hit the gas and then turn. Then you can like drift and stuff. Nous pouvons’t go into the um graph because its very deep. The remains of our snow fort its just right there and it does work really well. Alors maintenant,, nous’ll just go back down: d'accord, nous’re going down its pretty cold out, donc je voudrais’t être surpris. Il’S (en), Comme 22 degrees out that’s, really cold. The wind is going right now. Je ne sais pas’t know how well you can hear me. Sometimes it just goes out of control and i got it for christmas at the time. You can bricks in the snow really easily because it has like rollers on the tires it can kind of climb, but not the best like the tracks from the trucks that we have. It packs the snow in, and it makes it pretty easy to not the best.

In the winter, mais nous’re still using the one here, nous’ll probably drive it till it dies it isnt nice. It has like metal panels on it, both nice, i kind ofwant to take it out on the ice just to see what it does so. nous’Ll probably end the video here, i do recommend it side panels. Real nice has some white slayer, Je don’t know if you can see it yeah and then very good suspension and its just got smaller stuff in it.

https (en)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2USQkbhz_4